Apr 12, 2011

He Made My Day - As Always

Assalamualaikum! :D

     You know, if there is one guy who I don't know of and can make me smile again from being all gloomy all day (and I bet not just me) just by talking and also conveying the right message of course, a guy who can make me laugh like a lunatic in my room till I woke up my friend who happens to be having a nap at that time *ahem, a guy who can make my day just by seeing him and the irony is, he's a stranger to me. I think I can even laugh in the middle of heartbroken crying issue. Hihihi. Now that would be...

*big grin

     What? You don't know him? :O matluthfi90. Now, go. Go and check it out!

     I seriously think that his videos are supercoolandawesome! This is his latest video. Two days ago? Oh, two days ago and how come I only realize that new video today. Isk. Haha. Ooww, isn't he's adorable? and cute? and and and also cool? (I wish he never read this) Now I don't wish to meet him face to face or getting to know him or all that stuff. I mean, even if that happens, what would I say? Like, "Hai my name is Ain and I'm your hard-die-fan and you drive me crazy and I think you super duper cute and I think I'm in love with you and I think I wanna marry you" <----Rachel Berry talking style and endless nodding and hammering. *  Duhhh NOOO =.="  People, it is never a cool thing to like someone excessively. Like ever. Okay that's just my personal opinion. I just think that he's cool. But it would be kinda awesome to see him live even from afar, don't you think? hihihi *patheticstalker. Hihihihihihi *eiii, okay gedik kott,stop :P

Okay, byehaveanicedaythankyoufordroppingby :)


  1. me too!!! can u mary me??!! heyheh

  2. Wow wow there, back off. He's all mine! HAHAHAHA XD


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