Sep 27, 2011

Serious Business

     I'm telling ya, this Degree, it's a serious business.
And they ain't here to mess around.

They're offering you a competition here.

A tough one.

And you better get prepared Nia Ilemor. 

Seriously :|

Buckle up, it's gonna be a looooong ride.

Are you ready? :O


*poyo seriously poyo Nia Ilemor. Haha :D

-Met lotsa great people here. Honestly scared but I'll give my very best :)
Wish me luck people! :D

Sep 23, 2011

Koko Cool


Nothing compares, no worries or cares. Regrets and mistakes, 
they're memories made.
Someone Like You, Adele.

     Yesterday we had our very first practice. Kesatria practice. Have I mentioned that we Degree students need to do koko? Not koko as in chocolate but koko as in kokorikulum. Yeah. And did I mention that we Education Faculty students HAVE TO do Kesatria Negara for our first sem? Kesat for short. Don't laugh. Hey don't laugh, it's my koko you know. Teehee. And did I mention that only UiTM has Kesat. Oh yeah. Don't let me start on the attire :|  Thirah said me look like a budak sekolah. Untunglaaa orang tu dapat pengecualian.

Imagine the attires are like this! Tsugooiii nehh 
(that would be before you step on each other's shinigami outfit and fell, LOL)

     The thing about Kesat is we have to learn marching. And boy, marching is not my forte I'm telling ya. Our koko happened to be on every Thursday, 5-7 p.m. We have to do koko for three sems but we are only obligated to do Kesat for one sem which is first sem which equals to 14 weeks. Awesome. 14 meetings, 11 on padang kawad and other three on other places (yet to be told). We don't pass this we're taking this to the next sem. If you don't complete your koko then you can't grad. Wuuhuu. 

     So there, a lil bit info on Kesat. I bet you are not interested with the rest of the details. So we learned on marching yesterday. When I woke up yesterday, first thing came on my mind was, "Aghhh, hari ni ada koko, NOOOO!" but of course only screaming in my mind. Then I go back to sleep. Heaven takde class on Thursday. Hahahaha :D   Tapi ada koko. Wuwuwuwuwuwu :'(   My first impression on marching was, "Ughh, lame lame lame! Dreadful!" but then, after I went to the practice, I would give it another better thought. It is OKAY laaa. But still not my favourite. 

I still love UiTM despite everything, HAHA :P

     I always like get confused. Like which leg to go, left first or right first? And other petty details like that. I can't help it. They get into my mind. Then I said to myself, "Hey Ain, you might as well just do it without thinking too much" and so I did and the rest of the practice gets better though I still suck in marching and sometimes my mind yells at me on which leg to move first which cause me to be in a complete turmoil and I end up moving the wrong leg first. Luckily I'm on the last line so yeah, I guess the commander didn't really noticed. Or did he? O.o

     I am actually scared. Scared that I will be no good in this and then the commander will yell at me. I don't like people yelling at me. Luruh habih semangakkk wehhh. Hahahahaha. Since this whole marching thing is not really my forte, I had to find more luck. By Allah's grace, I hope I will march just fine, pass all the tests just fine and grad this with an A at least. Yes! A at least! Not interested on going on with Kesat next sem. 

     I'm gonna get into more leisure clubs. Don't have to guess which club or society. It's obvious kan. Where else I'll be going if I don't speak? Hahahaha. My cousin once told me, "Mane dok koho chubby, org len join outdoor, mung indoor je." Huh. Tak kesahhh punnn. Haha. Okay what exactly am I doing? Rambling. I know I made lotsa grammar and etc mistakes but ugh, too lazy to fix everything. This post is boring. I doubt it's me. It must be the tittle. Hahaha. Next time I'll blog on more fun stuff :P

Till then, be safe in Allah's grace :)

-Have activity on faculty tomorrow. 8 am to 5 pm. Where has my weekend all gone to? Ughh =.="

"Koko cool?"

Sep 20, 2011

Someone Like You

Someone like you by Adele.

Check on Billboard the other day and found this song on one of the top. 
Beautiful song.
Beautiful voice.
It's just beautiful :)

Sep 18, 2011

Let's Give it a Try


     So yeah. I have no idea whether my so called 'blogger's instinct' is back or not but heck, here we go. Let's just give it a try. How's Shah Alam? Shah Alam is okay. I'm new here. Still trying to memorize the roads, the sections, the buses schedules (Hey why aren't there any part of memorizing the lecture notes?) Seriously these kinda road things are not my forte. For one thing, I am pretty bad when it comes to memorizing the roads but hey, I guess I'm getting better at it (especially since you have nothing to do during break except go roaming around kan, hahahaha XD)

     Let's see, I started packing my stuff bout a day before the journey. I was still in Raya mood. Tsk. Seriously I'm telling ya, I felt N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Like when I do my packing, some subconscious part in the back of my mind was like asking, 

      "Hey, what are you packing for? Where are you going?"
      "Shah Alam. You know. Degree."
      "So uh, what are you really gonna be doing for the next four years?"

     And it stops there. It's like packing my stuff to leave home but going nowhere. And seriously, along the journey I've been talking to myself about what am I really thinking. You know, all those psychological talking to yourself for motivation. Pfft. My friends were like texting me all those good-luck-in-SA-texts but still I don't feel as excited as when I was on my way to Kuantan for my Foundation a year before. How do I explain this eay? It is like, I wasn't really in me. I wasn't really feeling for Degree. Heck, this is so indecipherable and I'm loss at words trying to explain this. Oh, FB status says it all, LOL.

     Even the next morning, when we were getting ready to go for registration, I was like... I don't know. It's like, the enthusiastic part of me have gone for a vacation and haven't come back yet at that time, leaving the not-so-enthusiastic-part of me with the me now. We went for registration pretty early. Abah and Mama wanted to go back home early. They're worried for my sisters. So after taking the key and put all my stuff in the room, we went for lunch and bid farewell. It was kinda sad watching them leave. Tsk.

     The dreadful part of my first week here would be MDS. Man, I thought I heard them said that if you already had MDS during Foundation, then there's no need for another MDS for Degree. Guess what? It is sooo not true! We still had MDS and it was dreadful I'm telling ya. Degree MDS was not as bad as Foundation's but still it was not my favourite event. I was soo sleepy. Not getting enough sleep two days before coming to Shah Alam is a 'bliss'. Altogether, I had 6 days lack of sleep. Seriously I think I dozed off in every single event. Hahaha. Tiring! By the end of MDS, Mr. Fever dropped by and say hai to me. Not good.

     The thing about fever is it consumes your energy. Thirah helps me to iron my kurung for the induction for next day because I seriously was tired (Thank youu). I felt so cold that I shivers every time my skin comes in contact with the wind and water. I seriously thought that I won't be able to take my shower the next day because it was soooo cold. I slept wearing dua lapis seluar and cardigan plus selimut, and they were kind enough to slow down the fan for me. But then after hours, I started to feel my body's temperature back to normal. Alhamdulillah, waking up the next day feeling much better. And hey, I took my shower before going to induction okay. Haha :P

     So that was my first week. In my first class, I get to know my classmates and the Faculty of Education. Things are so far so good. After roughly two weeks here, I can say feel that my enthusiastic part is on her way home. Not yet but she's on her way. Ah c'mon, cut it some slack. After six months of vacation, I can't be expecting myself to pick up things right away aite? I have this one wish for my Degree, I wanna graduate with salempang pink (Sorry, not sure of the spelling salempang :|) 
With Allah's will, four years coming who knows?

People, wish me luck :)

Sep 17, 2011

Whatever Happens

#nowplaying: My thoughts will echo your name, until I see you again.
Taylor Swift, Enchanted.

Here's what happen.

I log on to my blog account.

I stare at the new dashboard.

I read yesterday's post back.

I decided it was the most boring thing that I'd ever written.

I click new post.

I hesitated.

I thought of some things that I should blog about.

I blog a few lines, thinking the most interesting part of my day and tried to come up with cool words and thoughts.

I read my post back.

I decided it was too boring to post.

I click close.

I click new post.

And here I am.

Picture: Courtesy of Alif Naqiuddin

Man, where have all my blogger's instinct and enthusiasm have all gone to? :|

Today, I declare I'm sad.

Sad that I've lost my blogging instinct enthusiasm.

-We'll meet again blog, when I meet your lost love back somewhere in the back of my mind.

#nowplaying: Please don't be in love with someone else,
please don't have somebody waited on you.
Taylor Swift, Enchanted.


Sep 16, 2011

When I Go Offline


     It has been so long ago since I last posted anything on this blog. I mean, like seriously kan. Every now and then, if anything significant (at least I think it is) happens in my life, I would always like, "This is soooo going on my blog!" but then, not having a proper internet connection back home makes me lose it all. The mood, the idea and the motivation. I've lost like maybe hundreds of them? :P  While I was home, offline, I basically don't have much to do. By that time, my daily routine would be as usual. Waking up, prayer, send sisters to school, back home, help Mak Cik clean up the house, watch TV, read novels (shame, fail to finish reading that one book before I came here), sleep, lunch, pick up sisters from school etc etc etc and basically that's how it goes on and on and on. And oh, I have finally finished watching Bleach till episode hundred-and-nine-something, wuuhuu! We'll keep the Bleach review for next time. 

     Back on track, the point is, I mean, when I don't have internet connection, this came into my mind. "Wow, well whaddaya know Nia Ilemor, you DO have a life to live." It's a fact to admit, maybe, just MAYBE I do get a lil bit more preoccupied when going online. There're always things to do online but then if you ask me in the end of the day, what did I do online, I can't really answer that question which is a shame because it means that I did nothing significant or important enough to be remembered. Way back then, after SPM if people asked me what have I been doing for SPM break, I may have not an answer but now, I have lots for my after Foundation break! Hahaha XD

     When I go offline, I found myself a big space for myself. I think about lotsa things. I mean good things. Because sometimes when you go online, you sometimes stumble upon people you don't wanna meet even on Facebook and that somehow makes you like, UGHHHH. So being offline, my mind is free from those kinda freaks. And somehow it kept me in perspective. I can't really find words to say this but I guess people who have been there would understand. There was this time, when Kimmy and Rye came to Terengganu, and my friends and I were like on a short trip vacation and we seriously have no internet access for three days, a friend of mine who has been constantly online during sem break said to me, "It feels good not to go online". And I get what she said. Exactly.

     When I go offline, I go for conventional ways of communicating. Okay well not so conventional to write a letter. Haha. I text and make phone calls a lot. Well, on one side I lose my phone credit faster but on another side, I find content in communicating. Somehow, communicating through Facebook is sometimes fake but not texts and calls. I don't text much these days. I prefer calling. Facebook message only applies when I attempt to communicate those friends or families abroad. Cheaper. Haha. So there, if you ask me where have I been for months? I've been home. Why haven't I go online? Because some stupid scoundrels (Oh yes I am angry) stole the phone cable TWICE and the repair process is still under construction.  

     Seriously, I have no idea too on why I write about this on blog. Haha. But you know, when I go offline, I actually go deeper to my heart, understanding myself (wow this suddenly sounds deep) I am supposed to blog about my new life in USA kan? Or maybe how raya 2011 was like. Or maybe how did my single parent challenge go. Haha. But then, I'll keep those drafts for next time lah. HEHE.

Okay then, till next time ;)


Sep 11, 2011


Saya baru daftar di UiTM Shah Alam.

Kesihatan saya tidak berapa sihat.

Esok saya ke fakulti.


Wish me luck ;)