May 5, 2011

10 Things About Me


Okay let's get to the main point.

10 Facts About Nia Ilemor

#1 : I am a geek. I kinda take my study seriously but still that doesn't mean that I don't know how to enjoy my life. Haha. I used to think that reading is sooo boring and everything, but when I first started reading last year, I actually kinda love it. I love to read and I found reading is super cool! And my first collection is actually presents from those beloved people:D

#2: I don't eat kerang and semua keturunan or family of kerang. Why? Hurm, I'm not sure but it seems like my taste bud can't accept the taste. So basically I never really eaten them until I accidentally did last year when we went for DC and I end up having my stomach uncomfortable for one whole day of the second day of debate. I tried to eat them but still, I can't. No kerang please :/

#3: I love cats but now I'm kinda allergic to cats. Weird eay? When I was a kid, I have no such allergies but I found out that as I grew up, I kinda uhm sensitive to cats so yeah, bummer. But it was also a good things due to some health reason, so maybe this is what they call blessing in disguise.

#4: My blog's name is actually the inverted version of my real name. People have been telling me that my blog's name is kinda cool and kinda sounds Spanish? Italian? Aww, thanks. Anything lah, haha. But it's actually Ain Romeli inverted.

#5: I'm snob. Yeah, that's actually the first impression that people would have on me. Friends, juniors, seniors and anyone who just met me would say that I look snob, unfriendly and all those anti social behaviour. But the truth is, no I'm not. It's just that my defensive mechanism makes me kinda cold to new people. Hihi. It takes time for me to get friendly with new people but ah well. I guess I'm improving on that. I try to get friendly. People also say that I have a serious face. Am I? :)

#6: Radcliffe - Lautner - Duff. Don't laugh but Daniel Radcliffe is actually my first celebrity crush and I fell for Lautner for the character Jacob that he plays. Daniel and Taylor? Of course my vote would go Taylor. Hilary Duff. The first singer that I like so much that I've saved up to buy her first album. Which is kinda odd because I never like any specific singer and I think buying the album is kinda wasting since you can just download the songs and everything but she's an exception. Unfortunately, I only have her first album. Never get the chance to buy the others due to some reasons but I have all of her songs. ;)

#7: I love nature. By this, I mean I enjoy spending time with nature. Means that I love all those beautiful beaches and the smell of the forest, the breathtaking view of morning mist and everything. Beach is one of my favourite loafing spot with my friends, happy time! I think I can actually spend a whole day just staring at the sea, haha :D

#8: I am a kampung girl. I eat budu and ulam, I like durian. When I was a kid, we used to play at the paddy field *and then get scolded =.=" , go to the orchards with my granpa, chasing the chickens, and yeah, I did all of the kampung stuff and I am proud of it. It made me of who I am today. Haha :D

#9: Oldies. I used to dislike these oldies songs but now, my choice of music genre has changed. I am now, a universal listener. I can't believe that now I can actually listen to The Morning Benders, The Carpenters and yes of course, the legendary The Beatles. Oh, exception to hard rock. Nahhhhh >.<

#10: I have stage fright. I had and still have. Despite the fact that I was a debater, I actually have a pretty serious stage fright issue. I remember when I was in form one, I would sweat and shiver only waiting for the turn to read the question and an answer to the class. You know, yang cikgu selalu cakap, baca soalan and jawapan sekali, number one starts here and then there. I would count and predict what question will I be reading and I will have cold feet waiting for my turn. And I always avoid answering questions by the teachers. But when I was in form 2, I was kinda pushed to join debate. Thanks to short-sighted problem*kinda helps not to see the audience ;)* and a very supportive debate team, I learn to overcome my stage fright since then. But I still have one :/

Okay that's all. I know I am like super weirdo. Haha.

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