Apr 26, 2011


I was - Driving home alone in what appears to be only drizzle in the beginning and then heavier rain, with the song Ayat-Ayat Cinta playing on air. Haha, feel lah sangattttt! Oh, ini tiada kaitan dengan post, I just think that this is one of those pleasant moments ;)

Assalamualaikum! :)

Ah well, exaggerate lagi. So long lahh sangat, haha.

     Hai yeah people :D  It's puzzling sometimes when you ask for help, and HE sends you the right people to give you the right advice. And HE shows you the reality of the situation. And HE opens your eyes to see what which appears to look like nothing before is actually a big deal. And HE gives your heart a subtle message of what you have to do. And HE gives you the strength so that you will have enough courage to take the decision. And HE gives you the determination so that you can move on.

I can see it now. Clearly. 

No more fog of sugar-coated reality.


Thank you Allah ;)

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