Apr 11, 2011

Reblog: Fight, Don't Sigh When Life Gets Hard

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera n salam 1Malaysia:D

     It's a life that we have to live because HE wanted us to, it's a battle that we have to fight because HE told us to, it's a fight that we have to win because there is no excuse for failure as long as HE is there with us for every step that we take in our life...

I'm not pretty, but at least I'm not a handicapped.
I'm not a genius but at least I'm still sane.
I'm not rich but at least I'm not a homeless.
I'm not popular but at least people know I'm exist.
I may be have short-sightedness but at least I'm not blind.
I'm not perfect but there are always friends and family who support me.


     Hye people, check this out, it's my bro's first note on facebook, he tagged me in it and since I like it, I think it's something that can make us view the life from a different perspective thus be grateful for what we have, I guess I wanna put it on my blog;)
Hope you guys are gonna get a little something from it.

We are struggling in our different own worlds...

We have just finished our dinner. The first trial to cook Kari Ayam was a success and a big thanks to Kak Leha for the recipe. I take my time for a while to write just a tiny piece of my life story. Even my English is not that good, I will try to write and learn from it. I still remember that day. The meaningful day where I had been ‘awakened’ by an old friend. I was still in ‘holiday ’ while waiting for the date of departure to Dunedin, New Zealand. It was in January, early this year.

The school session for 2010 had begun. This time, I was really busy with the task as a driver for my family, the title that I gave to myself. One early morning, I drove my sisters to the school, with the hope that they would study keenly and succeed better than me in their future. (Just a hope that I could give, my dear sisters). Back at home, I switched on the Viera and watch Malaysia Hari Ini on TV3 while waiting for our Mak Cik Kalsom to come. As one of the people that I loved, she helped us a lot. I did not regard her as maid. Serving for our family for over 12 years, Mok Cik was the part of the family. I remembered the day when I was to leave my family for these two years and she came earlier than usual to bid me farewell. She cried when she hugged me, tightly. I was about to burst into tears, but I managed to cover it. It was the hard moment. All the way to the airport, my heart was ‘grieving’ badly.

Not long after that, Mok Cik arrived. After she had finished the household chores, she asked me to buy some lauk to be cooked for lunch. A chicken maybe. I took the Feroza’s key, and drove to one small stall not far from the house. A tiny old stall that sells ayam proses and santan. A girl was chopping the chickens, tough it seemed hard. I asked for a chicken and she nodded. Her face was familiar, but my mind was processing hardly to recall. Suddenly she asked me where I was currently studying. To my shock, she also knew my name. No wonder, she was my classmate when we were in the primary school long time ago. I was so amazed that she still remembered me, but I did not know her name and I could not remember in which class during the primary school we were classmates.

She told me about her life. We went to different secondary schools and after SPM, she did not have the chance to pursue her study for her family’s financial problem. She had to work to support her family. Just name the works, all she had endured. And now, she helped her family to sell the processed chicken as well as the coconut milk. The teen age supposed to be the time where every single teenager was at the college, facing the books and assignments. However, this did not happen to her. Somehow, I felt really sorry for her and at the same time, I was proud of her. Even she needed to work hard and forget about the college, her words indicated that she was happy in what she had now and her face did not show any sign of frustration or tense. But I knew, deep inside she was sad. Once I had paid for the chicken, I drove home. That day, Mok Cik cooked her special Ayam Masak Merah for lunch.

Later at noon, I went to pick up my sisters at the school. Once again, I passed my friend’s stall. It seemed that the chickens were completely sold out. There she was, selling burgers, drinks and some snacks to the tired children after their school session had ended. She took full chance of the whole day to work, to earn living. This episode touched me greatly. On the way home, I just keep quiet, I could not talk. I had lost the power. I felt really sorry for her. I was ashamed to myself...

At night, I went to the mosque for Magrib and Isyak prayers. After the solat, in my doa, I prayed that God would ease her life and bless her in her effort to succeed, in anything she would do. I also prayed that today’s incident would be my teacher, my lesson that life was not easy and we should be grateful at all time. If we face any problem and find that it is hard, then pause for a while and think. There are many other people out there who face even harder and complicated situations compared to ours. God has said,

“ On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater Than it can bear.”
(al-Baqarah: 286).

Be patient. May we all be grateful and succeed in our life and hereafter. InsyaALLAH.

Dunedin, NZ.

p/s: Dear friends, please correct me if I were wrong, especially the grammar, words etc.
I’m thinking of writing this kind of thing to improve my writing, hopefully.

     My brother always said this, "Blaja molek lah..." Sometimes people just forget to be grateful. Once you have the one that you want, you're always going to have more n more n more. Sometimes you forgot that you are already lucky enough to have it rather than none. So, I think I need to learn more about being grateful. Reminding myself about those who are not as lucky as I am sure works. I just hope that I can keep my feet on the ground no matter what. I really really hope that I'm not gonna be the "kacang lupakan kulit" or "Si Tenggang versi moden". So people, hope you get something from my current post for me myself have learned a very useful thing. Thanks bro:D

Till then people, thanks for reading. Salam n may u have a peaceful life in Allah's Love;)
Originally blogged on: Friday, May 7, 2010


  1. i've got a lesson today. A very meaningful one.
    Jazakillah, ain :-)

  2. Alhamdulillah. Credit to my brother :)


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