Dec 15, 2013

The Choice

“Please don’t do this to me Nia.”

“But this is what is best for everyone Ain, trust me on this. Abah and Ma will be so proud that you've made the right choice.”

“No, NO!”

“Get a hold of yourself. You said it yourself that you just want to get this over with. You said you want to take control. Now get hold of your shaky emotions!”

“I want the misery of confusion to end but not this way.”

“This is the only way.”

“I can’t. I can’t bring myself to choose. They are all so nice. I love them all the same.”

“No you can’t. You have to choose or you will suffer for the rest of your life! Make a wise choice Ain. You have to choose something because you can’t have it all. Remember? Priorities, priorities, priorities!”

“I can’t,” I could feel my voice trembling with fear of losing the love if I make the choice. The fear of making the wrong choice.

“I just can’t please let this slide just this time.”

“NO! You’re the one who wanted to take control now walk the talk!”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I could feel the heat from my eyes, burning my tear gland but I hold it in.

Slowly I opened my eyes and whisper to myself.

“Okay fine, I’ll go with Murakami and Khalid Hosseini.”

"I'm sorry Fukuyama." I heard Nia's voice trembled with agony in my head.

Dec 9, 2013

Peculiar Caterpillar

Us humans are funny creatures don't you think?


But it's really hard. To be a human.

Can I be a tiger?

How is that easier?

It's not. But at least...

Animals don't wear masks.

Can they even talk?

Can they even think?

But they can love.

And they love truly.

I have a funny way on assembling my thoughts and getting them organized lately. When I first started writing, that's not what was in my mind, but it ended up this way.

Humans are weird.

Peculiar. Aren't we?

Oh, what's a caterpillar got to do with this again? Nothing. Just because it rhymes, so yeah.