Apr 11, 2011

Remove Friends on Facebook


     Hey people! :D  First thing first, I have no intention to be dramatic or making a mountain out of a molehill but this appears to be out of my control. Okay at first, I didn't think that this is actually a major problem but then I've read one of my friend status who is kinda feeling resentful with one of her FB's friend's action which apparently has removed her without any concrete reason. Ouch. To think about it again it is resentful to have one of your friends, I mean the one who you used to talk to and say hai to, suddenly remove you from his/her Facebook friend list without any reason. Now, now, I don't want any of my friend think that of me so I'm gonna do some explanation here.

     Okay I seriously have no idea what is wrong with Facebook but seriously, like seriously serious and seriously, I have no idea why on earth when my friends go to my Facebook page, they can't see my FB's wall. All they see is "Add as Friend" button. A few friends at first, but now almost all of them, have been asking me "why did you remove me from your friend list", or "Why can't I comment on your posts or status?" or "Are we friends?" or other questions which conveys the message that I have removed them from my friend list. And I was like, "Hahhh?" *pending+blurrr-what-have-I-done with extra shocking expression and yes, play the thunderbolt music effect too if you don't mind,* is puzzled and seriously have no idea. Jaw dropping moment :O

First attempt opening the page, "Add friend" and then, ahh no need, and then "Add friend" button again and the cycle goes on and on. Huhm :(

Then I realize that the real reason if because my FB account has had her removed from the list :(

See? I hope there's no misunderstanding. I didn't remove him. 
I can write on his wall but he can't write on mine :/

And there're some friends who are already friends with me re-add me

And when I approve them it goes out like that :/

     I hide the names for privacy reasons :)  For those who are my friends on Facebook and happens to be reading my blog too, I am deeply, seriously, very very sorry for the inconvenience. I humbly would like to stress here that never did I, by my Facebook name of Ain Romeli removed any of you loving people from my friend list. NOOOO! :(  I seriously have no idea why this is happening but I know that I would never have the heart to do that to my friends. No, it wasn't me. I have once heard that an account of a friend of mine had had this problem too once. Well, whatever it is, I just hope that this catastrophic event which happened to be causing a lot of misunderstanding to me in FB will end as soon as possible. I just pray that this technical mistake or whatever that have caused it will be okay soon. Again, I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I just want to set the record straight and I hope there would be no misunderstanding here. Spread the words, I didn't remove anyone. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience :(

     I think Mark Zuckerberg hates me because I've dumped him. Ngee. Okay just kidding. Facebook hates me :( *run, hide and cry in the closet

Again, sorry for the inconvenience. Friends? :)


  1. mutoh ija...haha dump mark konon..

  2. Ye cik/encik Anonymous, mutoh ija is a pretty serious case, better consult a doctor. It doesn't hurt to crack a joke aite? :)

  3. Haiiyahh FB gilaa. been there -.-"

  4. Cheah: Yeah, agaknya Mark tu dahh takleh handle dah all the pressure, HAHA.


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