Mar 5, 2011

No Tittle

Assalamualaikum, hye people :D

Told ya that I want them to stay at least written. Pardon the blogger, she's feeling kinda a lil bit tipsy with emotions tonight :P

     Today, our last class here has officially ended :'(  This morning, from about 8 to 2 in the evening, we did our final drama rehearsal before the real final one this very next Monday *shudder. Ahem, okay, coming back from class, when I check on the Group's page, I mean my class's page, I could see that Miss K started to post emo sad posts.  Okay seriously, she is kinda the uhm, what do we say, uhm, okay nvm :P

Click for better view.

And all of a sudden, I kinda felt like posting something too. Actually, I have been planning to post one but only just now that I did.

And out of nowhere came this weirdo posting or should I say reposting, oh no, maybe a better word for it is imitating. Nah, you know what? I think this is what we call PLAGIARISM. PLAGIARISM PEOPLE! Yes it is :/

Ahmad Amsyar Bin Mazlan, You're such a paprika basi! :P  Gahh, I hope he doesn't read my blog, teehee :P  Okay, just kidding dude!

     You know, to think that in another two weeks this will all be over is kinda unbelievable. I mean, it doesn't really feel that we're going to say our goodbyes and go our own way to the future, as a matter of fact it actually feels like we're only separating but sure will see each other again. Huh, well, kinda. HAHA. Okay I think there's something wrong with me tonight. Kenapakah tacingg tacingg neh hah? Btw, thank you for every ups and downs. Simply, thank you very very very very very much for everything! 

Okay, listen to our dedicated class rep, haha. No tacingg tacingg, lets enjoy the rest of the days in Kuantan! :D

     Thank you for being such a cool classmate of mine. Sorry for my every single mistake that I have ever done, with intention or unintentionally. I wish us all the best for our Final Drama and Final Exam and, uhm, I pray that you charming people will succeed in whatever you do :)  Did I ever mentioned how much I love you people? No? That's because I don't :/

CDO 2011

P/s: Jk. I love you crazily charming cool people! HAHA.



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