May 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum! :)

     So I'm done with my MeDSI today. Since my parents are not home, I went to the interview with a friend of mine who was coincidentally got the same date and room as mine. As a matter of fact, I was after her which made me feel kinda glad because I would be feeling guilty if she had to wait for me long. I woke up at 5.30, pffft. The earliest since I've finished my foundation prgramme. Haha. So after everything, we started our journey at about 6.30, got there by 8.00, had breakfast at a stall and then off for the interview. Just nice. At about 8.35 or something. We went to block E and looked for room 20. When we got in there, phew, dah ramai kot. We were like, the third late? But it was before 9 so no, we're not late.

     We were asked to wait in the room and then one by one, our name was called to the front according to the arrangement of alphabet. There's a guy in the waiting room, he was in charge to check everything before we went into the interview room. So when my name was called, I went to the front and sit. He asked me, "Nervous tak?" and I said, "Sikit-sikit." And while checking the document, he asked me some questions about today's education and stuff. And I answered stumbling at first. Hahahaha. I guess I was nervous. I know that he was actually trying to help us overcoming our fear, you know, get yourself talking a lil bit. And oh, there's an eye test. Colour blind test, you know like the one you take in the process of getting a driving license. After he's done, I went back to my seat and waited for my turn to be called to the interview room.

Because this post is long and kinda boring, hope this helps :P

     I was called about 5 minutes early by one of the runner. There's a chair outside the door and I sat there and waited for the previous interview to finish. It was my friend. Occasionally, I could hear her voice talking but not clear. When she got out of the room, I asked her what did they asked and she gave me a brief view. Hurm. And then, I was asked to come in. Well, here we go. I stood up, smiled, took a deep breath and walked in. I greeted them as I saw them. Put my file on their table and sat down. There were two interviewers, both men. "Tell me your name". That was the first one. So I did but not only my name, but also my background briefly. I told them that I just finished my TESL foundation programme and I really really hope that I will get a chance to proceed to Degree in Shah Alam. Haha. Over seyhhh, tanya nama je tapi semua nak cerita. Ah well, hye, they need to know how bad I want this okay :P

     And then, uhm ah. There's this one question. "How to make tea?" At first, I was like, tee? What's a 'T'? I don't get it. But then, one of them explained, you know, teeee. Air tea. Owhh, haha. And then, there were questions. Mine was like more to opinions. Like, the social condition of students nowadays, smoking students, what do you think about smoking teachers and yeah, we kinda laugh talking about teachers who smoke. I told them, "Oh yeah, I was a lil bit confused with that. Kinda sensitive issue isn't it? You tell your students not to smoke but then, you're smoking." Is that funny because they kinda laugh :/  They ask a few questions in English but they didn't talk much. Just questions.

     "Okay sekarang saya nak tanya dalam Bahasa Melayu pulak." And I was like, uh, okkayyyy. "Apakah isu pendidikan yang awak tahu sekarang?" Hah, luckily people have been sharing currents issues on FB. I talked about that PPSMI thing and MBMMBI. And one of them tried to psycho me, "Aih, itu bukan isu terkini, tu dah lama dahh". People, don't get scared. Be confident okay? So I told him, "Ya tetapi masyarakat masih lagi memperkatakan dan membincangkan isu tersebut kerana bla bla bla..." And they smiled, nodded and chuckled. I don't know whether that's good or bad. Hope it's a good sign. And then they asked, "Apa lagi isu pendidikan yang awak tahu?" I told them about that 1students1sport policy. 

Woot woot! Ingatkan dapat la juga cuci mata tapi I only see two guys kot. Hah? Hensem ke tak? Err, I'll pass. Haha. Euw ghedik :P

     The last one maybe sounds like, "Sebagai seorag guru Bahasa Inggeris, sekiranya anda dihantaer ke kawasan pedalaman untuk mengajar subjek Bahasa Inggeris, apakah yang akan anda lakukan untuk menarik minat anak-anak murid. Sebab mereka bukannya berminat dengan Bahasa Inggeris." Hah, tu diaaa. So I briefly told them that I ahve once joined an English camp in Mempaga and Mengkuang where the students showed less interest for English. We learn using fun ways. Games, songs and everything. And they were like, "Oh, program yang sama dengan yang tadi ke?" Yeahh, because we both joined the programme as facilitators. Haha.

     One of the interviewers was looking at my certificates and saw my SPM certificate. "Owh, belajar Bahasa Arab? Takallam fi allugotu al-Arobiyyah?"  Assudohhh. I said, "sikit-sikit je. Saya dulu pernah menyertai Debat Bahasa Arab tapi takdelah fasih sangat." Seriously, I barely remember =.="  By that time I really hope that he won't ask questions in Arabic. But he did. "Man anti?" In my mind, I was confused. Man means who right? Wait, isn't it means from? Gahhh. And I was like, 
     "Err, ana, ana... Tolibati" 
     And he continues, "madrosah." 
     "Madrosah, err, Watoniyyah."
     "Ahh, ana tolibati madrosah sanawiyyah watoniyyah watoniyyah."

Tolibati= pelajar perempuan
Madrosah= sekolah
Watoniyyah= kebangsaan
Sanawiyyah= menengah
*My school's name is Wataniah, that's why it is repeated twice. 

Meet Kimmy, my partner for Chapter 6's presentation way back in UiTM Kuantan :)

     And then, uhm, there wasn't much. Just normal questions. What do your parents do, family, schools, where you're actually from, etc etc. Ah, no mock teaching. Thank God, malas jugak nak mock teaching because I didn't really prepare. Haha. I prepared Chapter 6 from College Reading. So generally, I think I did pretty good. Just so you know, when it comes to interview, it is graded based on three aspects. 1)Fluency 2) Clear and loud  3)Speaking skills (Petah berbicara) This was told by that guy in the waiting room. 

     "Saya rasa itu sahajalah. Nak tanya, nak tanya sahaja taktau lagi kan dapat ke tak. Kalaulah diberi peluang, awak nak UiTM ke UM?" Because I put UiTM as my first and UM as my second. I answered confidently with a smile, "Pastinya UiTM." "UiTM jugak, nak ikut geng lah tu" He was referring to my friend which was the previous candidate. "Eh takkk, sebabnya UiTM ada background yang baik untuk course TESL" Ah well, I just don't want him to think that I'm following my friend. Now that would make me look like not independent kan? Heeee.

     So that was my interview. It was like 10-15 minutes. I had fun, it was not so serious and they were really cool. Fuhh, panjang bebenor post. Ngahahaha. Anyway, I did my best, I shall leave the rest to HIM :)


  1. congrats2..semua pun sebut pasal english camp tu kan..fiuhh..nasib baik ada back up baik punye..
    lets hope for the best aye.. :)

  2. Yeah, thanks for letting me join the camp. Big help there ;)
    Hoping for the best, insyaAllah :)


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