May 24, 2011

Kami Batch PMR 07' SPM 09' of SMKAWA


     Wuhhuuuu. I did mention that May is an Uh-MAY-Zing month didn't I? Okay except for the part where I couldn't go to Redang *cry in a corner, and the fact that I'll be shuddering for the MeDSI interview this Friday =.="  Okay. But anyway, May is an amazing month I'm telling you! I had a blast! I have so much to update. Mainly because I want all the important dates of all those events to stay at least here, in this shabby blog of mine. Lately I haven't been feeling like blogwalking or uploading and even updating. Guess what, coming back from Shah Alam, I was taken aback to know that the phone cable is stolen, AGAIN. Like seriously. Sememangnya tahap kesabaran teruji okay sebab time ni lahh nak check mende tu, nak update mende ni, nak search everything related and Broadband ini sesungguhnya sangat mengajar saya untuk bersabar. Haih. Ah well, at least I have Mr. Boradband kan? ;)

     Okay, enough with the 'brief' introduction. Anyway, yesterday my high school friends and I kinda had a small reunion. Unfortunately not everyone could make it but seriously it was fun! First we only planned to meet up at school. And then on the spot, we added the plans for that day. True, the best moments are the unplanned one! We then went for lunch at KFC and then after prayer, we headed straight to the Air Tawar Beach! Though I kinda had major issue with my tudung on that day *bummer! but we spent the day with laughters and happiness! Haven't had one with them for one year you know, isk isk. I really really miss them! :D

This was the school's canteen a.k.a tempat lepak chill relax and gossips! :P

Lunch time.

The Gorgeousz!

Batchmates :)

The Beast Guys

The Beauty

This was on 23rd May 2010 - Monday.
Pictures by: Liliey Zora

     I wish to upload more pictures tapi line yang sangat laju mengalahkan kereta lumba litar tidak mengizinkan. Maybe I will, some other time :)  I had a blast guys, thank you! Wish you guys all the best, let's stay as friends forever! :D  And I wish you guys the best for your future! Let's meet up again somewhere in the future, insyaAllah. It would be kinda cool to see you guys walking hand in hand with your wives/husbands with kids tagging along, hahaha :D

Till then, be safe under His blessing, I love you people! ;)

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