Jan 31, 2011

Can't Smile Without You

Carpenters - Can't Smile Without You 

I went googling for some good old songs the other day and I came across this song.

This is odd.

I don't usually hear old songs.

But I really like this song.

It get hooked on my heart once I put my ears on this beautiful melody.

This is so beautiful.

Such a beautiful song.

To the people that I love.

I just can't smile without you :)

Jan 30, 2011

Reasonable Nonsense

Even if life seems so nonsense, so crazy and everything always goes wrong, just keep on smiling.

Don't lash your anger. 

Don't flare. 

Don't snap.

Please be patient.

But let no people underestimate you.

Hey you, I'm not afraid of you.



Jan 27, 2011

Pissed Off?

Feel like eating someone?

Dear Nia Ilemor,

Stay away from Facebook when you are pissed off.

Stay away from the blog too.

Even if you're about to make a post, keep it drafted.

You know what you yourself mean.

Never break this rule.

Remember, "Sabar Itu Indah, Jangan Cepat Melatah" :)

Yours Sincerely :
 You in the past

Jan 25, 2011

Strong Strength

This is hard.
I need strength.
I need you.


     These last few days I felt sooo tired! With loads of assignmentsssss and whatnot, sem two is really really putting me on test. With the running nose, rising body temperature, I just wanna write and rest. Started from last Monday, our second script was rejected. The script which I spent my two nights doing it, leaving my assignments behind and in the middle of the volleyball battle, was rejected. It's funny that I didn't really find myself getting crazy over it. So yeah, yeah. In two days, we worked on a new script, submitted it on last Thursday, it was finally approved *phew. On Friday, the Islamic class that has been postponed and cancelled for two weeks before is finally back on schedule. Then on the evening, we had this Listening and Speaking test. 

     Then, on Saturday, there's futsal. Err, did I get the spelling right? Well, who cares, it sounds all the same, hihi :P  I never played futsal but having the chance to break some sweat last Saturday is pretty cool. As a midfield, I found myself always running out of breath. The fact that I never play it doesn't help at all. My stamina is not as strong as it used to be *sigh. But hey, it was pretty cool to win the second place. The most important thing is that we enjoyed the game! Fun fun fun! :D  That was how my two days of weekend passed by, then came Sunday, the only day that I had to get Reading Journal 2 done, to revise the syllabus for the test and yada yada. This sem, I always get my assignment done last minute. This time is no exception. Though I woke up with a strong will to get it done before evening but I failed to do so. In the end of the day, I stayed up late getting it done till the clock hit 4. I didn't study. I didn't have the time :(

     So this morning, I woke up at about 6.15 a.m, getting ready for the class which was at 8. The bad thing about today is that I caught a flu and this flu is not alone, it comes with a rising temperature. I couldn't focus. My eyes felt heavy though I was not sleepy. Ugh. I answered the Reading test like %^&7. No words can describe how I felt. With running nose, stomach ache and sore throat, I tried my best to answer all the questions. Damn, they were really testing my knowledge, that is if I even have one because I don't even have time to revise -.-"  The class today ended at 5 and tonight we just finished our first new scripted drama rehearsal. This is hard. I didn't really realize that my character requires me to empower the tears. Ughhh. Eh, I mean yeaahhh! :D *try to be positive. Go AiN, Go!

     So yeah, that's all. Next time, when I encounter this kind of hardship again or maybe even worst, I'll read this post again and remembered back how I managed to survived. I always will. That's a promise to keep anyway right? :)  This maybe is hard but there will always be harder time. I just have to keep my soul grounded in highful spirit! It's weird. Though I have a lot of work, but I never felt like going crazy. I guess it's because I enjoy it eay? :P So yeah, from this moment onward, I'm just gonna enjoy this because I think I'm gonna miss this soon after I leave Kuantan. Kan?

This is hard.
I need strength.
Oh, I have you.

Jan 22, 2011


In the middle of the night, she woke up. 

Thinking about the possibilities that might put her in a better condition,

That is stupid.

This is stupid.

Chances might come like these bubbles, too much with a blow.
They might also disappear before you can even catch them after a blow.

In the middle of the night, she woke up.

Thinking about all the possibilities that she would grab once there's one.

That would make things better.

That is not stupid.

This is not stupid.

Hey girl, take a step back.

There's a good side.

There is always a good side.

Jan 20, 2011


I guess I am changing.

     Well, what's so weird about that? People change and so do I. The question is that, whether you've changed better or worst. I think I'm having some kinda metamorphosis these few days. I'm not sure whether it is due to overload pressure or I just got insanely sane in a complete sanity, but I laugh more. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? :/  I guess the people who don't know me really well during sem 1 kinda like shocked with the way I actually behave. teeehheee *innocent showing teeth smile. Well, that's just me. I don't really talk to people I don't know, and I kinda get loud with the people I know especially those who have close connection to me. Well, yeah. That's just me. 

I might be crazy but tell you what, all those great people are :P
People thought they're crazy, but these people are crazier if they can't accept the craziness.

mengarut lagi, dah dah. studyyyy!

Okay bye :D

Jan 17, 2011

Stand Up

Stand up.
There's still a long road.

Stand up.
Don't you dare to give up!

Stand up.
For this is what life is all about!

Set me free.

Jan 15, 2011


Patch up these wounds, get your first aid kit, give me all the remedies that you have.

from now i’ll just take a chance, risk, because what does it matter if i break? i’m used to feel broken

This is hard.

I need strength.

I need you.

Jan 12, 2011

Scream and Fly

I think I'm beginning to understand how life plays the game.

AN's photography.

Sometimes, I wish I could just scream as loud as I want and fly away.

But I can't.

     Coming back from sem break, there's just too much to do and so little time. I'm not sure whether I can keep up with it or not. We have to prepare for the drama coming up, story telling, writing graded assignments, reading assignment, literature, persuasive speech, reading the plays for literature, the Flowers for Algernon book, preparing for the tests and yada yada. Seriously I am tired, mentally and physically. And now... Huh. Abah was right, sooner or later, I'll deal with these kinda things and these kinda people. Those people worth no thought of mine. I have no time for those craps. With the debate tournament coming up, we're now trying to keep up the pace as fast as we can. Two practices in a week. I'm kinda excited but I'm also scared -_-" 

     I've done pretty bad in my last Reading presentation. I think the Demo Speech was also sucks. I'm scared. Those presentation covers like 10%. Oh my, I am struggling real hard for Sem 2. Yet, I am still me, lazy me. Ugh. Got debate practice tonight. Got Literature and TED tests tomorrow. I got L&S test this Friday. Gotta rehearse for drama. Gotta do presentations for writing and TED for next week classes. I have reading and grammar tests next week. Gotta study. Gotta find a topic for Story Telling which covers 15% of my drama class's mark. Gotta start doing reading and writing assignment. Gotta start reading the novel and the plays. Gotta start doing everything! So little time, so many things to do. I hope I can pull this off :)

Allah please guide me.

Hey sem 2, told ya to be nice to me didn't I?

Jan 8, 2011

Please Be Happy

It is not the end of the world.
It is just a new beginning of an unscripted chapter.

I love you.

Please be happy.


Jan 4, 2011

Truth or Dare

It's like a game of truth or dare
If you can make it here
You'll make it anywhere

That's what we've been told
But the story's getting old
Blue - All Rise

     The fact is, we still have a long way to go. Please oh please... Let me have the chance to start it at a whole new level, at least. 

06/02/2011 - This is totally freaking me out! I'm scared >.<

Jan 2, 2011


Assalamualaikum! :D

Alhamdulillah, safe and sound in Kuantan. 

Can you see it? The future? Well, let's get in! :P

     Okay, I don't know why I am like sooo diligent, updating blog like almost everyday. That is soo not the me now. Haha. And NO, I don't think that it has anything to do with multiple personality. Ishk. Maybe it's just that, I have more time to update my blog during mid sem. Huh, that's odd. Where all the times that you're supposed to do the assignments gone hah? Well, I think I work better under pressure, HAHA. Oh my, can't let this stay this way. Oh, by-duh-way, it's already Week 6 here. Week 6 means, Test Week. *cheer!. Hah, kidding me. I haven't even started with my revision yet. Even now, I'm still working on my last year's assignments. Haha. So yeah. Uhm, I guess I won't be around too much, babbling and prattling on and on.
     Seriously, I really need to get my act together. It's the last sem for crying out loud miss Nia Ilemor. Get your brain working okay? Don't want to see disappointed faces of the people you love eay? Okay, no more playing around I guess except during weekend. Hehe. But seriously, I'm getting lazier this sem. One of my lecturers once said that usually the students who scored pretty well in Sem 1, got like, ehm, lupa diri during sem 2? And, well, you can guess the rest of the story. Is it? Now that scares me. It's too bad that I got sarcasm remarks on my pointer, now who would want what she said happen? :/  Honestly I'm scared*nail biting. Okay gotta go. Tata titi tutu :D

Who got remedies for laziness? I want one, can I?  

p/s: Mr. Muet is coming this month, or maybe this week. Seriously the thought gave me a shudder. Ngeee~ 

Have a nice day today and also for the upcoming days! :D

Jan 1, 2011

2010 vs 2011


Ehem, ehem,


     Okay, I know I know that some people disagree of the idea celebrating new year but hey let's just take this as a mark for a new beginning okay? No? Huh. Haha, whatever lahh. So it's already 2011 eayh? How time flies. 


     2010 was pretty awesome. The year of a new life! The year where I officially started my life at a whole new level! Though my foundation programme is just in a small campus but still, I learned A LOT! I got into TESL foundation programme. I met a lot of great people which reminds me to always imrove myself to the very best level. I lived far away from my family for the first time and ahem, I am not a cry baby okay. Haha. I got so many new and awesome friends! Joined debate club, went for two tournaments so far which both opened my eyes wide but at a VERY different level. Still single. Now why would I type this? Whatever. Haha.

     First experience of fasting without my family and good food. Aishh, be grateful will you? Hihi. I still remember there's one day. We were getting ready to buy the food to break our fast but when we took a look outside, there's a storm. Err, kinda. But the thing is, we can't go out because it's dangerous and the clock needle was approaching number seven. Lastly, we ate plain nasi+kicap+ikan bilis goreng. It suddenly tastes better than our usual meal! No kidding! A lot of things happened in 2010. There were good times and yeah, also the bad times. But hey, life is not always about happyhappyday right? The good times kept us happy and the bad one, well let's just leave it behind. Past is a good place to visit but never is a good place to stay :) Let's move forward! Thank you Allah, for the wonderful year!


     Heellloooo 2011! Thank you Allah, for another new year! :D  What? vision and mission? Nahh, I don't have one. Even if I have one, I think it's better for me to keep it to myself. For me, my goals, if shared is less likely to come true. I don't know why but that always happens. Haha. Generally, I want to get healthier, better grades, good life and you know, the usual stuff. But this year, the main priority is, of course, going for degree :)  Ameen! Nothing much for 2011. Not yet. I hope everything goes fine. What's your new year resolutions? :)