Dec 6, 2014


I have not blogged for a long time, I do realize that.

     At one point, it almost felt like this blog is more of a surreal existence. A place where my mind choose to go as the mundane life bores it to death. After a while I realize that, things written here, could not be as reflective as I wanted it to be. Sometimes these are just words representing ideas put in your mind by people who mesmerize you (maybe), and they are just, screaming, demanding to be freed. As how your mind insisted to be freed of them. Neutralize, probably that's the word that would fit in. 

     Gone are the days when thoughts are easier to be put into words. Gone are the days, where you feel it is safe to pour your feelings to the arrangement of alphabets. Sometimes I think humans use fancy words as a leeway to express their suppressed feelings while minimizing the possibilities for people to understand them. Sometimes we learn more words so that we will be able to materialize the feelings as accurate as how we really feel.

Whatever the reason is,

Yours, are meaningless.

They're fancy, they're accurate but it's meaningless.

Because you never meant what you said.

I have neither introduction nor closing remarks, because I have always disliked hello that is followed with goodbye.