May 9, 2011

10 Dislikes


     Well well, this is about ten things that I hate. Okay then, let's see. I never really hate anything. Well, some. Just that dislike, or don't prefer, not really to the extent of hate except a few. So I actually prefer the tittle to be 

Ten Dislikes. 

#1: Smokes. Ops, pretty controversy? Chill. I don't like it but I have no discrimination against the smokers. I mean, my dad smokes. So yeah, I get it. I don't mind that you smoke, just that, I really really really can't take the smell. I can't even breath. Seriously. Just don't smoke near me. Besides, I have my health reasons to preserve. Super dislike. And oh, maybe I hate smokers but I really love my dad :P

#2: People who don't do their work or giving a hard time to cooperate. Especially when not doing it affecting others. Usually in group work. Super dislike.

#3: Guys randomly saying hi when girls walk by. Kalau kenal, that's a different case lah. Ni dahla tak menyokong ekonomi negara, melepak je kerja. Bajet cool lah smoke ramai-ramai, gelak kuat-kuat and bila awek lalu, "Hai adik, Assalamualaikum, tak jawab dosa" and all those ayat yang tak berapa nak mengayat. Hello, you sitting there, wasting your time, loafing around till tak solat, ganggu keharmonian orang awam, kacau anak dara orang, mana lagi dosa? Super dislike.

#4: Dirty toilet. Like ughhhhh. Seriously. Dislike.

#5: All those extras when you type. Anwar Hadi calls it eeuwwww language. You know, like "Shayew shangat dorp shukerrr arr owrang hop ngejew gieniew. Payorh lewr shayer nowp bacew tauw dorp? Dorp shuker dorp shuker" Am I typing them right? Ahh, I don't know. Never use that language. Waste of time reading them. It already takes me half an hour typing them. Well, figuratively. Seriously don't understand how people do it. Don't disappoint your BM teacher. Dislike.

#6: When you need to use your mobile the most, teeet, low battery and then it went dead. Or you're running out of credit. And no chargers available. And it happens to be that at that time you were texting kinda important stuff that needs asap reply or maybe hot gossips!Like, ahhhhh! :O  Dislike.

#7: Waiting. I can still tolerate if it's less than half an hour because yeah, I get it. Sometimes I am late for dates too, for reasons of course, hehe :P But if I have to wait for like an hour and hours, gahhh. I'll walk away, seriously. Dislike.

#8: When I get calls from unknown number and that person who's calling was like, "Hello, hello, sape ni? Awak ni sape ea?" I was like, hell-o, you call me first kot. Kalau end up kenal takpe jugak, ni call call macam nak prank je. Haihh. Dislike.

#9: Driving in the night. Silau. Tolerable, no problemo but dislike.

#10: People making fun of other people. Like you're so perfect. Dislike.


  1. ha a kn........ suke ngan gelakkn org.. adeh.. eh3... me too!! silau...


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