Feb 12, 2015

Beach Fashion Trip - The Three Must-Haves

     If someone suggested a beach trip, I would always have Hilary Duff's A Day In The Sun playing in my head. A friend of mine is leaving for England this Friday while another one is heading to the a Bali Trip for some fun in the sun while here I am . . . Enjoying the sun filtered warmth from the comfort of my couch.

     Speaking of beach trip, if you are heading to anywhere with white sandy beach vacation spots, don't forget the three must-haves for the beach!

First thing first would be; I'M DA reALEsT nah just kidding. 

Sunglasses, ladies! 

     This is definitely the must have that if halfway to the airport you happen to not bring one, you must, by any means, either exploit the time dimension and dash back home to grab it! or buy one on the way yeah that could work too. Not only sunglasses could help you transform your face to suddenly being a celebrity lookalike but more importantly it protects your eyes from the harsh UV rays which could jeopardize the well being of your sight. Not only that, sunglasses could be the protective layer to cover your face so you will not be weighed down by the needs of having to put make up too much while at the same time still looking as good and tourist-ish summore. 

Could this be the sunglasses whose lens will set your eyes on your real love? AhahsdbsdabdsJK

     I think the second must-have as you go on a  beach trip is a nice pair of flip flops or gladiator sandal. Honey, you can put away yor high heels, boots and loafers for a while and splurge on a trendy colourful qtpie flip-flops or a stylish gladiator sandals. Not only they are comfortable for long-distance walking (an event which you will be participating a lot during holiday) but they can also add on another ten points to your tourist-ish look. 

Could this be the flip-flops that will manoeuvre your way to your real love? Dun dun dunJK

     Last but not least, don't forget to pack a few pieces of maxi dresses! They are the perfect easy going clothing for you to wear anywhere without ever looking out of style. You might also want to consider the colour and pattern of your dresses to be in accordance with the mood of the places you visit. Contrary to popular belief, maxi dresses can also be super comfortable and convenient for your travelling journey. 

If the dress could be the one you will be wearing as destined had it you are to meet your real love . . .
AhahahbsavsJK JK

     So if you are planning on a beach vacation and just realized that wardrobe might not have the necessary must-haves you are planning to bring, you can have a go at ZALORA as they offer not only wide range of fashion items fashion items online for women from various well-known brands but they are also top-notch and the lead of fashion trend nowadays. 

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