Apr 15, 2012

Semester 2


     So how is it going? Hope everything is working well for you people. It's the final week before sem break and I couldn't be more excited to go home weeheu! But then, only by Monday will I be home as we're gonna go to Selancar for a programme first. Hihi. Sem break's not gonna be any leisure. I see lotsa work coming. It's always busy after sem break as everything is on due and I haven't even done any of my presentation. So far we're only done with a test, PELT test. Lot more coming after sem break. Ahuhm, I couldn't be more happy >.<'

     I realized that I haven't write anything much now. As I talked with my fellow 'blogger' she said it's probably because we're getting busier. Well, I sure hope that's the case because I don't ever want to lose the will to write. Truth to be told, I can feel that my desire to write or more precisely, to ramble on things, have gone. Not entirely but probably half or more than that. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not. Anyway, sem two is so far so good. I like how things are right now. I think that 'assimilation' period has ended okay, heheh. I specifically have a few goals this sem. Better grades, be friendlier and be nicer :)

     Anyway, last two weeks, I called Abah to ask his permission for a big decision. Well, it wasn't so serious but sounds like a big deal for me and unexpectedly Abah said yes. Silly me, weeks before that I have been wondering, worrying what would Abah has to say regarding my request. With that 'yes', I suddenly feel the need to be more mature and I have a lot of thinking to do regarding that matter. For some people, it may not be a big deal but for me, it is. With my family living so far away in Terengganu and all, the responsibility is solely on me. Wouldn't want them to worry much about me later. Huhm. Well, sooner or later I will have to take the responsibility too, hope that deciding earlier wouldn't harm me. Although Abah said yes but the final verdict is not out yet. Whatever it is, I'm sure that he knows what's the best for me.

     Wahaaaa an update! Yeay me! Gonna go back getting my CTU done. Okay then, take care people. Be safe, be happy and may Allah bless you :)

Apr 10, 2012