Oct 27, 2011

Rain with Rainbow


-Suddenly that Singing in The Rain Glee cover played in my head :P

     As usual, on Thursdays, 5 to 7 pm we had koko. Kesatria Negara to be precise. Man, I don't think marching and me are made for each other. I seriously think that I need to practice like A LOT for this. Isk. Malu malu malu laaa salah kawad. Silly mistakes over and over again. Nasib la duk tengah-tengah, not so obvious la kan when I make a mistake but still, that was disappointing :(

     Anyway, it has been raining this couple of days. With thunders. Super scary thunders. Like this evening. We were practicing marching and suddenly, thunder! Again and again. I was pretty scared. We were at an open area anyway so yeah. It was raining + thunder so the marching ended early. We waited under the khemahs for the rain to subside and when it did, we ran in the rain. Sometimes got scared by flashes on the sky. Like seriously from Padang Kawad to the hostel. 

     The thunders were scary but I somehow find running in the rain comfy and easy. It's not that heavy rain, kinda like drizzles only maybe a lil heavier but not more than heavy rain. Ugh, what am I saying =,=" Easy said, it was a pleasant kind of rain. Just nice. I love the feeling of how it made me feels free. I love the sloshing sounds my shoes made as I ran through the puddles. I love it when the cold wind caresses my face. It felt so easy. So we ran and walk and sometimes as we found another puddle ahead we were like, okay, ready - run and jump! Haha :D  I haven't done this in a while. Wait, I can't even remember the last time I ran around under the rain and feeling all giddy like this, heheh. Running around in rain sounds silly and immature as you grow up eayh? I miss that.

     Hah, waddeeee~ Excited to update blog just to write about running in the rain. Silly me :P  But still, take care guys, the weather's been unpredictable nowadays. I guess it's one of the seasons. Oh, gtg. Got three classes tomorrow, packed in morning. And I have KI for my weekends. Weeheeee. What's a better way to spend your weekend hah? Heh. Have a nice weekend people :)

ISay: Can't wait to go home next week! :D

Oct 24, 2011

Before I Die

Assalamualaikum! :D

     Tadi, coming back from library and heading to cafe for lunch, Iera suddenly said to me that she wanted to write on before I die. And I was like puzzled, what's that? Rupa-rupanya ini rupanya :D

Click for better view

     Iera ajak tulis. I was blurrrrr at first. Kinda reluctant but still, this looks kinda cool. But I don't know what to write. But I did anyway. Can you find mine? Eheh, macamlah orang nak tau sangat kan Nia Ilemor? :P

     I'm not really sure what this really is but anyone can simply write on it. What do you want to do before you die? Those people who wrote there, some are cool, some are funny and some are touching. It looks kinda cute isn't it?

Anyway, if you're gonna write there, what would it be? :)

Oct 18, 2011

Say Something


     Phew, it's been awhile eay? I've seen my fellow bloggers rarely update and was wondering why. Then I realized that I am no different. I honestly have no idea on what to blog about these days but I'm taking a break from my 'busy' life and decided that this blog needs a new post. So, hello there people! :D

     How's degree? Fine. Everything is fine. So far so good. That's all I can answer every time people asked me. I am coping in with what am I supposed to cope up with. And I am trying to improve myself from time to time. Of course, I have problems too in my study but who would want to hear about endless assignments? Scary tests? Problems with presentations and hectic ride with the bus? We all have been through it or are going through it or had or maybe will. We all have our own problems to deal with, life to manage and headaches to cure right? But luckily I have that one person who'd listen to my craps till 3 in the morning. It's quite sad that we are on different fields now considering the fact that we've been on the same institution since high school but I guess there's the good side of it. So yeah. My degree is so far so good. Hihi ;)

     I honestly have no idea on what to blog about, but still here I am. Insisting myself that I have to update my blog for some reasons which me myself fail to understand why. Hahah :D  So there, blog updated. Oh btw, I went to that big book sale the other day or to be precise last Friday. I'm telling ya, that hectic ride from Shah Alam to Serdang was worth it! :D

I actually wanted all of these!

But oh well, this will do ;P

     Oh yes people, I went to this one book sale. Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! It was in Serdang. Man, long journey, many things happened, funny things, haha :P  Too lazy to tell. Anyway, all I can say is, that grueling journey was worth it! I went out of control seeing all those books! AHHHHHHHHH! And I went out of budget actually. Errrrr. Yeah, beli banyak tapi honestly have no idea when will I be able to read them all. Errr~ >.<

Okay till then, be safe under His protection :)

Oct 16, 2011


at Kolej Mawar, 15th October 2011.
Around 7.30
Beautiful sunrise. SubhanAllah :)

Oct 11, 2011

MUET and Me

Assalamualaikum! ;)


Haha, comel lah :D

     I do realize that when I check on that Feedjit box, lotsa people have been coming to my blog for MUET. So I shall make a few things clear here. First is that, all those Muet tips and everything are not of the latest. I simply put those notes on my blog because it was requested by some of my friends when we were about to take Muet in end-year of 2010. I was taking lessons with three of my friends from an English teacher who was also a Muet teacher and she gave us lotsa useful tips. Since most of my other friends didn't get such classes and everything and basically they know nothing bout all those Muet parts, therefore they requested for my notes to be shared here and so I did :) 

     So people, I would like to kinda warn ya that those notes may not be applicable to the current Muet test. I mean, I don't know if changes are made and even if they did, all of notes the will not be adjusted according the current format simply because I have no idea of how the current Muet test is like. I did thought of removing all of those notes after we had out Muet because I kinda scared that some people who read Muet stuff from my blog will be like,
     "Weh aku refer blog minah sorang ni. Dia cakap camni tapi asal lak jadi camni camni bla bla. Hangin ah hangin ah. Kalau ak jumpa dia taulah etc etc etc"

     Okay wow, that was kinda scary *gulp. So yeah, I would like to make it clear that I am no one when it comes to this whole Muet thing. If a small frog in Harry Potter movie is important, that what am I to Muet is not even close to like what the frog is to HP movie. Gahh, what am I talking about. What I mean to say is, I am just a student who took end-year 2010 Muet. All of those notes are what I understood about Muet. It is not taken from any books or any reliable sources or anything. I dare not to declare that my notes are reliable but yeah, as reference, they are okay I guess.

     So people, the point is, me and MUET it's over. Alhamdulillah, I've passed it. Good enough to proceed to my degree. Am not an expert anyway. I will try to answer questions regarding it as best as I could but I guarantee you no guarantees. Again, hope all those notes help you and I am sorry of there is anything wrong with all those tips. Like I said, it was as it was when I sat for it way back in 2010. Anyway, good luck with your MUET guys! ;)

Oct 8, 2011


I only have one question to ask.


Explain. Clarify. Scrutinize the case, give me all the details. 

Make everything clear for me.

Because I seriously don't get it.


Oct 1, 2011

Butterflies Go Away


     This is so no fun! Tell me how do you get rid of stage fright because mine won't seem to go away. Every now and then I got this funny not cool and unpleasant fright when the word 'presentation' comes into my mind. If five years of debating doesn't do the trick, should I go try become a singer? Haha. Okay lame.

     I am honestly kinda freaking out. Well not really but ah well. Even during discussion, my presentation partner was like, "Ain, you okay? You look nervous." And I was like, am I that obvious? Ngeeeee. I have two presentations by this Monday and my heart beats faster as I think about it. Well, maybe it's because I'm in a new environment and I haven't get to know all of my classmates well yet. Kan? So probably I am kinda afraid. Well probably.

     I'm afraid that when I got nervous, I will lose all of the points and I forgot what to say. And I tend to speak faster when I got nervous. Not good. Will probably miss a few important points there. But hey, what the fuss. Chillexxxxx sudaaa. Close your eyes, breath in, breath out. Okay here we go!

Dear dear butterflies, please please go away :|