Mar 10, 2011

Reblog - MUET Speaking

Warning: This post is pretty lengthy so take a deep breath and go!

      Assalamualaikum. Hye people :D  For this latest post, I'm gonna talk on education again. Whoa, I sounds like a lecturer (Ameen) Okay, so I'm pretty lucky to have a teacher to guide me on this upcoming MUET.*shudders*  If I'm not mistaken, she's the chief examiner. So, she said that getting band 5 is not so hard but you need to know the techniques. For me, getting band 4 is enough to pursue for Degree but just like she said, better aim for the moon, so that even if we fall, we'll fall on the stars. So people, let's work as if we need the band 5 desperately, CHAIYOK ^.^v

Haha, this one is pretty funny XD

      Okay, let's get to the crux. Basically, speaking part is the part where most students find it hard. One of the obstacle to get Band 6. But don't worry, as long as you have the points in your speech and you talk with style and confidence, Allah's willing, no problemo :D Okay, where should I start? How about the rules and regulations? People, take note. In the test, you are not allowed to bring any electronic stuff or regular stuff. Easy, you CAN'T BRING ANYTHING into the room. Not even a pen or a pencil or whatsoever let alone mobile phones. No, no, no. Okay, actually you can, but of course you have to leave them outside. There's gonna be a place to keep all of your stuff before you get into the speaking room. They are going to provide you with the pen and paper so chill. And of course, wear something proper. Most importantly, don't forget your IC and xm slip. It wouldn't be much problem if you are school candidate since you have the 'surat akuan' paper from the Principal but if you are a private candidate, then it IS a big deal. Always remember to bring your IC, okay?

     In speaking, we have two parts. Part A and Part B. Let's get to Part A first. Okay, in part A, you are on your own. When you first got the question, you will be given 1 minute to read it, 2 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to present. It is always a good idea to have a watch so that you can estimate your time. You need to have at least 3 points. Here's a tip, if you don't have much points, give examples, as many as you could to show that you are understand what the topic is all about. If i'm not mistaken, they got papers on economic aspect, social and...uhm, lupe ah, hehe :P  

Here's a sample question on social aspect.

A person's character is often influenced by other people around him/her. Who has the greatest influence on a person's character?
Discuss which of the following has the greatest influence on a person's character.
 (i)   Parents
 (ii)  Teachers
 (iii)  Friends
 (iv)  Famous personalities

     This is the first page. Basically, Candidate A will talk about theParents, Candidate B on Teachers, Candidate C on Friends andCandidate D on Famous Personalities. It actually have another page, specific for each candidate. I'll get the picture maybe next time, so that you can get a brief idea. But I guess you can just google it.When you get the question paper, remember, DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING on it because they're gonna use it for the next groups. Simply write your ideas on the papers provided. Owh, and don't worry much on your accent, Madam said that, as long as people understand what you are saying, it's good. Don't have to bother to speak AmE (American English) or BrE (British English) accent but I guess if you can, it's a bonus ;)  Don't assume that your group mates are all students at your age. There might be old folks or adults. You see, people who take MUET is someone who wants to do Degree so it can be anyone.

This is how it is-usually many ppl mistakenly take examiner 2 as the time keeper
Both are the examiners and you should do equal contact with 'em
     Here's the thing, in Task A, you wouldn't have much problem if you are a talker. You will be having problem in Task B, where you HAVE TO communicate with your group. Remember this, their marks is your marks to. Generally, the other's performance will affect yours too. They're gonna take the average marks. So, if you got a pretty inactive group, why don't you try to lead them to a discussion? Simply by asking, "what is your opinion candidate C?" or you can agree with their points and so on. If I'm not mistaken, this group discussion would be done in 10 minutes so one minute before it ends, the examiner will remind you that you only have one minute left. At that point, it is crucial to have an agreement, on which of the four factors you agree the most. Only one. 

     I think TESL students get the idea right? It's more or less like the oral test of TSL 031. In task B, since you don't know who's your members, to get yourself not feeling so awkward with your team, how about go and greet them during preparation time before the test? The teacher said, the first thing you do is ask them whether have they taken MUET before or do they know how this thing works? If they don't, explain it a little bit especially on Task B but of course, don't sound dominating or autocratic, nobody likes that. Naah. It is pretty important because, if they don't know anything about it, they will simply go and the bad thing is that it affects your marks. In Task B, if no one seems interested to start, why don't you take the lead? Be communicative but beware, don't be dominating :D

     Most people think that I can work this one simply because I can speak and I am a TESL student. You know what? That assumption actually scares me even more >.<   I am scared for this MUET thing because if I don't get band 4, there goes my TESL Degree (NOOOOO!!!) I've made a promise on this and I will stick to it no matter what. So people, let's all work hard okay? GOOD LUCK :D  Hope you guys get something from this post. If there's any mistake with the facts up there, let me now okay? :D

Good Luck :)


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