May 3, 2011


This is quoted from Twilight, Isabella Swan it was.

     I know, I know this doesn't look as nice as the experts do but still, hey, I'm a beginner so okay whattt.... Haha. I actually have a Tumblr because sometimes when I kinda have something cross my mind, something like quotes, I just wanna keep it and I put it on my Tumblr. But ah well, it's kinda embarrassing so maybe I'm just gonna have to update it back and then I'll share the link :) Hah perasan, macam la ada orang mintak!

...that if you guys wanna go and drop by...

*cricket sound


     Anyway, it has been a busy week and I don't see any difference in the upcoming weeks. Still gonna be a busy week, and another, and another, and another... Zzzzzzz. Ah well, at least I got something to do kan? Tadi my students ask for my FB name, and also my phone number. I think they kinda like me. Assudohhh, guane terrrr. Hahahahaha. Kids. You know, despite being tired, I still wanna go online. Unhealthy eay? And hey, I think I'm getting back my geek side, woohoo! :P  Or maybe it only works because of Twilight. Because there's Jacob and Jacob means Taylor well of course it is not Taylor but since he play that role so I guess it kinda works like that and yeah isn't he's gorgeous? Haha. Dah, merapu lagi. Sangat takde educational values belog kau Ain Romeli. Haisshhhhh. Ah well, I blog for me to keep anyway, not necessarily for people to read ;) Bear with me. 

Till then ;)


  1. wow!!! bestnyer dah ader anok musrid.. heheehe.. wah!! gambo adah xdok.. hehehehhe

  2. Best ke? Err... No komen, hihi :P
    Adah kan ambik gambar nii ;)


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