Feb 23, 2012

The End ?

She sat down and wondered, 
"Where have all those thoughts and so-called words of mavericks gone to?"

The end.


Feb 20, 2012

Secret Garden


     Anyyeonghaseyo! I just thought that I should write a review. Heheh. But my review is not about the plot and stuff. I just review on what I learned from the story. Heheh. Or at least I thought so. Huhm.

     Okay so uhm, Secret Garden is a story of a rich man falling in love with a stunt woman and a little bit of fairy tales hah-oh-my-God-did-that-really-happen-impossible-no-scientific-explanation-no-way events. What I like this story is that how the leading role, Kim Joo Won is so realistic. I mean, the way he view everything is realistic. Joo Won falls in love to Gil Ra Im with no explanation. He has no idea why he likes her which make it, yeah I know, super romantic. Well, probably. It is funny the way he tries to understand and verify the reasons why he likes her. He knows that Ra Im is no match for him. he obviously realizes that by being in a relationship with Ra Im could jeopardize his position as a president of the company, ruining a chance of expanding the business and lost all the inheritance from the mother who is against the relationship. But still, he likes her. It's inexplicable.

He looks lil bit skinnier? But the smile is charming anyway. Heheh.

     Watching this drama opens up a new perspective of love relationship for me. The way Kim Joo Won is so realistic about every possibility of their romance is very interesting. He doesn't comfort Ra Im with sugar-coated reality but he did offer abundance of love. He realize the fact that if he gave up everything he has just to be with Ra Im, there is a possibility that he will probably blame her in the future if they're living the hard life. Because he's that kinda rich spoiled child. It's a relationship where he clarifies every bitter fact before he decide about their relationship. I don't really know how to explain but I really like the way he see things. Though they were head over heels in love with each other but they keep their eyes wide open to the hurtful reality.

     What can I conclude from the story is that, sometimes you fell for someone for no reason. No explanations. You could list all the characteristics of how you wanted your future bf/gf to be like, but when love strikes, the list will be no use. Also, first love is indeed hard to forget. You misunderstood things when you don't get clarification and that, could lead to a broken heart which will then gonna be needing years to heal. To heal that one broken heart, one could probably resort to hurting the other to equalize the level of that pain. But in the end of the day, one would probably realize that to actually heal the pain is to let go of everything. I mean the painful part.

     But there are also some fairy tale parts of the story that I found kinda absurd but it does makes the story more interesting so I'll pass. The apparently exchanged bodies after drinking some potion. Well overall I like the story. There are some parts that are quite cliche, like we could predict things. Only some. You know, those things rich guy does to the girl he loves because he is super rich. In this story, like many other love stories, love wins. And they then live happily with three cute boys. The way they got married is also one of the realistic view of Joo Won. No romantic proposal and stuff but still, so sweeeet. Though they never had a wedding ceremony and the mother still disapprove. You'll know why when you watch it. 

     I don't write the plot because I am super lazy and not really a good story-teller. Heheh. So that's all for the review. Have a nice day! 

Feb 17, 2012

Dream On, Live On.

Lately I have come to a realization that I was waaaaaayyyy too ambitious. Either it's my education or anything related to me, I was being way too ambitious. But is it wrong? No absolutely not. We all have the right to dream but then, it is important to know the limit of dreaming. So that, we don't get crushed too hard by the reality when things don't go the way we wanted them to be.

But you know, sometimes we dream too much but work less. Maybe, it is time to work hard. To get all that you want in life. 


Anyway, keep dreaming, keep living.

Because HE values the effort more than the result.


Feb 11, 2012

Surviving Skill

We survived through a few ways. When emotions suddenly rebels and retaliate against happiness but we still have to perform professional tasks we divide the heart and brain into two telling them: Hey part A, do the damage control for a while will ya? Me and Part B gonna have to settle a few work. We'll deal with the collateral damage later okay?

Some people can.

Some people can't.

Who are we to judge? 

The pain, the grief, the loss and the misery.

We absolutely know nothing of how awful can these things damage someone.

Because they work on different manner on different people.

Anyhow, just saying.

Feb 8, 2012


I don't know about you guys but from my humble opinion and observation,

Have you noticed?


For a human to change from good to bad is actually easier than to change from bad to better.

But then, no matter how hard it is, we still have to try.

We change not because we are not able to deal with who we are, but because we want to improve, to be better.

Better human.
Better daughter/son.
Better friend.
Better servant.


Feb 7, 2012


Look, we may have different opinions. You may disagree with mine and I may disagree with yours. I don't expect you to understand but at least, I hope you respect it. 

Wohou there, calm down yaw.


Thank you.


Feb 3, 2012

Cuti is Holiday

Assalamualaikum ;)

     Yesss, sem break is a bliss! But if you only spend your day doing nothing but the same thing over and over again, yeah, it could be boring. 

Heck, I actually have no idea on what to blog about. Might as well get myself outta here.

Till then! ;)

Dangg! You cheated me onto checking your blog for no post? 

Oh by the way, have a happy sem break! :D