Feb 27, 2011

Tell Me

Do tell me how do we fix broken things which are beyond repair?

How do we move on from something that we can't leave behind?

How do we stop the tears from flowing?

How do we relive the dead emotions?

How do we wake up from our unreachable and perpetual dreams?

How do we fake a smile when things are not supposed to be smiled at?

How should I live these remaining days?

Do tell me,

How do I smile without seeing your smile.

Tell me,

How do I laugh without the echoes of your laughter?

Tell me,

How do I shine without my sun?

Tell me,

How do I glow without my moon?

Do tell me because I don't know,

How do I live without you?


Feb 26, 2011

It's Her Day

Hey people, today is my best friend's birthday!

She's now old! and still single! HAHA :P

It's quite a disappointment that we are totally running out of idea on how to surprise her :(
But hey, that doesn't mean that we have forgotten.
We'll have something.
Happy Birthday dear.
Hope you'll have a great year.
Thank you for everything!

-Hope that things will work out fine for you.
-Hope that you'll get what you want.
-Hope that you'll get the perfect guy *wink
-Hope that we'll be together till degree, I swear you'll get sick seeing me, HAHA.
-I pray that you'll always be under Allah's protection :)
-I'm sorry for any inconvenience, stupidity of me and simply anything that make you feel not cool :(
-Hope that we'll stay as friends! :)
-Oh, and I wanna be your bridesmaid
-And I wanna name your first child
-And I wanna choose your gown

Okay, the last three wishes, I'm just kidding. Tetiba kan? padahal takde kaitan dengan birthday wish pun, heeeee:P

Don't get all eeuuww because




Sanah Helwah.

Feb 25, 2011



It is pretty tiring to keep telling yourself to be strong.
I know, I know, I only have less than one month and after this is, it will all be over, 
I'll have like 6 months home
haven't you ever felt that
just when everything seems to fall out of place,
just when nothing looks right,
just when things refuse to work for you,
when the gravity denies you,
when your brain rebel against you,
simply, just when things don't work out right,
you just need to find a place to escape?

I do.

And mine is home.

Is this homesick syndrome?

But that's not the main reason of missing home.

I just miss home.

I simply miss everyone.

It has been like,

2 months you know.

2 months since I last been home.

I miss home.



Feb 24, 2011


Hold them tight, don't let those dream of yours escape.

I have forgotten how much I love this.

How much I love doing this.

How much I wanted to master this.

How much I just wanted to be good in anything related to it.

How I used to live as if this is the only thing that I have.

How eager I was

How passionate I was.

How much I love it.


I let those petty things get in my way.


What happen to you Ain Romeli?

Get a grip.

Will ya?


Feb 23, 2011


     You know the time when things usually work just fine for you when it doesn't to other people and all of a sudden it doesn't work that way anymore on you and you just kinda realize that how you really need to work hard on something that other people don't have to?

I hate it.


Sometimes, when things get me all claustrophobic with petty things, I just want to run away.
Grab a good book, get myself lost in it and escape from the reality.

 It feels kinda good.

And I actually like it.


And sometimes, when things go crazy and you don't know how to let it out, 
you just blog it.

Feb 21, 2011

It's The Feeling

This is merely a random thought. It's what we call, life.

Once in a while, you just kinda get the feeling. I mean, the one that annoys you.

     It's the feeling that you will find yourself stumbling for words to describe it. It's the feeling that you get when you are totally annoyed with someone but you simply can't snap or flare because you are tied to your own rules of life or simply because you know that by doing that things will only gets worse and eventually you will only end up having the worst feeling stored for you. It's the feeling that even your so called best friend can't understand you for he or she always think that he or she is right and don't give it a damn how sometimes you are annoyed with it. It's the feeling that you get when your friends still tease you about something that you don't like even though you have told them over and over again beforehand. It's the feeling about the way they make it a good laughing stock and don't give it a damn about the way you feel. 

     It's the feeling that you get when you see your crush get hooked on someone else and there is nothing you can do about it except letting go and move on. It's the feeling when you can't buy something that you have been craving for like ages. It's the feeling when you are so pissed off but you just have to keep it all inside and fake a smile. It's the feeling that you wake up and simply not feeling like talking to anyone, and you had to fake a smile, pretend that everything is right when it's not and the worst thing about it is that even you don't have a clue what is wrong. It's the feeling that even though this happens, no one cares. It's the feeling when you work so hard for days to do your assignments but you get lower grades than the one who don't even care about it and did it last minute. It's the feeling that when you go the malls and see discount tags, and you check on your purse and you barely have enough money to purchase anything.

I guess if we were about to list down everything, even one whole blog is not enough. Gahh, I'm exaggerating again :P

What a bummer.

I know.
Well darling, everyone's been there. That's life.

Hey Handsome, haha :P  *tetiba

It's okay to pause, but don't stop :)

We're teenagers.

Things go wrong and we screw up but hey, we move on and fix things.

And it is okay not to feel okay. But don't let it bugs you too much. Now that would be wrong not to feel okay.

Okay? :)

Moving on!

Feb 20, 2011

Now and Onwards

We're living at this very moment.

We don't want this to end but now or later, it will.

We don't wanna forget all the memories but only Allah knows what will happen to us in the future.

We may be facing conditions that will have us forgetting all the memories as we grew old.

But we still want all the memories to stay.

I want all of it to stay. Al least, written.

From now and onwards, I may be will be having sentimental posts.

Countdown: 29 days left

p/s: I love you people.
Thanks for everything.
A lot.

Feb 18, 2011

Feb 13, 2011

Be Happy

I think I can handle the truth now.


I can handle storm.

I can handle blizzard.

I can handle typhoon.

This should be easy.


I can handle the truth.


Okay moving on!




Feb 11, 2011

Oh Hoi


   These few weeks, things have gone wrong and I can't really focus on my study. Isk, this is pathetic. I don't score the best grades and I find myself stumbling in the middle of the tests' questions :(  I specifically lose interest in Grammar, it gets me dizzy and the more I try to understand, the more I get irritated. I am so lazy to do all the assignments. I want this foundation programme to end so that I can go home and relax all I wanted but at the same time, wishing for that means that I'm asking for shorter time to be with my friends here. Gahhh, this is so not cool! 

Hey, what's up with that stressful lines? 




     These few weeks, things have gone wrong but it was not a big deal. I'll get all the problems fixed and things will get better. Concentrating on books is something that I have lost interest in but hey Nia Ilemor, remember that you're here for the promise. You promised to keep the promise so you need to promise that you will keep your promise and to keep your promise you must hit the books okay? Okay. Assignments. Uhh puhh leez. Assignments je kot. Just do it lahhh. Ahahaha. But underestimate them don't, do your best. Remember, as you sow, you shall reap so before you will be crying over pathetic grades, get your act together. You can do it. Yeahhh!

-Okay, I think this post is sooo childish and full of grammatical errors.




Night, ehh I mean, morning :)  

Good day isn't it? TEEHEE :P

-As long as you enjoy doing the things that you're doing, there's no such thing as restless :)

Feb 10, 2011

It's All About Him

Never ever met a guy so fly
Got me hooked like apple pie, I
Think I'm falling and I don't know why
But I won't fight these butterflies

It's All About Him - Auburn

When will I meet one? 




Okay bye.

Feb 5, 2011

Get on Grip

I have let too much of me being taken away, I will get on grip again.

In times when everything falls apart, you just have to find remedies for yourself, in your own way :)

Feb 4, 2011

Hey Home

     It's been a while since I last posted something that people really have something to read. Gahh, you mean if there's one who would want to read -_-"  Okay, whatever it is, here it goes. Hey people, I'm sure that many of you who's reading this post is happily at home, having breakfast on bed, tasty food for brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner, supper and whatnot. My point is, being home is good. Me? Isk. So sad. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home so much! The initial plan was, my roommates and I weren't going home for CNY. Because it was only like a normal weekend with an extra one day. We kinda plan to hang out together, go explore every single corner in Kuantan and you know, all the happy moments. Because! Because, we only have like one more month to be together. Isk :'(   But then, things happened and two of them went home. I was too but then come to think about it again:

-The hols started on Wednesday, kinda. Our class ended at 10 a.m
-No tickets home for Wednesday, which means if I wanna go home, there's one in Thursday morning
-Checked for ticket to come back to Kuantan. The one in Sunday? SOLD OUT.
-Which means that I would have to take the one on Saturday
-So, go home Thursday morning, get there in evening, be home in Friday and get in the bus on Saturday

     So you see, even if I went home on Thursday, I may got there like at 5 pm. Long journey it is. Then when I got home, for sure I would take a rest and slept the whole night. Well, kinda. And then, I would have Friday. Only Friday home. And on Saturday, I would have to get on the bus again. Ringgit Malaysia 64 for that and plus I don't like riding a bus so, no thanks. Last Wednesday night, I called home. Nobody picked up. So I called my sis, she answered my call happily and told me "We're here!"  And I was like, here where? Kedah. Gahh, they didn't tell me they were going to Kedah. Isk. Nak merajuklah. Haha. So here I am, home, in US (UiTM Sekilau) I'm proud of myself. For the first time ever, I'm officially an independent settled foreigner. Well, errr, kinda.

Nice home eay? Thanks. Yeah it's not mine.

     My idea for my so called holiday was to get the assignments done and then showed off to people who went back home. Huh, as if these two things are worth being compared with eay? For sure going home is better. Assignments? Kidding me. I spent my whole day watching Glee yesterday. I only stopped because I don't have episode 8 to 12. Isk. I guess it is my nature, working on things last minute. Seriously Nia Ilemor, when are you gonna get yourself fixed? *silence. Nahh, let's just go with the flow. This is cool. Haha. The pressure kept the ideas flowing. Kan? :P

     Okay people, have a happy day home. You know I'm not jealous that you get to see the lovely faces that I haven't seen in more than a month except through Skype and photos. You know I'm not jealous that you get to eat home made meals. You know that I'm not jealous that you get to spend a day out shopping with your family. You know that I'm not jealous that you get to be in your own comfie room and get up having breakfast on bed. You know that I'm not jealous that you get to watch TV home right? We have one too here. Ahuh. Just walk two stairs down and 139 steps ahead. Home, you can only walk about 10 steps away from you bedroom to living room to watch TV. Ahah, which one is healthier huh? You know right? You know I'm not jealous right?

Okay I'm jealous >.<

Happy Holiday! :D


Feb 2, 2011

Get Out of The Box

Get out of the box. 

Even if the box happens to be the place where you're living. 

Get out of the box.

I want you but that's impossible. Isk.