Feb 25, 2011



It is pretty tiring to keep telling yourself to be strong.
I know, I know, I only have less than one month and after this is, it will all be over, 
I'll have like 6 months home
haven't you ever felt that
just when everything seems to fall out of place,
just when nothing looks right,
just when things refuse to work for you,
when the gravity denies you,
when your brain rebel against you,
simply, just when things don't work out right,
you just need to find a place to escape?

I do.

And mine is home.

Is this homesick syndrome?

But that's not the main reason of missing home.

I just miss home.

I simply miss everyone.

It has been like,

2 months you know.

2 months since I last been home.

I miss home.




  1. yeah... i really understand you my dear.. hm... i'm so sorry coz i've to go back for this weekends... hm... my mom and dad told to me everything.. they wanted to do this and that, but they've to wait for me to come back home.. hm...
    hey nia ilemore.. you r a strong girl.. you know why? coz you can stil standing, smiling, laughing walaupun deep in your heart you missed home like hell.... :)

  2. heee... dont worry, abg jang kan ada hahahaha!!


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