Oct 1, 2011

Butterflies Go Away


     This is so no fun! Tell me how do you get rid of stage fright because mine won't seem to go away. Every now and then I got this funny not cool and unpleasant fright when the word 'presentation' comes into my mind. If five years of debating doesn't do the trick, should I go try become a singer? Haha. Okay lame.

     I am honestly kinda freaking out. Well not really but ah well. Even during discussion, my presentation partner was like, "Ain, you okay? You look nervous." And I was like, am I that obvious? Ngeeeee. I have two presentations by this Monday and my heart beats faster as I think about it. Well, maybe it's because I'm in a new environment and I haven't get to know all of my classmates well yet. Kan? So probably I am kinda afraid. Well probably.

     I'm afraid that when I got nervous, I will lose all of the points and I forgot what to say. And I tend to speak faster when I got nervous. Not good. Will probably miss a few important points there. But hey, what the fuss. Chillexxxxx sudaaa. Close your eyes, breath in, breath out. Okay here we go!

Dear dear butterflies, please please go away :|


  1. Hey Nia :) I got the same feeling as yours whenever I have a presentation. And guess what, I turned out mumbling rather than speaking. But hey, all the best, I know you can do it. Like what you said, breath in, breath out hehe :)

  2. Haha, guess we're on the same boat. Thanks Shida :D


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