Jan 23, 2012

Random Thoughts Speaking

One of the moments when random thoughts speaking, 
one of those days of indecipherable feelings.

There're too much things running on my mind. Thought that if I can get my fingers on that keyboard, I'd be able to sort out some stuff. Sort out the same o same o problems that never seems to have solutions no matter how many times I talked about it. My mind is like a talking brain, only that all these thoughts have no voice. They speak, but they don't make a sound.

As I moved on, I realized that the battle was always about the inner part. 
You can fake smiles, you can laugh all loud, but you can't lie to yourself.
As you go on, that walls of protection you're building protecting your heart, are gonna be needing more. More strength. More protection. More happiness. More awesomeness. Against lies, against pain, against agony, against failure, against fake smiles, against injustice, against vices. These are what we need to be protected from, for us to be able to survive in this harsh world. 

Notice that the usual greeting is missing, so is an ending. 
This, is a metaphore.

No particular point, no particular purpose of the post.
This is anyway,
my random thoughts speaking/typing.

And oh, have a blast sem break people! :D

Jan 20, 2012

World Equal to Hard Work

"Because as a caliph, it is our responsibility. Responsibilities.
I've heard someone said that, the world is a place for hard work, 
and Jannah is the place that we get to have our rest 
as much as we'd love to."

This hits me somewhere.
For good reason.
Thank you, friend ;)


Jan 16, 2012

Puisi Umur

Puisi Umur.

Meningkat dan tidak akan menurun,
pergi dan tidak akan kembali,
berlalu dan tidak akan dapat dikejar,
hilang dan tidak akan dapat diganti.

Matang bukan dengannya sekali,
tinggal bagi mereka yang menghargai,
bermakna bukan wujud di dalamnya sedia,
tetapi hanya jika digunakan dengan bijaksana.

anugerah Dia.
Panjang di dalam maksiat,
atau terus di dalam taat,
itu pula pilihan kita.

Membesar dan membesar,
meningkat dan meningkat,
maka siapakah aku hari ini?
Manusia yang alpa atau yang diredhai Ilahi?
atau masih ingin bermain-main lagi?
Yang menghargai peluang,
atau sekadar melepaskannya pergi?

hanya sampai bila kan terus meningkat?
Sampai masa akan terhenti.
Maka sampai bila perlu alpa,
apakah hingga dipanggil pergi nanti?

Dulu hanya seorang bayi,
kini seorang pemuda,
kalau dipanjangkan lagi umur,
nanti seorang tua.
Dengan umur inilah aku hidup,
mengisinya dengan makna,
mencapai di dalamnya bahagia,
dan menggunakannya untuk mencapai redhaNya.
Hidup sebagai seorang yang hebat di atas dunia,
dan cemerlang di akhirat sana.
Tanda aku hargai umur yang diberikan Dia,
agar nanti saat ditayangkan semuanya semula,
aku mampu berbangga.

~ HilalAsyraf~

"Umur, anugerah Dia. Panjang di dalam maksiat, atau terus di dalam taat,"  


Jan 12, 2012

Class Party


     All praise to Allah. Alhamdulillah, the other day we had a class party. It's already the end of sem 1 and we're turning twenty. Can you believe that? Isk. Anyway we had loads of fun.
10th January 2012 - Tuesday, 9.00 am -2.00 pm
Taman Tasik Shah Alam

     Thank you to everyone especially for the guys who have organized and prepared all the food, to Azwa and Lee Joe who had us playing fun games and also wrote our class a song, and to Syidah and Nurin who have baked cute and yummy cupcakes! And also to everyone who have been amazingly cute and awesome. We'll have more awesome moments for upcoming semesters. InsyaAllah. 

We are as cute as these cupcakes are!

And here's my prettylovelyawesomeandcute classmate's side of story for that awesome day! 

Thank you everyone. It was fun! :D

This is a great start for Degree. Told ya Degree will be just as awesome ;)

Jan 8, 2012

Rough and Tough? Still Standing.


     You know exams used to be fun. Until books are to memorize and grades are to determine how excellent you are. Nah, I am not here to talk about the education system. Just saying, hihi. Yep, it's Final Exam season darling! So let's see, I'm done with FOE, Titas and Counselling. Literature and Linguistic up next! How am I doing? Good. Things could have gone better but I couldn't ask for more. Alhamdulillah :) Again, for the second time in my first Degree semester, Mr. Fever suddenly came and dropped by last two days, leaving cold behind. And yes, I am typing this with clogged nose after battling for oxygen in that cold room for a three-hour counselling paper. But now that it's over I can actually put my hands up and scream "Oh yeahhh" with a husky voice due to slight fever. Hihi.

     Here's what's bugging. I don't know how, why and when but I guess things just get rough. Yesterday, I checked my carry marks for this one subject and all those KI evaluations (yeah, holistic much) and suddenly I was overwhelmed by scary thoughts that I might not be able to survive my first sem of degree with the 'excellent' DL stuff, then a thought came across my mind, "Hey, since when learning TESL got intense?" I decided that, it was since yesterday, and it also end yesterday. There. Learning shouldn't be stressful. We try, we put effort, we pray but at the end of the day, it's HIS decision. So smile, there's always a good reason behind everything's bitter. But of course, we definitely have to try harder next sem, hahah.

     I actually wanted to go home. Suddenly feeling like I wanted to but then, final's about to be over anyway. I would be exaggerating with all the home-sick thing if I decided to go home for this five days gap before Literature. Haha. Ah well never mind. Here's the good part of this study week, we're gonna have a class party this Tuesday! Hurrah! So we're gonna partayyyyy and partaaayyy, before we sit for our last two papers. I am looking forward to see who's gonna get my present. Hihi. And yes of course, me is soooo looking forward for sem break! Despite everything, this is a pretty good start for 2012 eay? Man, can't believe I'm turning twenty this year. Oh well, all is well!

Have a great year of 2012 people, Allah bless you :D