Apr 14, 2011


Just because you've never been in a relationship,
Doesn't mean that you've never been in love.


Just because you've never been in love, 
Doesn't mean that you don't know what love is.


Even if you think you don't know what love is,
Doesn't mean that you have to accept just somebody,
With the excuse of looking for experience of being in love.

Boy/girl, don't screw up with yourself or with somebody you have no feelings with. Don't screw up with their hearts. You might end up hurting them to the degree of infinity. You might end up hurting yourself for no reasons. You might end up having unnecessary 'dramas' with your life when as a matter of fact, there's already a lot to deal with. 

Spare yourself some fresh air.
Don't burden yourself with something you're not ready with.

Just saying.


  1. yup, i totally agree with you, nia!

    don't end up hurting people that you don't really in love! huhu. i've felt it before T_T

  2. Yep, being hurt by the people you love is the last thing that anyone ever wanted but I guess the pain helps us to build a better defensive system :)


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