Apr 5, 2011


And I promise I will stay
Forever and a day
The memories remain
Anuar Zain_Memories Remain


First thing first,

I am deeply, seriously and really really sorry.

I know, I know, it has almost been like ten days since I promised the post of Ten People (Part 2).

I know, I know.

I am so sorry for the other five people. Somehow I feel guilty :(

The fact is that, I have already got it done like ten days ago. Yep, no kidding.

The reason for the late post is that lacking of photos and the very 'clear' internet connection.

All of the photos are in my phone and I can't find my card reader and my bluetooth device doesn't work. Bummer  =.="

Lately, I haven't been feeling like blogging. Got lotsa things to tell but somehow, I'm not feeling like typing. Hurm. Seriously. 

Alah, Nia Ilemor, as if you have lotsa readers *snicker. Fine.

Huh, whatever. Haha.

Anyway people, have a nice holiday. Me love you!

And for those who're retaking MUET, I wish you all the best.

Put your best effort and leave the rest to HIM :)

InsyaAllah, you can pull it off :D

Okay tata!

Nia Ilemor


They said she said