Mar 24, 2011


Assalamualaikum! :D

     So here's the thing about holiday. It's a -+5 month holiday. To be precise, err, well do the math on your own. So you see, 5 months is a loooooooong time. And even before my Foundation Programme ended, I have thought of having a part-time job. I need money yo. I mean, when I am in a holiday, I get no allowance and I'm broke means that I have no money and having no money means that the possibility to have fun or to be precise doing fun things such as shopping, hanging out and etc are quite impossible simply because, you don't have any money. Well yeah, money can't buy happiness but it brings you happiness. Agree? Disagree? Okay never mind. So I told abah, 

"Abah, ain raso ain nok khijo lahhh" 
"Nok khijo mano gak ain..."
"Doh tok kea ain nok duk sajo jah dumoh ne bulea nih"
"Duduk jela dumohhh"


     So you see, my parents haven't been very supportive about the idea of me having a part-time job. I mean, they didn't say it straight but I know. Well, I just know. And mama, well, mama has been delivering a subtle message that before I consider of looking for a part time job, I should first, learn on how to handle the house chores, especially cooking. Hey, I do and can cook. It's just that I rarely do. Haha. Okay lame excuse it is. I'm not so good in cooking. Fine. So yeah, instead of going for a job, I should do things that my parents want me to do first aite? But I need moneyyyy! And there comes my sister.

"You know, abah's policy is selagi mung dok abih blaja, abah akea bui pitih ko mung. Jadi mung mitok lah banyok. Dea mung grad gakk, tokleh doh laa. Nyesal aku dulu dok mitok pitih banyok"

and she said.

"Doh bakpo nyo nok khijo. Kalu aku gak, aku suko duk dumohh jahh. Pagi-pagi bulih kelih HIMYM etc etc ... Dakyoh gi skoloh ngaja. Ni gak gati cikgu ngaja budok joh satu. Haishhhh"


And there're my younger sisters.

"Alohh ain, wak gapo gak khijo. Duk dumoh pade ahh"

     Fact. My sisters are the early birds. I mean, they always wanted to go to school early. I don't know what's wrong with them but most of the times, they'll get the driver to get going before 7. Before 7 okay! And yes, we don't have drivers so every time I got home for break, they would be happy for one of the reasons is that, they get a driver that can drive them to school, to their friends' houses and to the town, and that makes me a driver at home. Well, not that I hate it. I actually enjoy it. At least I got something to do. If there's no one to drive them around, then they would be sent by my parents who maybe the earliest would be at 7.15. And they would be having hard time to ask my parents to send them anywhere because they're busy. Well, the point is, they don't really want me to work because they need a driver. Haishhh.

     Everybody seems like they're kinda opposing the idea. Well, to think about it back, maybe they're right. Maybe now, it's not the time yet. I mean, I should enjoy my holiday first. But still, I'll try get one, maybe next month? And since abah didn't really support the idea of me working, I guess he don't mind then, ka ching ka ching $$$$. Dream on ain, there's no way that will happen. No money means no money. Ugh, I'm broke and uglayhh! >.<  Ahh, what the fuss? I should enjoy my holiday first. Got lotsa books to cath up with, and movies, and animes, and and, and lotsa other things. Kan?

Okay bye.



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