May 28, 2011


Let's say hello to June for it will bring me a blast! Probably same as May and probably more! :D


Sooooo looking forward for 8+. We're gonna have funnnnnn! Oh yeah baby!

     My UiTM friends are coming over this June. A bummer since two of us can't make it but hey, still, we're gonna have fun! Wahahaha, Kuantan and KT, meet Besut :)  Ah, I haven't had the chance to update my May story. 

     Why do I feel necessary to write everything on blog? Ah well, because when I thought about it back, I feel sorry for myself for not remembering my school days, the amazing days especially. Now I wish that I've started blogging when I was still in school. Haha. So that when people start talking about our good old days I won't be having my forehead crinkled so hard just to remember everything. So I will write anything that I feel worth remembering. At least they stay written :)

Hello June, make me happy. I just need one wish from someone who truly remembers rather than wishes from people who are reminded by FB :)

May 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum! :)

     So I'm done with my MeDSI today. Since my parents are not home, I went to the interview with a friend of mine who was coincidentally got the same date and room as mine. As a matter of fact, I was after her which made me feel kinda glad because I would be feeling guilty if she had to wait for me long. I woke up at 5.30, pffft. The earliest since I've finished my foundation prgramme. Haha. So after everything, we started our journey at about 6.30, got there by 8.00, had breakfast at a stall and then off for the interview. Just nice. At about 8.35 or something. We went to block E and looked for room 20. When we got in there, phew, dah ramai kot. We were like, the third late? But it was before 9 so no, we're not late.

     We were asked to wait in the room and then one by one, our name was called to the front according to the arrangement of alphabet. There's a guy in the waiting room, he was in charge to check everything before we went into the interview room. So when my name was called, I went to the front and sit. He asked me, "Nervous tak?" and I said, "Sikit-sikit." And while checking the document, he asked me some questions about today's education and stuff. And I answered stumbling at first. Hahahaha. I guess I was nervous. I know that he was actually trying to help us overcoming our fear, you know, get yourself talking a lil bit. And oh, there's an eye test. Colour blind test, you know like the one you take in the process of getting a driving license. After he's done, I went back to my seat and waited for my turn to be called to the interview room.

Because this post is long and kinda boring, hope this helps :P

     I was called about 5 minutes early by one of the runner. There's a chair outside the door and I sat there and waited for the previous interview to finish. It was my friend. Occasionally, I could hear her voice talking but not clear. When she got out of the room, I asked her what did they asked and she gave me a brief view. Hurm. And then, I was asked to come in. Well, here we go. I stood up, smiled, took a deep breath and walked in. I greeted them as I saw them. Put my file on their table and sat down. There were two interviewers, both men. "Tell me your name". That was the first one. So I did but not only my name, but also my background briefly. I told them that I just finished my TESL foundation programme and I really really hope that I will get a chance to proceed to Degree in Shah Alam. Haha. Over seyhhh, tanya nama je tapi semua nak cerita. Ah well, hye, they need to know how bad I want this okay :P

     And then, uhm ah. There's this one question. "How to make tea?" At first, I was like, tee? What's a 'T'? I don't get it. But then, one of them explained, you know, teeee. Air tea. Owhh, haha. And then, there were questions. Mine was like more to opinions. Like, the social condition of students nowadays, smoking students, what do you think about smoking teachers and yeah, we kinda laugh talking about teachers who smoke. I told them, "Oh yeah, I was a lil bit confused with that. Kinda sensitive issue isn't it? You tell your students not to smoke but then, you're smoking." Is that funny because they kinda laugh :/  They ask a few questions in English but they didn't talk much. Just questions.

     "Okay sekarang saya nak tanya dalam Bahasa Melayu pulak." And I was like, uh, okkayyyy. "Apakah isu pendidikan yang awak tahu sekarang?" Hah, luckily people have been sharing currents issues on FB. I talked about that PPSMI thing and MBMMBI. And one of them tried to psycho me, "Aih, itu bukan isu terkini, tu dah lama dahh". People, don't get scared. Be confident okay? So I told him, "Ya tetapi masyarakat masih lagi memperkatakan dan membincangkan isu tersebut kerana bla bla bla..." And they smiled, nodded and chuckled. I don't know whether that's good or bad. Hope it's a good sign. And then they asked, "Apa lagi isu pendidikan yang awak tahu?" I told them about that 1students1sport policy. 

Woot woot! Ingatkan dapat la juga cuci mata tapi I only see two guys kot. Hah? Hensem ke tak? Err, I'll pass. Haha. Euw ghedik :P

     The last one maybe sounds like, "Sebagai seorag guru Bahasa Inggeris, sekiranya anda dihantaer ke kawasan pedalaman untuk mengajar subjek Bahasa Inggeris, apakah yang akan anda lakukan untuk menarik minat anak-anak murid. Sebab mereka bukannya berminat dengan Bahasa Inggeris." Hah, tu diaaa. So I briefly told them that I ahve once joined an English camp in Mempaga and Mengkuang where the students showed less interest for English. We learn using fun ways. Games, songs and everything. And they were like, "Oh, program yang sama dengan yang tadi ke?" Yeahh, because we both joined the programme as facilitators. Haha.

     One of the interviewers was looking at my certificates and saw my SPM certificate. "Owh, belajar Bahasa Arab? Takallam fi allugotu al-Arobiyyah?"  Assudohhh. I said, "sikit-sikit je. Saya dulu pernah menyertai Debat Bahasa Arab tapi takdelah fasih sangat." Seriously, I barely remember =.="  By that time I really hope that he won't ask questions in Arabic. But he did. "Man anti?" In my mind, I was confused. Man means who right? Wait, isn't it means from? Gahhh. And I was like, 
     "Err, ana, ana... Tolibati" 
     And he continues, "madrosah." 
     "Madrosah, err, Watoniyyah."
     "Ahh, ana tolibati madrosah sanawiyyah watoniyyah watoniyyah."

Tolibati= pelajar perempuan
Madrosah= sekolah
Watoniyyah= kebangsaan
Sanawiyyah= menengah
*My school's name is Wataniah, that's why it is repeated twice. 

Meet Kimmy, my partner for Chapter 6's presentation way back in UiTM Kuantan :)

     And then, uhm, there wasn't much. Just normal questions. What do your parents do, family, schools, where you're actually from, etc etc. Ah, no mock teaching. Thank God, malas jugak nak mock teaching because I didn't really prepare. Haha. I prepared Chapter 6 from College Reading. So generally, I think I did pretty good. Just so you know, when it comes to interview, it is graded based on three aspects. 1)Fluency 2) Clear and loud  3)Speaking skills (Petah berbicara) This was told by that guy in the waiting room. 

     "Saya rasa itu sahajalah. Nak tanya, nak tanya sahaja taktau lagi kan dapat ke tak. Kalaulah diberi peluang, awak nak UiTM ke UM?" Because I put UiTM as my first and UM as my second. I answered confidently with a smile, "Pastinya UiTM." "UiTM jugak, nak ikut geng lah tu" He was referring to my friend which was the previous candidate. "Eh takkk, sebabnya UiTM ada background yang baik untuk course TESL" Ah well, I just don't want him to think that I'm following my friend. Now that would make me look like not independent kan? Heeee.

     So that was my interview. It was like 10-15 minutes. I had fun, it was not so serious and they were really cool. Fuhh, panjang bebenor post. Ngahahaha. Anyway, I did my best, I shall leave the rest to HIM :)

May 26, 2011


For translation, ask Google :P


     Salam sejahtera buat teman-teman yang membaca. Apakah influenza yang melanda saya sehingga saya berubah arus angin menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu Malaysia yang sangat skema? Baiklah, keesokan hari, saya ada temuduga MeDSI dan saya telah mendapat tahu bahawa di dalam sesi temuduga tersebut, calon dikehendaki berbahasa Malaysia dan juga Inggeris. Maka, ini adalah satu latihan buat saya agar saya dapat berbahasa baku Malaysia dengan sehabis baik esok.


*Pandang bawah, tangan ke belakang, kuis kaki kat tanah


     Okay stop stop stop! I never really realized that my Bahasa Malaysia sucks when it comes to using it for conversations. I mean, using the standard baku one for formal conversations. All my life, the only language that I ever really spoken and be proficient with is BAHASA KELATE. Yes. 

     Hoooo, sayo ore ganu tapigak sebak sayo duk kawase BESUT hok jadi sempade Ganu nge Kelate mako sayo kecek kelate lahh. Maso sayo duk Kuate pong sayo takdoklah kecek Melayu standard bu ba bu ba situ sining mugo saing-saing rama ore Ganu, lebih kurea blako lah tuu. Saing-saing sebilik pong ore sini-sini jah mugo, takdoknyo nok kecek Melayuuuu bakuu. Kalu kecek nge saing-saing laing, bunying lah key elll sikik. Gitu jelaaa. Syo tulih blog dale bahaso ore putih ni pong koya-koya nok amal ilmu lah, mugo kito mulonyo blaja TESL. Mulo lahh. kekgi dok hau agi bulih ke dok ko gano. Intebiu esoklah, kito kelih lah gano gi. Doh pahtu gak, esok mulo ahh duk, "Errrr, errrr" mikei nok 'royak gapooo lah bia napok modeng sikik kecek key elll.

     Doh pahtu gak, lepah ni guano gamok la sayo nok kecek Melayu baku. Lamo ke habih pecoh boto-boto budu dumohh. Habehhh ahhh. Doh la ari ni baru nok siak segalo baga. Baso ore malah meme doh. Hahahahaha. Doh nok wat gano, meme ginilah sayo sebena. Pffffft. Ari ni baru nok susung sijil apo, baru nok cari baju mano nok paka esok, baru nok miki blako-blako, baru nok print gotu goni. Baru nok miki nok ambik chapter brapo lahh nok wak lolok ngaja esok. Haihhhh. Gapo-gapo pong, sayo tetak akea cubo wak hok terbaik. Maah lah post kali nih klate habih neh, biasoooo dohh. 

     Sayo make budu, sayo brehu pulut duye, sayo ore Ganu tapi gak, sayo kecek kelate. Sayo ialah sayo. Sekiea, trimo kasih. Jupo lagi laing hari bilo sayo normal sikik. Doakea sayo esok, sayo ni daroh gemuruh sikik. Koho-koho dulu neh, banyok kakloh agi nok siak. Negepek meta jah. Pahtu gak, gitu ah, laing ari lah pulok, tata ore kapung belog!

May 24, 2011

Kami Batch PMR 07' SPM 09' of SMKAWA


     Wuhhuuuu. I did mention that May is an Uh-MAY-Zing month didn't I? Okay except for the part where I couldn't go to Redang *cry in a corner, and the fact that I'll be shuddering for the MeDSI interview this Friday =.="  Okay. But anyway, May is an amazing month I'm telling you! I had a blast! I have so much to update. Mainly because I want all the important dates of all those events to stay at least here, in this shabby blog of mine. Lately I haven't been feeling like blogwalking or uploading and even updating. Guess what, coming back from Shah Alam, I was taken aback to know that the phone cable is stolen, AGAIN. Like seriously. Sememangnya tahap kesabaran teruji okay sebab time ni lahh nak check mende tu, nak update mende ni, nak search everything related and Broadband ini sesungguhnya sangat mengajar saya untuk bersabar. Haih. Ah well, at least I have Mr. Boradband kan? ;)

     Okay, enough with the 'brief' introduction. Anyway, yesterday my high school friends and I kinda had a small reunion. Unfortunately not everyone could make it but seriously it was fun! First we only planned to meet up at school. And then on the spot, we added the plans for that day. True, the best moments are the unplanned one! We then went for lunch at KFC and then after prayer, we headed straight to the Air Tawar Beach! Though I kinda had major issue with my tudung on that day *bummer! but we spent the day with laughters and happiness! Haven't had one with them for one year you know, isk isk. I really really miss them! :D

This was the school's canteen a.k.a tempat lepak chill relax and gossips! :P

Lunch time.

The Gorgeousz!

Batchmates :)

The Beast Guys

The Beauty

This was on 23rd May 2010 - Monday.
Pictures by: Liliey Zora

     I wish to upload more pictures tapi line yang sangat laju mengalahkan kereta lumba litar tidak mengizinkan. Maybe I will, some other time :)  I had a blast guys, thank you! Wish you guys all the best, let's stay as friends forever! :D  And I wish you guys the best for your future! Let's meet up again somewhere in the future, insyaAllah. It would be kinda cool to see you guys walking hand in hand with your wives/husbands with kids tagging along, hahaha :D

Till then, be safe under His blessing, I love you people! ;)

May 23, 2011

It's Been a Year

It's been a year since everything but yet all the memories still linger here.

23rd March 2010

And the memories will stay.

Forever and always.

Thank you Allah, for You have given me one awesome chapter of life.

Thank you.



May 21, 2011



Alhamdulillah, I passed the MeDSI test. The interview is in about a week's time.

     I know at this point of life where people are still uncertain of their future, I should be grateful for at least getting a chance to try for my future but still, is being happy reasonable when you see your dear beloved friends not getting the same chance when as a matter of fact they worked hard too? When people asked me, yes of course I would say, Alhamdulillah. I do appreciate this. I am more than thankful, I am, I seriously am but still, I can't bear seeing the others not getting the same chance as I am especially the one that we shared the dream together since high school. Is this it? :/

     I believe that Allah has planned the best for His every servant but to see my beloved friends giving up or having their minds bugged by negative thoughts along the way is not something pleasant. I am not the kind of person who knows how to console people with those motivational quotes. I don't know how to respond to and seriously, I do feel heartbroken for them. Every single time. But there's nothing else I can do except listen. The fact that I'm not good in motivating people doesn't help at all. Besides, my future is not certain yet too. And yes, I am scared. I just pray that I will be able to perform my best during the interview and I shall leave the rest to HIM :)

     I pray that Allah will strengthen their wills, and I pray for their future for that is at least I can do.

So do not become weak 
(against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior 

(in victory) if you are indeed (true) believers.

May 20, 2011

10 Must Have

     Wuuhuu! Now that I'm back from a week of a total travel, I'm gonna get that 10 stuff done. I've seen my fellow bloggers are already done with that like what, a week ago and me? Just about to start again. Haha. My ten days challenge has literally becomes 100 half days challenge, lol :P Okay proceed.

10 Items I Can't Live Without

Since it says items then items they are.

#1. My mobile phone + Top-ups
#2. A house and everything in it
#3. My laptop and internet connection
#4. Books. Ah well, not really but this will do.
#5. Television
#6. Food and drinks. Human can't live without them, na'ah.
#7. Air, oxygen.
#8. Clothes. Imagine people living without them, like so zaman dulu-dulu :P
#9. Moneyyyy. Tell me whoever can live without this? No one. Almost.
#10. Save the best for the last, Holy al-Quran.

     This post is boring. I've answered randomly. Literally can't live without them. Literally. Oh well whatever. Haha. Okay bye.

May 17, 2011



      Wuuuhuuu! Finally after a week I have a chance to update my blog. Wahahahahaha. May has been a busy month for me. Uh-MAY-Zing month it is I would say! :D   I don't really feel like updating my blog nowadays but still, here I am. Hahahahaha. You know from last 6th May 2011, I've been on the go. Here and there travelling. 6th was for a wedding. On 10th and 11th I was in KT with a friend of mine. It was kinda like a sudden trip but yet soo much fun! I'll update the details later. So I went home from KT in the evening on 11. And on 12th May I packed my stuff and off to Kuantan. Spent a day with my UiTM friends when Mas and I got here , and on 13th May off we go to Temerloh for an English camp in Felda Mengkuang. Evening on 13th, off we go again to Felda Mempaga for the same activity. Spent a day two days in Mempaga, staying at Aisyah's house, 14 and 15 it was. Back in Kuantan yesterday, 16 it is, and now, I'm typing this entry in Kuantan from Rye's while waiting for my dad to come pick me up. We're going to Shah Alam for my sis's convo's ceremony. Wohouu :D

     Been busy sure is a good way to keep your mind off unnecessary things that always bug your mind. Heeeee. I would only be home this 19. And even after 20, I have lots coming up. Well let's see, my friends and I are planning to go to school together this 23rd May, not forgetting the reunion. And if I pass the MeDSI test that I had the other day, the date for the interview will be announced on 20th May. So if I pass, maybe I'll get the date between 20th May to 1st June. I really like the way the month of May keeps me busy because somehow, I need it.

Okay off I go again. Till then, take care love! :)

May 9, 2011

10 Wishes

Randomly written it is ;)

#1: World to be a peaceful place to live in.

#2: No one will live in hunger.

#3: People not feeling afraid for thieves/criminals when walking around the earth.

#4: The one that I love be happy.

#5: Make my family proud of me.

#6: The path of my life to be eased by HIM :)

#7: Get a DSLR and have the skills of a professional.

#8: To meet Taylor Lautner? Uhh, ahem.

#9: Wake up everyday in a better version of me.

#10: A happy life for everyone :)

     Haha, suddenly rasa macam jawapan budak-budak. Random. Okay dah. 

10 Things I Want You To Know


So now it's 10 things you want to say to one person. Hurm, okay.

#1: Whatever happens, you should know that I'll be here for you. Always.

#2: Walk on strong, I'll be your extra feet.

#4: Live your life happily, I'll be your laughing gas.

#5: Study hard, I'll be your extra notes.

#6: Make me proud, make the people who loves you proud, I'll be smiling even from afar for you.

#7: Don't let people bring you down, I'll be your shield.

#8: I'm sorry for the troubles I've cost you.

#9: Stop being so sweet, I can't handle diabetes :P

#10: I love you so much that my heart would explode. And you should know that. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being a part of my life :)

     Actually, I don't have a specific person in my mind when I'm writing this. I actually have some people in my mind. Ah well, the person who I wrote this post for should know that this post is for him/her when he/she reads this :)

Let the keperasanan spreads :P

Okay till then.

10 Dislikes


     Well well, this is about ten things that I hate. Okay then, let's see. I never really hate anything. Well, some. Just that dislike, or don't prefer, not really to the extent of hate except a few. So I actually prefer the tittle to be 

Ten Dislikes. 

#1: Smokes. Ops, pretty controversy? Chill. I don't like it but I have no discrimination against the smokers. I mean, my dad smokes. So yeah, I get it. I don't mind that you smoke, just that, I really really really can't take the smell. I can't even breath. Seriously. Just don't smoke near me. Besides, I have my health reasons to preserve. Super dislike. And oh, maybe I hate smokers but I really love my dad :P

#2: People who don't do their work or giving a hard time to cooperate. Especially when not doing it affecting others. Usually in group work. Super dislike.

#3: Guys randomly saying hi when girls walk by. Kalau kenal, that's a different case lah. Ni dahla tak menyokong ekonomi negara, melepak je kerja. Bajet cool lah smoke ramai-ramai, gelak kuat-kuat and bila awek lalu, "Hai adik, Assalamualaikum, tak jawab dosa" and all those ayat yang tak berapa nak mengayat. Hello, you sitting there, wasting your time, loafing around till tak solat, ganggu keharmonian orang awam, kacau anak dara orang, mana lagi dosa? Super dislike.

#4: Dirty toilet. Like ughhhhh. Seriously. Dislike.

#5: All those extras when you type. Anwar Hadi calls it eeuwwww language. You know, like "Shayew shangat dorp shukerrr arr owrang hop ngejew gieniew. Payorh lewr shayer nowp bacew tauw dorp? Dorp shuker dorp shuker" Am I typing them right? Ahh, I don't know. Never use that language. Waste of time reading them. It already takes me half an hour typing them. Well, figuratively. Seriously don't understand how people do it. Don't disappoint your BM teacher. Dislike.

#6: When you need to use your mobile the most, teeet, low battery and then it went dead. Or you're running out of credit. And no chargers available. And it happens to be that at that time you were texting kinda important stuff that needs asap reply or maybe hot gossips!Like, ahhhhh! :O  Dislike.

#7: Waiting. I can still tolerate if it's less than half an hour because yeah, I get it. Sometimes I am late for dates too, for reasons of course, hehe :P But if I have to wait for like an hour and hours, gahhh. I'll walk away, seriously. Dislike.

#8: When I get calls from unknown number and that person who's calling was like, "Hello, hello, sape ni? Awak ni sape ea?" I was like, hell-o, you call me first kot. Kalau end up kenal takpe jugak, ni call call macam nak prank je. Haihh. Dislike.

#9: Driving in the night. Silau. Tolerable, no problemo but dislike.

#10: People making fun of other people. Like you're so perfect. Dislike.

May 8, 2011

10 Things That I Love


     Back in the race for the 10 things stuff. Let's get down to business.

     First thing first, I'm gonna talk about things that I love doing. Things. There should be no questions on how much I love the people around me and I don't even wanna grade the love, haha. So yeah. This post is about random stuff that I love doing. Ahh, membebel pulak. Okay proceed!

#1: I love books! Still, depends. Oh yeah I think reading is super cool! My first book was a PMR present from Nuyu and my first collection was the Twilight Saga (sponsored mainly by Kak Long and also one of them by Alif, tengkiyuuuuu) Ever since, I started my own collection but not much. Imported books are expensive, well they are for me.

#2: I love cool photos. I admire the people who are good photographers. The photos are supercoolandawesome! Wonder when will I be one, probably will not, haha.

#3: I love my first phone. Haha. It is for some inexplicable reasons :P  I'm gonna use it as long as I can.

#4: I love scary movies. But the time set to watch them depends on the situation. I don't watch alone. My sister and I would sometimes stay up late watching them. But you know, sometimes they are some scary movies that are too unreal to believe in and I end up questioning everything and then I get bored and when you get bored you get sleepy and when you get sleepy you end up sleeping lahh. Haha. It's hard to find a good scary movie you know. 

#5: I love spending time with my sisters. But sometimes they are pretty annoying, haha. You know, those moments where all of you just sit on the bed, kau tolak aku aku tolak kau sebab katil ni kecik and semua pakat nak duduk atas katil nih, and we talk about random stuff and laugh at each other. 

#6: I love my kampung! Seriously, it is where I grow up. I simply love evrything. The paddy field, the trees, the gravel road, the river and simply everything! And the place that they use to shoot the drama Nur Kasih is also beautiful!!!

#7: I love an air-conditioned room/ice cream during a hot day. What could be better than that? Ah okay, maybe an umbrella. Or having someone splashed a pail of water straight to your face? Hah, what the? Okay not funny :P

#8: I love chocolate especially dark chocolate. I mean I love chocolate but I prefer the dark one. Less sugar, and tastes bitter. I remember once my sister brought home a chocolate. It's kinda like a pure chocolate and it tastes so bitter so everyone was like tengok je coklat tu dalam peti, kesian takde yang nak makan, tak laku. Haha. But I found myself enjoying the taste. Up until now, I can't find the chocolate that tastes as bitter as that mainly because it's not made here. Even the Cadboury and Vochelle dark chocolate punya still tak as bitter as that one.

I like this one too ;)

#9: I kinda love vintage stuff. Those weird looking bracelets and stuff like that. But depends.

#10: I love shopping! But most of the time I can only window-shop =.="   Okay seriously, many girls like to shop kan. You know you had a good shopping trip when you spent more than you should but you feel happy and content! Oh yeah.

     Well, that's ten. I just answer them randomly. I wrote what came across my mind. There're a lot more things that I love but those are the one that I could think if right now. Haha. But you know, people change and one day, it is not weird if it turns out to be that the things that I used to love doing/having, no longer gives me the thrill. Anyway, that's all, till then!

May 6, 2011


     I will get that 10 things post done. I will get the Ten People post done. I will I will I will. Sooner or later, I will but for now, I'm gonna have to excuse myself from being a blogger! Gonna get busy. I'm gonna miss my blog, hahahahahhahaha. Okay, dah. Till then,

See you people 'round! ;)

May 5, 2011


Make Sure It's Worth It

Original photo by Adah Redha

If you're planning to hold onto something that's falling apart, you better have a good reason.


When you already knew the probability to work things out is not much there but still you go on with it because you want to.

Things happen.

When you finally realized that things will never work out, the pain will consume you.

When you finally realized that things will never get any better, the pain will consume you.


When it consumed you, it takes ages to patch up the wounds.

or maybe

You may end up wounded forever.

means that in the end

You are left alone, wounded and hurt.


It's like fixing a shattered glass. Not only you will hurt yourself in the process, there is no assurance that you can fix the glass as good as new let alone use it like you used to.

So, be careful to what you're planning to hold onto.

Ah well, just saying.

May 4, 2011

10 Things


Since I basically don't really have anything to blog about, so I think I wanna do this. Macam fun je, haha. Saya jumpa ini di blog Cik Kim :)

day one : 10 things about you
day two : 10 things you love
day three 10 things you hate
day four : 10 things you want to say to one person
day five : 10 wishes
day six 10 items you can’t live without
day seven : 10 important people
day eight : 10 of your favourite songs
day nine : 10 ways to win your heart
day ten : 10 final words
Let the game, begin.


Photo by Alif Naqiuddin.

     And suddenly I think I've put too much quotes on this picture. And gambar jadi macam blurr and tak clear. Kalau click dekat gambar baru nampak semua-semua. Should have been simpler like, "But in every boy I met in the few years, I found myself looking for you," now that would made you think that it is soooo romantic kan? Hah. Or maybe the one yang, "I didn't want to think about you loving someone else. I wanted to remember us like we were that summer." Hah, yang tu pun macam awwww, awak ni so sweet lahh punya ayat. Haha. Tapi dah buat, gitulahh. And, I think that I want it all there so tadaaa!

Okay dah, till then ;)

May 3, 2011



This is quoted from Twilight, Isabella Swan it was.

     I know, I know this doesn't look as nice as the experts do but still, hey, I'm a beginner so okay whattt.... Haha. I actually have a Tumblr because sometimes when I kinda have something cross my mind, something like quotes, I just wanna keep it and I put it on my Tumblr. But ah well, it's kinda embarrassing so maybe I'm just gonna have to update it back and then I'll share the link :) Hah perasan, macam la ada orang mintak!

...that if you guys wanna go and drop by...

*cricket sound


     Anyway, it has been a busy week and I don't see any difference in the upcoming weeks. Still gonna be a busy week, and another, and another, and another... Zzzzzzz. Ah well, at least I got something to do kan? Tadi my students ask for my FB name, and also my phone number. I think they kinda like me. Assudohhh, guane terrrr. Hahahahaha. Kids. You know, despite being tired, I still wanna go online. Unhealthy eay? And hey, I think I'm getting back my geek side, woohoo! :P  Or maybe it only works because of Twilight. Because there's Jacob and Jacob means Taylor well of course it is not Taylor but since he play that role so I guess it kinda works like that and yeah isn't he's gorgeous? Haha. Dah, merapu lagi. Sangat takde educational values belog kau Ain Romeli. Haisshhhhh. Ah well, I blog for me to keep anyway, not necessarily for people to read ;) Bear with me. 

Till then ;)

May 2, 2011


Assalamualaikum! :)

     I am currently trying to get back on track, and maybe starting with the first collection would get all the enthusiasm of a geek back in place, haha.

Just because we've been dealt a certain hand, it doesn't mean that we can't choose to rise above - to conquer the boundaries of a destiny that none of us wanted.
(Edward Cullen, Twilight)


     Quoting is fun when you're reading. Put the blame on Bella and Edward for those lovey-dovey quotes that will be written here, haha. Till then people ;)

May 1, 2011

Semua Tentang 4


     Alhamdulillah, everyone was home, safe and sound from their journey and I just had my MeDSI yesterday. I did my best, so yeah, let's see what's next. Anyway, the other day, a friend of mine, Miss Lonely E'ka tagged me in a post. I don't really participate contests but I'm kinda interested to do this. Not participating part, just the answering part.


1) 4 perkara describe about yourself 
- I value my family and friendship so much.
- My sis said I'm cute, HAHA (kids don't lie you know:P )
- I don't get so friendly with the people I just knew.
- I hear oldies songs.

2) 4 nama manja kamu 
*I don't have much
- Aingg (loghat Kelate)
- Kak Ain (cousins and juniors) *nama manja ke? :/
- Nia (only sometimes)
- Jain/Jai (back in those days when Kimah's J's gossip was kinda hot, haha)

3) 4 perkara baik yang kamu buat hari ini
- Drove my sis to bus station
- Kemas bilik.
- Help to do the laundry.
- Kemas dapur.

4) 4 tempat yang nak sangat pergi
- Makkah (InsyaAllah) 
- Redang Island (or maybe any beautiful island)
- New Zealand (like pretty bad for it's breathtaking sceneries!)
- Italy (Not sure why, but I'm kinda interested to learn the language)

5) 4 benda wajib bawa kalau keluar 
- Phone
- Purse
- I/C
- DL

6) 4 perkara terakhir yang kamu buat sebelum join contest ini 
- Evening walk with friends
- Listening to the radio
- Watch TV
- Facebooking

7) 4 orang yang kamu paling sayang di dunia ini 
*probably more than 4
- Mama and Abah
- My siblings
- My friends
- Ah well, let's reserve the last one for the special one, yet to come, haha.

8) 4 jenis ragam manusia yang kamu jumpa hari ini 
- Bored+Tired faces, waiting for bus
- Excited faces (pilih baju raya, haha)
- Clumsy people
- Lazy people

9) 4 misi yang mesti kamu capai tahun ini 
- Proceed for Degree in TESL (InsyaAllah)
- Go for a vacation before proceed to Degree.
- Learn on saving money.
- Improve my driving skills, haha.

10) 4 habit buruk kamu 
- Procrastinate.
- Risk taker (kadang-kadang tak kena situasi)
- Too much time spent online.
- Sometimes I worry too much about something :P

11) 4 perkara yang kamu fobia 
- I'm kinda claustrophobic.
- Hurm
- I'm
- Not sure

12) 4 sebab join contest ini 
*I don't, I just answer the questions, hihi.
- Tagged by Miss E'ka.
- Saja.
- Erm.
- Saje je :P

     Okay, that's all. Thanks to Cik E'ka sebab sudi tag saya. Hihi. This is kinda like the MeDSI test. Pernahkah anda cemburu? Saya boleh membuat kerja walau dalam tekanan. Guru tidak patut bercinta dengan pelajar. And soalan takleh blah skali, saya pernah mencintai seseorang. Ya atau tidak, agagaga *gelak Mr.Krab. So yeah, funny. Haha. I sometimes laugh alone reading the questions, hihi. Amboih Ain, kemain eh. Kang kalau tak lulus dokk ke selok gelepor dodang-dodang, ngaaaa :O 
Hoping for the best. Later people, have a nice day ;)

My editing skills still tak jadi. Anyway, that looks better, at least. Haha :P