Mar 10, 2011

Reblog - MUET Speaking Sample Questions

Assalamualaikum peeps!
     I know that people is feeling scared of this MUET thing. So, it is always a good idea to practice. The fact is, actually, the questions paper of MUET Speaking is just being recycled. So, there might be a chance that you are going to answer the same questions as the last years. I got some. Here's sample of questions.

Booklet 1
A person's character is often influenced by other people around him/her. Who has the greatest influence on a person's character?
-Discuss which of the following has the greatest influence on a person's character
(i) Parents
(iv)Famous Personalities

Booklet 2
If you were given the opportunity to serve as the Prime Minister of Malaysia for one term, what would be a great achievement to leave behind?
(i)Economic prosperity
(ii)Excellence in sports
(iii)World class education
(iv)Excellent health facilities

Booklet 4
You and your friends are deciding on the choice of universities and programs of study available. You would like to seek the opinion of others before you make your final decision.
-Whose opinion is most important in deciding where and what to study for your university degree?
(i)Opinion of parents
(ii)Opinion of friends
(iii)Opinion of teachers
(iv)Opinion of career guidance counsellors

Booklet 7
Electronic media like mobile phone, computer and electronic games has an impact on young people of today. What aspects of their lives are affected?
-Discuss what aspects of a young person's life is most affected by electronic media
(i)Study habits
(ii)Daily habits
(iii)Social relationship
(iv)World view

Booklet 9
What are the costs cutting measures that can be taken by a family to reduce expenditure? Give some suggestions.
-Best way for a family to reduce expenditure.
(i)Use public transport
(ii)Spend only on what is needed
(iii)Carry out their own repair and maintenance work
(iv)Recycle and reuse household items

Booklet 10
Who do you regard as a successful person?
-You regard as the most successful person
(i)Someone who is very rich
(ii)Someone who is very intelligent
(iii)Someone who is very powerful
(iv)Someone who is very famous

Booklet 11
What factors can influence a student's academic perfrmance
-Greatest impact on a student's performance
(i)Study habits
(ii)Sleeping haboits
(iii)Leisure activities
(iv)Network of friends

Booklet 12
It is important to be a good neighbour. What are some of the guidelines needed?
-Discuss which of the following are the most important qualities needed to be a good neighbour
(i)Polite and respectful
(ii)Friendly and caring
(iii)Helpful and responsible
(iv)Tolerant and understanding

Hope it helps :)  Practice makes perfect! Good luck :D


  1. oh my god..2day i did my muet percubaan....the booklet 9 was my question....

  2. You did? err, hope that's a good news :)
    Good luck for your MUET :)

  3. huhuuu..tomorrow is my speaking test..this thing make me feaking out! =.="

  4. Oh, today? Good Luck! :D
    And yeah, MUET is super scary but Allah's willing, you can pull this off :)

  5. so what types of your booklet when you do your Speaking test?

  6. Unfortunately, it's not here. I can't really remember but the question was about teacher's gift? Err, can't remember :/ These are only some samples anyway.

  7. tmrow my speaking test, wish me luck.. im dont have so much practice & that make my fil more 'neves'

  8. thank for this information...i really need it...

  9. chi_noey: Ohh, don't worry much. Good Luck darl. Just chill and talk with confidence, insyaAllah, no problemo! :D

  10. green: You're welcome. Glad I can help :) And oh, break a leg! :D

  11. wer did u get this from? :))

  12. Siti Fatimah Fuzz: You're welcome and good luck darl! :)

  13. Anonymous: From a friend of mine and a teacher :)

  14. about the to get the points?can you help me?

  15. I have plenty of friends that can't speak very fluent in english. So, i hope with this info. I surely can help them to speak & help them in their MUE :)
    tQ so much ^^

  16. Anonymous: Sorry for the late reply :(
    Generally speaking, the more you read, the easier it is to link the question with what you know and hence, giving you more points. You can always try mock speaking, sharing thoughts with your friends help you to get points and it trains you to do so too :)

  17. Laila Nurhusna: Good luck with your MUET :)
    Glad this helps, you're welcome :D

  18. really helpfull...........

  19. owh.. thanks 4 d info.. hopefully, it'll help me to make some prparation for my speaking test on dis cming sunday, 9 oct..;-)

  20. i have speakng test nex week...but i donno what should i speak...its really freaking me out...i donno what type of question will come out...can u give me more example of question...n what type of question will come out??

  21. thanks for the info... i hope it will help me tomorrow...

  22. thaks for the info :) i'm having ny muet today

  23. nice..
    thanks for sharing it..

  24. i will have my muet at 11 pm..
    but its rainy now.. how do i get to the examination place... hope the rain will stop in a short of time

  25. there's no sample questions of booklet 3,5,6 n 8?

  26. just asking,isn't there sample questions of booklet 3,5,6 n 8?

  27. thnkyou. you sure sure will hve unstoppable rewards frm Allah. insyaAllah :) thnks again !

  28. @Anonymous: I'm sorry but I guess no. This was what my teachers gave us way back then.
    You're welcome guys, hope it helps ;)

  29. Salam..
    Dear sister.
    Thanks for posting this entry.
    It is really useful and indeed, sangat2 membantu.
    May Allah bless you always :)
    Have nice days ahead.

    Thank u again.

  30. thanks for the info...i hope it will help me 4 2morow...

  31. just realize that nia ilemor is ain romeli. :D

  32. Salam sejahtera rakan2 semua...

    Ada berita baik buat anda yang baru nak ambil peperiksaan MUET, yang GAGAL dan nak ambil semula, yang TAK PERNAH LULUS, yang nak memperbaiki band yang diperoleh dalam peperiksaan MUET yang lalu. Rakan saya Saudara Shamsul Ariffin telah menerbitkan sebuah panduan untuk lulus dalam peperiksaan MUET.

    Jika anda berminat untuk mendapatkan panduan tersebut sila KLik Sini

  33. Hi Nia Ilemor.thank you for the given booklet.MUET is scaring me bcoz I can't speak well in English as I have a very low, how can I get higher band in MUET?Can u give some tips?

  34. today, 24Jun2014 is my speaking test for MUET .. wish me luck and thanks for this sample question ^_^

  35. My speaking test is in 2hrs..haha, hopefully the question is among al of this


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