Mar 13, 2011


I was kinda studying last sems' literature papers when I came across a poem.

You're the balloons that I never want to let go


Through the passage of time,
Footprints fall.
From the beginning of time
We creatures have done so.
Even the winds of the past cannot
At their most fiery blast, erase or
Remove our prints.
Even if we feel it is lost to us,
It is not so.
Just as a rainbow suddenly appears
After a spring rain, it is so with our
Nothing is ever lost to any of us,
All it takes in a moment, a second
And once again we can place our
Feet into the footprints of the past
That we left behind.
Memories lost? I think not!
Only forgotten for a brief time.
R.E. Mike Patterson

Nothing is ever lost to any of us,

Never did, never is and never will the memories gone. It will stay, at least written, in this shabby blog of mine. Because you people are too precious to be forgotten :')


  1. sama-sama. haha. im gonna miss the crazy book review moments :')


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