Apr 29, 2011

Write My Name

Assalamualaikum! ;)

     And so I texted her, "write my name on the sand and took a picture of it". And just now, I received the MMS but, sebab saya guna mobile my sis, and you know bila tukar sim card and if tak set up all those stuff, tak leh terima MMS kan? I can't open the MMS. Bummer. Gahhh :O I miss my old phone! And I wanna see my name on the sand, in REDANG! And I don't even know why I wanna blog this, haha.

Esok saya MeDSI, perasaan? Tiada perasaan :/

Moga Allah permudahkan urusan. Ameen.

Wish me luck ;)

Apr 28, 2011



Why is everybody so serious? Price Tag_Jessie J

     My heart couldn't sit still or pace at regular beat. Either it goes fast or faster. This morning, before they left for Redang, Mama kept on advising me on MeDSI and Abah kept on worrying about the safety. Nuyu borrowed me her phone, mine is still under repair -.-" Haha. I feel love there, abundance, gahahaha XD  But I still wish I am in Redang too. I'll make them write my name there, haha. Anyway, I don't know why but this MeDSI thing creeps me out more than usual. More than other things that has anything to do with my academic stuff. I know that I am not supposed to put too much hope but still... Hurm. I just hope that everything will go fine, ameen ;)

     Thinking about how my future would be, I'm scared. What if my future doesn't go the way I want it to be? What if this and what if that, all those 'what if's things, well you just can't get them out of your head when you look around and see the people that you love. I don't want to disappoint anyone. Because it is a promise to keep. Yes, I would try me best but still, I am no one to confirm my future. I am scared. Ah well, I just hope I can answer the test well. InsyaAllah. It would be a huge relief to pass it before I shudder for another one. With His will of course. Wish me luck people! ;)

Not even a day and I already miss you... May Allah protects you, always :)

Apr 26, 2011


I was - Driving home alone in what appears to be only drizzle in the beginning and then heavier rain, with the song Ayat-Ayat Cinta playing on air. Haha, feel lah sangattttt! Oh, ini tiada kaitan dengan post, I just think that this is one of those pleasant moments ;)

Assalamualaikum! :)

Ah well, exaggerate lagi. So long lahh sangat, haha.

     Hai yeah people :D  It's puzzling sometimes when you ask for help, and HE sends you the right people to give you the right advice. And HE shows you the reality of the situation. And HE opens your eyes to see what which appears to look like nothing before is actually a big deal. And HE gives your heart a subtle message of what you have to do. And HE gives you the strength so that you will have enough courage to take the decision. And HE gives you the determination so that you can move on.

I can see it now. Clearly. 

No more fog of sugar-coated reality.


Thank you Allah ;)

Apr 25, 2011


Assalamualaikum ;) 

It's not my fault if you think this abbreviation stands for something else :P
WTF? What The Fish, haha.

Yiaow Yiaow ;)

This is just a random post.

My sister and I were having lunch. It was nasi ayam.

A: Mung nok wak gapo tu?
B: Nok wi ayea ni ko miaow *we call our cat yiaow yiaow (meow meow, ahh whatever lah, as long as it sounds the same)
A: Take this one too *kuis2 dia punya into mine
C: Ehh, jange wi kucing make ayea, nyaknyo dio bulu gugur kekg.
A: Heh? Yo ko? Bakpo gitu?
B: Dok hau, meme gitu kot.
A: Owh, doh kalu gitu kito pong keno makea ikea ah baru rambut dok gugur?


A: What are you doing?
B: I'm giving these to miaow *we call our cat yiaow yiaow (meow meow, ahh whatever lah, as long as it sounds the same)
A: Take this one too *putting hers into mine
C: Ehh, don't give that cat chicken, poor cat, it'll has his fur losing.
A: Really? Why is that so?
B: I don't know. Maybe it has always been like that.
A: Owh, then we have to eat fish so that we won't be having hair loss problem?

Ahh, I don't know, I just think it's funny :P

Apr 24, 2011

Phone Problem


     Hallo lovely people! Wassup? Haha. I know I know, some of my posts sounds kinda emo these few days. Pretty embarrassing you know because I'm not really the type who talks about her feelings but then, sometimes, you just have to write although it is only a bit. You know, just to get things off my mind. But ahh, I can't really imagine other people reading it :P  Ah well, I'll be more cautious on what to post next. Haha. Thank you for my dear friends who have been supportive ;)  Anyway, it is always easier to blame on the raging hormones of teenagers, unstable emotions, haha. Okay stop right there. Ahem. Well anyway, I have been kinda busy these few days. 

     I don't really know what to blog today. Ah well, I guess I should just write what's on my mind. Uhm, lets see, I think it's quiet necessary to tell you, especially my dear friends that my mobile is not available right now. Apparently, it kinda get stuck. I can't use it. Well, before this, it happened. I mean, there's this one day when I can't turn it on and it kinda got stuck for like two days, haha. But then, it was okay again. So last time when that happened again, I thought that sooner or later it will work again. Well guess what, I was wrong. That sooner or later apparently happened to be like, uhm, 6 days? Yep. It got stuck since last Monday, 18th April it was. Then my sister was kind enough to let me borrow hers for two days. And then, ah well she needed to use it too. I haven't been using the mobile officially since 21st. It has been 4 days. Wuuhuu!

Omeynyoo, omeynyoo :P

     I am seriously kinda negligent about that phone but then, when my friends had difficulties to reach me, I guess need to get it fixed too sooner or later. I told them to reach me through FB, but then, back to the last post, FB hasn't been kind to me lately so yeah. Man, seems like Mark got issues :P Anyway, some of them have been having problems to even send me message or even post on my wall through FB. So yesterday, I went to the shop to ask about the phone. Ah well, my phone is kinda having problems with the software thingy and they said that to get it fixed, they need to format it back and that means everything will gone. Oh yeah, all of my texts and contacts, puff! Gone. The problem with me is, I saved my contacts in my phone memory and bad news, I didn't copy my recent contacts, especially those in UiTM Kuantan, into the my sim so, yeah. I guess I'll be sending message to people on Facebook again, asking for their numbers. Haha.

     And the other problem with me is, I kinda save important stuff in my mobile. Like, my upu pin number and you know, that kinda stuff. Birthdays and everything. Well luckily I still have those important stuff kept somewhere. And my texts, ah well, there are texts which I really really like to keep but then, the damage is beyond my control. Maybe it's a sign anyway. Zzzzzz. Haha. But anyway, I already had my mobile to be repaired. I even ordered new casing. I don't know it is that expensive. Well, it is for people who doesn't work and broke like me, haha. Whoaw, might as well buy a new one eay? Well, abah did offered but then, I think I'll just use the old one while I still can. No need for a new one, yet. Haha :P  

     I don't need a new one, yet. That is my first phone. It kinda holds lotsa sentimental value ya know, cheewahhh, haha. Though it is such a lousy mobile and the camera sucks and the casing is now ugly, and it is kinda heavy and thick which makes it kinda hard to carry around but it's my mobile. My very first one and it was a present from my beloved. Ah well, I chose that one anyway so the blame of all those bad qualities of that phone goes to me ;P  It was a PMR present. And I think I have a very strong connection with my phone. It was once stolen. Skip the story part, I got it back. And when we went for the DC in Jengka, I left it there. Yes, I know I was sooo careless. I accidentally left it. Pfffft. I remembered it, it was our last day there. And on our way back to Kuantan, I was kinda grieving and blaming myself for being careless. But then, skip the story part again, I got it back. Thanks to mysterious guy who found it but I never knew who he was. Haha. That reminds me of what someone had said in her blog.

-Dalam kes macam ni ada 2 kemungkinan:
1) Kita tahu siapa ambil tapi takkan dapat balik
2) Kita tak tahu siapa ambil tapi dapat balik

     That is kinda true. That guy sure is nice. May Allah bless him. Back again, see how strong 'our' connection is? We had separated twice. TWICE. And we're together again. No matter where it has gone to, it will make it's way back to me again. My mobile and I, we are destined for each other, like Romeo and Juliet or maybe Bonie and Clyde or maybe Asou-kun and Aya-chan or maybe even Bella and Edward. Wait a sec, I don't like Bella and Edward. And didn't Asou-kun and Aya-chan separated in the end? And Romeo and Juliet commit suicide dude. Don't get me started on Bonie and Clyde... Gahhh :O Ah well, back again, I am a cute and kind owner anyway, so of course my phone loves me. HAHA. You know, if my mobile is a boy, this would make a romantic love story eay?  Awwww *barf. Haha. Okay, I'm done rambling. Till then, have a nice day people :)

My new casing is pink in colour. Please don't laugh, Thank you :P

Ah well, this is not so bad after all ;)

Apr 22, 2011


Ah well, some people just need a break and some space ;)
See ya people 'round.

Apr 20, 2011




     No matter how heartbroken I am now, a post still must have a good greeting. Isk. I AM SOOO HEARTBROKEN! OH WYYYY WHYYY WHYYY? Okay so here it goes.

     Last week, on the way home from dinner, abah was telling mama about a programme in his school. Apparently, there's this camping programme that will be held by the PPD and a few schools will be joining including abah's school. And then abah asked us in the middle of the conversation whether my siblings and I wanna go too and we were like, "OF COURSEEEE WE WANNA GO!" Where is it? Wait for it, wait for it,



It would feel awesome to get my feet on this fine sandy beach.

     OMGEEE. I really love going to beach. I remember once I dropped everything (that is an assignment which covers 20% of a subject to get done with for and revision for Final Exam which I kinda have only two days to settle) just to go to TC with the Peers Club for whole fine day. Haha. Silly eay but it's worth it! And I came back happy, tired but also geared up!*after taking a long nap :P Maybe some of you would say, "Alah Pulau Redang je kott, bukannya ovesiii" And I would say, "Alah suka hati ah, blog aku, bukan kau". Haha, just kidding. Err, tak kelakar ea? Tak kelakar? Okay tak kelakar :/  But anyway, I still wanna go here! I haven't been here. Yet.

     And do you have any idea how beautiful Pulau Redang is? You don't know? Well so do I and that's why I have been so excited to go! People have been telling me that if there's an island that you should go, it's Pulau Redang. And my English teacher, who is also a traveler once told me that among of all places that he has travelled to, Redang is the most beautiful island that he likes the most and he always wanted to go there again. And my sister who'd been there once with my mum keep telling me how amazing it was to go there and everything. So do you get me how I wanted to go there badly? Like seriously. 

     Besides, everyone will be going except for my brother who at that time will also be going on a trip with his friends to North Island. It will be a family vacation! Usually some people can't make it due to educational commitment reasons. And last time we had one was when I was in Form 4. Why now? When everyone finally had their space to go to well except for my brother but still that doesn't count because he's gone for a vacation too. Great. Everyone can go on a vacation but not me? :(  Ahhhh. I have been planning to do this and that and all of other things there. And abah already has everything arranged. Now where's the heartbroken part?

     Let's get serious. I am a TESL student who just finished her foundation and now kinda struggling to place a spot in Degree. And TESL students who want to proceed to Degree know that MeDSI is one of the stipulations that you have to fulfill before you can even think to proceed for Degree. It is very important to pass MeDSI. If you pass then you'll have an interview and only after that, you can think to proceed to Degree. Like crucially important. So the trip will be on 28th April 2011. That is next Thursday. It will be a three days and two nights trip. That means we'll be going home on 30th April. Well guess what, MeDSI IS ON 30th APRIL! How come I forgot? I mean, I know MeDSI is in the end of the month. Gahhhhhhhh :O  I was so oblivious until just now, I chatted with a friend, ah skip the story part shall we? Anyway after that, I was triggered to check again when is exactly MeDSI and tadaaaa! It's on 30th April 2011. Wuuhuuu *snicker  

     I have thought of all the possibilities. Like, maybe we can go and come back home on Friday. But then, we'll be missing some activities. I haven't seen the activities' schedule yet and I think I'm gonna scream and run in panic when I do, thinking of all the fun that I would have missed with them. Isk. Anyway if we come back home on Friday, that would be impossible. I mean, we'll get tired and then I have to set my brain straight again for MeDSI after having fun. That doesn't sounds like working for me. I'm gonna need time to get ready, to relax and chill and the mind-setting and stuff. Coming back home from a fun vacation which will not be so much fun if it's only for two days and missing fun activities doesn't do it eay? Besides, it's not easy to change your mood from wooohooo-fun-vacation-fun-fun-fun to OMG-nerve-wrecking-exam-that-I-must-pass-or-my-future-is-over. Dramatic eay? Yeah but not as dramatic as Rachel Berry :P  I wouldn't have the heart to ask for this vacation to be cancelled. I mean, everyone has been looking forward for it including me or maybe, especially me! And everything has been arranged.

     So I guess this is it. I would have to make one of the toughest decision ever! I haven't told my parents yet that the dates are clashing but ah well, I can already see this is coming and yes, maybe I am being a lil dramatic about this whole thing when even my parents haven't made the final decision about the trip but what else is left to consider? Ahhh I guess I'm not going. I remember the other day I was kinda making fun at my sister because she might can't make it. She's a substitute teacher and she thought that her last day was on 30th which is actually not and then she could go and now, I can't. Hah, padan muka kan? Kate kokranggg agiii. And yesterday, when my younger sis saw how excited I am to go, she said, "Excited tehh, skalo hok happy happy belum g nih, dea g gak dok happy mano" Well, don't bother. I can't even go. Wuwuwuwu. So sad. So I guess this is a goodbye Redang :(  

     But anyway, I take this as a test of faith for me. Cheewaahhh. There's always sacrifices to make kan? I am kinda frustrated but I still hope they're gonna have fun. But they would have to make it up for me, I still want a vacation! Maybe replace Nuyu with me on the upcoming trip this Nov? Haha, now that would be awesome! :P Haha. Okay dah dah. Right now, I should focus on MeDSI, don't wanna let anyone down. No matter how heartbroken I am, still, I have to focus. Honestly, yeah I'm scared. But, InsyaAllah, I will still give my very best for the sake of my future. InsyaAllah. Wish me luck people and also, Good Luck for the others who're taking MeDSI too. Allah bless you people :)

Buh-bye fishy fishy. I wish I could see you guys swimming around happily, isk.

Apr 19, 2011

I Want To Hold Your Hand

I just think that this is such a beautiful song. No offense The Beatles fans, of course the original version still rocks the best! ;)

Oh yeah, I'll tell you something
I think you'll understand
When I'll say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

Oh please, say to me
You'll let me be your man
And please, say to me
You'll let me hold your hand
I'll let me hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

And when I touch you I feel happy
It's such a feeling that my love
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide

Yeah, you've got that something
I think you'll understand
When I'll say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

And when I touch you I feel happy
It's such a feeling that my love
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide

Yeah, you've got that something
I think you'll understand
When I'll feel that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand.

Apr 17, 2011

Lost Love


     Hai hey haiyo heiyo people! These few days I have been running out of words to type, running out of ideas to talk about, losing my mood to blog. Haishhhh. Now that I got so much time in my hand, I don't know what should I do. Definitely there's a lot of things to do but things don't simply work without mood. I'm trying to finish reading a book but I have lost my interest. And after my sister finished watching the movie which is based on the book, she came up to me and said "Boring gilerrrr citer tuuhh". And that makes me more unmotivated to finish reading it. Awesome =.="

     I don't know what went wrong. I tried to start on other books but I just can't get the mood. I seem to have lost that passion. Hurm. You know how some people who when they start on a book and they can't stop reading it? They had to finish reading no matter what before they can really do other things? And how they forget to have their meals for being so preoccupied with the book? And how you get lost in the book until you are completely oblivious of what's going on around you? How you are sooo in mood till you are able to remember some lines from the books because you think that they are so meaningful and they are attached to your heart? I used to have that kinda mood but now, it's gone and I don't know why.

     I used to love books. Well not to the extent of "OMGEE-there's that book and I want it and I want that too and and that, and those, and these and every single book even the colouring books!" when you go to a book store while pointing to everywhere with silly excited face. Okay fine, maybe sometimes, but it's just that, it's something that I prefer to do during my free time or when I have to get distracted for awhile. Reading books somehow takes me to another world and let me forget about mine for awhile, and it actually did make me feel better during my hard days. Man, I didn't believe I typed that. Haha but yeah it's kinda true. But that was then. Now? I have lost it. Bummer. 

     That gets me thinking, sometimes in our lives, we get caught up with so many things, we may not even realize what's going on around our system. How certain things that happened change our perspectives of life. How certain pain modifies our defensive system against hazardous threats and simply how we react everyday. As time pass by, we have changed. For better or worse? Depends. I personally think that when a person have changed, I mean when he/she manages to build a new positive side of him/her, then he/she will also develop one negative side. By my observation to myself and some other people who are close to me, I found that that's kinda one of the way human psychology works. That is why, we could never be perfect. We could only try but never will be because of that theory.

     Well let's take it this way. Reading books gets me off my problems but when that doesn't happen, is it fair to say that maybe I don't want to be taken away from my problem. I want to live in it. Ughh, that sounds pathetic. Maybe I want all those problems solved rather than being taken away and all the petty things that keep on bugging even a small part of my subconscious mind to be solved, rather than escaping from it. Then before you realize it you would be doing all sorta freaky things which in the end just make the mess messier. Oh, what am I talking about? Gotta get a grip.

     But of course, that's merely an opinion which is not verified by  scientific procedures for the validity to be proven of :P  Ahh, well, try to observe the people around you and you will see it for yourself. Oh I'm done babbling. Well at least I have updated my blog. Haha. I hope my 'reading mood' will come back. I seriously do. Okay then, have a nice day people ;)

-Now that I have lost one part of me, which other part of me that has emerged? :/

Apr 16, 2011

No Life


     Kalau dah hari-hari bangun celik rutin biasa bla bla bla online duopulohpatjam, baca novel yang tak habis-habis jugak, tengok tv, tengok movie, Googgle macam-macam, jadi driver tak rasmi, terperap dalam rumah, rasa macam takde life. Duopulohpatjam duk ngadap lappy je. Gahhhh. Rasa macam dah takde life dah. Kalau ade pun depan lappy je =.="  As much as it sounds very lenient, I'm not feeling great about it. Hurm.

AiN Romeli, you need a life. Go get one! 

Okaydahsiapbebel, bai bai! ;)

Apr 14, 2011


Just because you've never been in a relationship,
Doesn't mean that you've never been in love.


Just because you've never been in love, 
Doesn't mean that you don't know what love is.


Even if you think you don't know what love is,
Doesn't mean that you have to accept just somebody,
With the excuse of looking for experience of being in love.

Boy/girl, don't screw up with yourself or with somebody you have no feelings with. Don't screw up with their hearts. You might end up hurting them to the degree of infinity. You might end up hurting yourself for no reasons. You might end up having unnecessary 'dramas' with your life when as a matter of fact, there's already a lot to deal with. 

Spare yourself some fresh air.
Don't burden yourself with something you're not ready with.

Just saying.

Time Doesn't Heal


Forbidden to remember,
Terrified to forget,
It was a hard line to walk.
Isabella Swan_New Moon

     They say time heals wounds. They lie. I think they lie. No, I believe it's a lie. Time does not heal any wounds. It is the effort that you have made during the time that will determine whether your wounds will be healed or not. And that is why life is a constant battle. Time never heals any wounds. That is why, if someone hurt you, and you done nothing to take the pain away, you avoid to see them and in years later, when you meet them back, the old scar will just bleed again. That is why, when you had a bad past, but you done nothing to overcome your fear towards the past except running away, when you meet or come across something that reminds you of that 'past', the old scar will just bleed again. It has always been like that. Unless, during the time, you have found your right prescription to the wound, you treat the wound and heal it, then we could say that time does heals wounds, but with the right medication.

     The battle to fight the past, to find the right medication for the wounds, is never easy. Whatever type of wounds you had/have, I believe that everyone is either fighting the battle to find the right medication to the wound or they just close their eyes, and let the time hide all those things in the medium of the past. It never make you feel any good or better, the business of facing all those pain. That is why people prefer to keep in the closet. But I say face them in present, find the right medication and let them out of your system. It would be time consuming and painful, but at least, you would feel better and not burdened. At least you wouldn't have to carry it for the rest of your life with agony. Sometimes, we have to let go of things that we want, but we knew is wrong to have. We have to let go of things that we would like to have but by having it would only hurt us. Let it go. Let it go. Just let it go. Deep inside your heart you want it, but you logic says you don't. Well, do listen to your logic this time. You know it is right.

     Either you're fighting the battle of overcoming your trauma with something, or forgetting you bitter love stories, or dealing with your past failures or any kind of battle, don't run. Stand still, face it, deal with it and walk away with pride. Move on with pride. Do what it takes to make you happy. Don't let it be a 'it doesn't matter' thing, because you know yourself that deep down in your heart it does matter and it hurts aite? They've moved on, so should you. As times pass by, later in the future you know you would be thanking yourself in past for dealing with it earlier than having your present self to bear all the pain throughout the years. Now we can say that time does heals BUT with the right prescription of medication :)

It didn't feel like the pain had weakened over time,
Rather that I'd grown strong enough to bear it.
Isabella Swan_New Moon

Apr 13, 2011

Teach to Learn

Assalamualaikum! :D

     Morning people! You know, I think having a six-month holiday isn't bad after all. I figured out that I actually kinda need that time before I'm going for my Degree, insyaAllah. I figured out that I actually do have lotsa things to settle down with first. But anyway, yesterday was my first time teaching. Yep, I am kinda a tuition teacher but I only take one class per week for Standard 4. And you know what? It is actually not easy to be a good teacher. This reminds me of an assignment that I have once done for TED072- Basic Principles in Education. 

     One of the challenges that most teachers face is when you have a group of students with different potentials. I mean, you will have a tough time deciding on what to teach and how to teach it because some of them already good in that and some don't. And it gets me thinking, am I a good teacher? Like, do they get what I'm teaching or are they just simply being there for being there. You get me? And I noticed that some kids get bored. I just knew because when I said, "Okay, dah nak habis dah. Kalau awak buat cepat boleh balik" and there's this new energy of them suddenly appeared out of nowhere rushing to get that work done. Haha, that kinda reminds me of myself. Sometimes, in certain classes, I would be like, "Ahhh, please tell me it's over" Haha. But hey, I covered up back :P

     I am still not sure if teaching is what I wanted to do with my future. I mean, I know that I wanna go for TESL for degree and I know exactly what I want to do with my life, well let's just say that I do with God's willing but I am not really sure if I have what it takes to be an educator. Man, it will be tough. And you know how some students nowadays just don't have that respect for their teachers and the cases of punching and fighting them and do bad things with their car or mess around with them kinda scares me. Well yeah, maybe some of you would say the blood of being educators run in my vein since most of my family members are teachers but still, that doesn't mean that I can be as good as them. If I am about to be an educator, I don't just wanna be one, I wanna be a good one. Because, hey, it's the leaders of the future generation that we're dealing with here. Sounds kinda like a big deal for me. 

     I'm thinking a lot about my future now. Well not really but kinda. When you have nothing much to do, you started thinking bout lotsa things, even petty things till they suffocate you, well, literally. Is this what it feels like to be an adult? I mean, I'm gonna turn 19 this year. And then 20. You know 20 already sounds like an adult. And then you would have to think of finding your other half, ughh. And completing Degree and whether you should proceed or just get a job and start a family *ughhh. As much as I think it's kinda creepy to think that I will have to think about it later, I mean the family part, let's face it, we all have to think of it someday. I mean, it's like a part of your future. Ah, stop right there. Right now, my only focus should only be for Degree. MeDSI and the interview *shudder. I sure hope things will work out just fine, ameen :)

     Last night the results for the interviews to proceed study to IPGMs were announced. Congratulations for those who have made it! Good Luck for your interview people! And for those who don't, don't be disappointed. Somehow, when HE didn't give you what you want, HE's just waiting the right time to give you a better one. I know it's a cliche advice but hey, it's true. It really is. So cheer up :)

Okay, that's all. Have a nice day :)

Apr 12, 2011

He Made My Day - As Always

Assalamualaikum! :D

     You know, if there is one guy who I don't know of and can make me smile again from being all gloomy all day (and I bet not just me) just by talking and also conveying the right message of course, a guy who can make me laugh like a lunatic in my room till I woke up my friend who happens to be having a nap at that time *ahem, a guy who can make my day just by seeing him and the irony is, he's a stranger to me. I think I can even laugh in the middle of heartbroken crying issue. Hihihi. Now that would be...

*big grin

     What? You don't know him? :O matluthfi90. Now, go. Go and check it out!

     I seriously think that his videos are supercoolandawesome! This is his latest video. Two days ago? Oh, two days ago and how come I only realize that new video today. Isk. Haha. Ooww, isn't he's adorable? and cute? and and and also cool? (I wish he never read this) Now I don't wish to meet him face to face or getting to know him or all that stuff. I mean, even if that happens, what would I say? Like, "Hai my name is Ain and I'm your hard-die-fan and you drive me crazy and I think you super duper cute and I think I'm in love with you and I think I wanna marry you" <----Rachel Berry talking style and endless nodding and hammering. *  Duhhh NOOO =.="  People, it is never a cool thing to like someone excessively. Like ever. Okay that's just my personal opinion. I just think that he's cool. But it would be kinda awesome to see him live even from afar, don't you think? hihihi *patheticstalker. Hihihihihihi *eiii, okay gedik kott,stop :P

Okay, byehaveanicedaythankyoufordroppingby :)

Apr 11, 2011

Remove Friends on Facebook


     Hey people! :D  First thing first, I have no intention to be dramatic or making a mountain out of a molehill but this appears to be out of my control. Okay at first, I didn't think that this is actually a major problem but then I've read one of my friend status who is kinda feeling resentful with one of her FB's friend's action which apparently has removed her without any concrete reason. Ouch. To think about it again it is resentful to have one of your friends, I mean the one who you used to talk to and say hai to, suddenly remove you from his/her Facebook friend list without any reason. Now, now, I don't want any of my friend think that of me so I'm gonna do some explanation here.

     Okay I seriously have no idea what is wrong with Facebook but seriously, like seriously serious and seriously, I have no idea why on earth when my friends go to my Facebook page, they can't see my FB's wall. All they see is "Add as Friend" button. A few friends at first, but now almost all of them, have been asking me "why did you remove me from your friend list", or "Why can't I comment on your posts or status?" or "Are we friends?" or other questions which conveys the message that I have removed them from my friend list. And I was like, "Hahhh?" *pending+blurrr-what-have-I-done with extra shocking expression and yes, play the thunderbolt music effect too if you don't mind,* is puzzled and seriously have no idea. Jaw dropping moment :O

First attempt opening the page, "Add friend" and then, ahh no need, and then "Add friend" button again and the cycle goes on and on. Huhm :(

Then I realize that the real reason if because my FB account has had her removed from the list :(

See? I hope there's no misunderstanding. I didn't remove him. 
I can write on his wall but he can't write on mine :/

And there're some friends who are already friends with me re-add me

And when I approve them it goes out like that :/

     I hide the names for privacy reasons :)  For those who are my friends on Facebook and happens to be reading my blog too, I am deeply, seriously, very very sorry for the inconvenience. I humbly would like to stress here that never did I, by my Facebook name of Ain Romeli removed any of you loving people from my friend list. NOOOO! :(  I seriously have no idea why this is happening but I know that I would never have the heart to do that to my friends. No, it wasn't me. I have once heard that an account of a friend of mine had had this problem too once. Well, whatever it is, I just hope that this catastrophic event which happened to be causing a lot of misunderstanding to me in FB will end as soon as possible. I just pray that this technical mistake or whatever that have caused it will be okay soon. Again, I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I just want to set the record straight and I hope there would be no misunderstanding here. Spread the words, I didn't remove anyone. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience :(

     I think Mark Zuckerberg hates me because I've dumped him. Ngee. Okay just kidding. Facebook hates me :( *run, hide and cry in the closet

Again, sorry for the inconvenience. Friends? :)

Reblog: Fight, Don't Sigh When Life Gets Hard

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera n salam 1Malaysia:D

     It's a life that we have to live because HE wanted us to, it's a battle that we have to fight because HE told us to, it's a fight that we have to win because there is no excuse for failure as long as HE is there with us for every step that we take in our life...

I'm not pretty, but at least I'm not a handicapped.
I'm not a genius but at least I'm still sane.
I'm not rich but at least I'm not a homeless.
I'm not popular but at least people know I'm exist.
I may be have short-sightedness but at least I'm not blind.
I'm not perfect but there are always friends and family who support me.


     Hye people, check this out, it's my bro's first note on facebook, he tagged me in it and since I like it, I think it's something that can make us view the life from a different perspective thus be grateful for what we have, I guess I wanna put it on my blog;)
Hope you guys are gonna get a little something from it.

We are struggling in our different own worlds...

We have just finished our dinner. The first trial to cook Kari Ayam was a success and a big thanks to Kak Leha for the recipe. I take my time for a while to write just a tiny piece of my life story. Even my English is not that good, I will try to write and learn from it. I still remember that day. The meaningful day where I had been ‘awakened’ by an old friend. I was still in ‘holiday ’ while waiting for the date of departure to Dunedin, New Zealand. It was in January, early this year.

The school session for 2010 had begun. This time, I was really busy with the task as a driver for my family, the title that I gave to myself. One early morning, I drove my sisters to the school, with the hope that they would study keenly and succeed better than me in their future. (Just a hope that I could give, my dear sisters). Back at home, I switched on the Viera and watch Malaysia Hari Ini on TV3 while waiting for our Mak Cik Kalsom to come. As one of the people that I loved, she helped us a lot. I did not regard her as maid. Serving for our family for over 12 years, Mok Cik was the part of the family. I remembered the day when I was to leave my family for these two years and she came earlier than usual to bid me farewell. She cried when she hugged me, tightly. I was about to burst into tears, but I managed to cover it. It was the hard moment. All the way to the airport, my heart was ‘grieving’ badly.

Not long after that, Mok Cik arrived. After she had finished the household chores, she asked me to buy some lauk to be cooked for lunch. A chicken maybe. I took the Feroza’s key, and drove to one small stall not far from the house. A tiny old stall that sells ayam proses and santan. A girl was chopping the chickens, tough it seemed hard. I asked for a chicken and she nodded. Her face was familiar, but my mind was processing hardly to recall. Suddenly she asked me where I was currently studying. To my shock, she also knew my name. No wonder, she was my classmate when we were in the primary school long time ago. I was so amazed that she still remembered me, but I did not know her name and I could not remember in which class during the primary school we were classmates.

She told me about her life. We went to different secondary schools and after SPM, she did not have the chance to pursue her study for her family’s financial problem. She had to work to support her family. Just name the works, all she had endured. And now, she helped her family to sell the processed chicken as well as the coconut milk. The teen age supposed to be the time where every single teenager was at the college, facing the books and assignments. However, this did not happen to her. Somehow, I felt really sorry for her and at the same time, I was proud of her. Even she needed to work hard and forget about the college, her words indicated that she was happy in what she had now and her face did not show any sign of frustration or tense. But I knew, deep inside she was sad. Once I had paid for the chicken, I drove home. That day, Mok Cik cooked her special Ayam Masak Merah for lunch.

Later at noon, I went to pick up my sisters at the school. Once again, I passed my friend’s stall. It seemed that the chickens were completely sold out. There she was, selling burgers, drinks and some snacks to the tired children after their school session had ended. She took full chance of the whole day to work, to earn living. This episode touched me greatly. On the way home, I just keep quiet, I could not talk. I had lost the power. I felt really sorry for her. I was ashamed to myself...

At night, I went to the mosque for Magrib and Isyak prayers. After the solat, in my doa, I prayed that God would ease her life and bless her in her effort to succeed, in anything she would do. I also prayed that today’s incident would be my teacher, my lesson that life was not easy and we should be grateful at all time. If we face any problem and find that it is hard, then pause for a while and think. There are many other people out there who face even harder and complicated situations compared to ours. God has said,

“ On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater Than it can bear.”
(al-Baqarah: 286).

Be patient. May we all be grateful and succeed in our life and hereafter. InsyaALLAH.

Dunedin, NZ.

p/s: Dear friends, please correct me if I were wrong, especially the grammar, words etc.
I’m thinking of writing this kind of thing to improve my writing, hopefully.

     My brother always said this, "Blaja molek lah..." Sometimes people just forget to be grateful. Once you have the one that you want, you're always going to have more n more n more. Sometimes you forgot that you are already lucky enough to have it rather than none. So, I think I need to learn more about being grateful. Reminding myself about those who are not as lucky as I am sure works. I just hope that I can keep my feet on the ground no matter what. I really really hope that I'm not gonna be the "kacang lupakan kulit" or "Si Tenggang versi moden". So people, hope you get something from my current post for me myself have learned a very useful thing. Thanks bro:D

Till then people, thanks for reading. Salam n may u have a peaceful life in Allah's Love;)
Originally blogged on: Friday, May 7, 2010

Apr 9, 2011


In desperate love, it's always like this, isn't it? In desperate love, we always invent the characters of our partners, demanding that they be what we need of them, and then feeling devastated when they refuse to perform the role we created in the first place. 

(Elizabeth M. Gilbert, page19)

Apr 7, 2011



     I'm sorry. Seriously. I think I'm gonna apologize every single time I post a new post which is not the continuation of the last post which I promised the 'continue' part which is the 10 People (Part 1) and not the Sorry post which was posted because I am seriously feeling guilty T.T
Huh, though I'm typing but I feel like I'm running out of breath. Haha.

     Anyway, I just read one of my senior's blog and yes, he was my senior way back in high school and still is now as TESLIAN (that is if Allah wills me to proceed to Degree, insyaAllah) and no it's not that I only admit it because he is kinda a famous blogger unlike me and hey, what exactly am I doing explaining every single thing. Okay, back on track. So the current post is about uhm, kinda the dilemma of a blogger who suddenly get famous and suddenly he was concerned on what to update on his blog and, and, and... Well you know what, if you go and read the post for a while, you'll get the idea. Haha. 

Yo, wassup? :P

    Okay, so I know, I know, I'm not a famous blogger. You don't have to remind me that. But the same issue that we (Me and him, ahem) might be dealing here is that, nowadays, I kinda get concerned on what I post on my blog. I mean, way back then, nobody reads my blog. Seriously no one. Only like some close friends. Okay not some, I guess there were only like 2 or 3 of them but still I don't mind, because I kinda write personal things and I know the one reading are the people who knew me well. Well, not so personal but kinda. Everyday stuff. Me at driving school. Me feeling this and that. And suddenly you got new awesome cool friends who read your blog. And the circle gets larger. And it was cool. I was cool with it because I know the people who read my blog. But as days passed by, well, call me a very 'perasan' girl who think there are actually people who read her blog without her knowing it but somehow, I get insecure of things that I post in my blog. I mean, I started thinking, hurm, is this post kinda personal? Is this okay? Will this be offending? And right now, as I'm typing this post, I'm still thinking, is this post sounds exaggerating? Will it make me sounds like 'overrrrr gilewwww minahhh niiii' or you know, stuff like that. Haha. 

     So the cycle begins again. I started thinking that maybe this post shouldn't be here and maybe not at all. This post reveals my emotion and I should be keeping them private, this post is this and this post is that. Bla, bla, bla... And come to think about it again, maybe I should have my blog private. Or maybe I should have another blog private and keeping this one just the way it is. Or maybe, I should just leave blogging world for crying out loud what is wrong with me hah? Hurm. One assumption. Maybe because, I have a blog for me. I mean, it's not really for reading. My blog is nothing. It's a diary of nobody. I write stuff that comes out of my head and I don't really write things like, news for today, fun facts, tutorials and awesome things like that. Mine is just mundane and boring I would say :/  So when I knew that they are other people who read it, I am afraid that they're gonna judge me for me, who someone who they do not know well just by reading her blog.

I just think this is cute, and yes, conveys the right message. Tak, tak, tak emo :P

     And I think about it again. Why in the world would I feel insecure? People read my blog. Duhh. It's not a big deal. It's not a 1k readers. I should appreciate those who read it and I am. I really am. Seriously. So now, I'm just gonna blog. Bear with me. Yes? Thank you. No? Well, see you later. Or maybe see you never. Okay just kidding :P Anyway, for those who have been with me since my first official blog would have known that this is my second blog. Or maybe if you read my very first entry here you would have known too. Anyhow, the point here is you know, as I browse through my old blog just now, I feel amused. I am amused by the way I used to blog and yes, it did change kinda a lot. Haha. I think it's funny. I started to think, woah, was that me? Haha. Alah, people change, that's normal. Besides, the only constant thing in life is change. Aite? And I think I'm gonna reblog all those posts here. I want them to stay in a blog. My blog. 

     I still think this is funny and I just don't know why. Haha. And no, no multiple personality thingy okay. Haha. And I still don't understand why would 'you' say that :/  Anyway people, I know this post sounds like a total mess. Like I said, bear with me :P  I'm having a nervous breakdown. And from now and onwards, I would be reblogging. Sometimes. Might as well get a label for it. Teehee. Okay tata. Allah bless you people!
-Well, maybe a private blog will do? :)