Jan 1, 2011

2010 vs 2011


Ehem, ehem,


     Okay, I know I know that some people disagree of the idea celebrating new year but hey let's just take this as a mark for a new beginning okay? No? Huh. Haha, whatever lahh. So it's already 2011 eayh? How time flies. 


     2010 was pretty awesome. The year of a new life! The year where I officially started my life at a whole new level! Though my foundation programme is just in a small campus but still, I learned A LOT! I got into TESL foundation programme. I met a lot of great people which reminds me to always imrove myself to the very best level. I lived far away from my family for the first time and ahem, I am not a cry baby okay. Haha. I got so many new and awesome friends! Joined debate club, went for two tournaments so far which both opened my eyes wide but at a VERY different level. Still single. Now why would I type this? Whatever. Haha.

     First experience of fasting without my family and good food. Aishh, be grateful will you? Hihi. I still remember there's one day. We were getting ready to buy the food to break our fast but when we took a look outside, there's a storm. Err, kinda. But the thing is, we can't go out because it's dangerous and the clock needle was approaching number seven. Lastly, we ate plain nasi+kicap+ikan bilis goreng. It suddenly tastes better than our usual meal! No kidding! A lot of things happened in 2010. There were good times and yeah, also the bad times. But hey, life is not always about happyhappyday right? The good times kept us happy and the bad one, well let's just leave it behind. Past is a good place to visit but never is a good place to stay :) Let's move forward! Thank you Allah, for the wonderful year!


     Heellloooo 2011! Thank you Allah, for another new year! :D  What? vision and mission? Nahh, I don't have one. Even if I have one, I think it's better for me to keep it to myself. For me, my goals, if shared is less likely to come true. I don't know why but that always happens. Haha. Generally, I want to get healthier, better grades, good life and you know, the usual stuff. But this year, the main priority is, of course, going for degree :)  Ameen! Nothing much for 2011. Not yet. I hope everything goes fine. What's your new year resolutions? :)

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