Jan 23, 2012

Random Thoughts Speaking

One of the moments when random thoughts speaking, 
one of those days of indecipherable feelings.

There're too much things running on my mind. Thought that if I can get my fingers on that keyboard, I'd be able to sort out some stuff. Sort out the same o same o problems that never seems to have solutions no matter how many times I talked about it. My mind is like a talking brain, only that all these thoughts have no voice. They speak, but they don't make a sound.

As I moved on, I realized that the battle was always about the inner part. 
You can fake smiles, you can laugh all loud, but you can't lie to yourself.
As you go on, that walls of protection you're building protecting your heart, are gonna be needing more. More strength. More protection. More happiness. More awesomeness. Against lies, against pain, against agony, against failure, against fake smiles, against injustice, against vices. These are what we need to be protected from, for us to be able to survive in this harsh world. 

Notice that the usual greeting is missing, so is an ending. 
This, is a metaphore.

No particular point, no particular purpose of the post.
This is anyway,
my random thoughts speaking/typing.

And oh, have a blast sem break people! :D

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