Mar 17, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

You know,
it may be only for two semesters,
But it meant a whole lot more than that.

     Okay, I think I'm being too diligent in updating my blog when as a matter of fact I should be hitting the books. Well, I guess I just want to keep all these things stay, at least written in this shabby blog of mine. Today, we had grammar paper. I don't know what was wrong with me but the moment I start reading the questions, I got soooooo sleepy. It was a three-hour paper so I thought that taking a nap for about 5 minutes won't harm. So I did, but I was till sleepy. HAHA. Well, I didn't really sleep. I mean, yeah whatever. Let's just say that I didn't answer all those questions with full level of concentration and dang, those questions were like a death sentence, figuratively. Exaggerate much eay? Haha. But seriously, grammar, be nice to me eah? Okay done with grammar, hope that I'll pass at least :P Besides, no use of crying over spilt milk eay?

     Tomorrow would be Islamic Edu paper. The last paper for this Final Exam. The last day of exam. Well, to get things lil bit dramatic, you could say that the last day here. Free after that paper! :D  I hope, we'll have great moments together for the KLpac trip this Sat, before this foundation programme is over. People, when you come to Terengganu, do gimme a call. Isk. Haha. Gahh, I'm starting to miss everything here!The 'gedegangangang' machine, the front gate of Sekilau, the guard post,  the bus though we don't have such good memories together, though you always leave me forcing me to get a cab, but I'm still gonna miss you, haha. The cats, the yellow wall, the tv, the cooler machine, the library *never really been there but seems like a cool place :/ , hihi. Okay and of course, the people here. Thank you people, for being there. Thank you people, for all of the sweet memories. Thank you people, for the laughter, for the tears*never really had one eay?, for the lessons of life. I love you more than you know. No further inquiries :)

-Abah's coming tomorrow, teehee :) 



  1. i love n gonna miss ya to, three n infinity....
    n sorry 4 everything....


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