Mar 15, 2015

Tick and Chop

     I have found this buried somewhere in the computer. A short story I've written when I was in semester 3 I think. Gosh that's like, 2 years back or what. Heheh. It has developed into a habit for me to write when I wanted to mark an event in my life. That is why sometimes certain stories don't make sense to others but me. Or how certain captions on Instagram may be unrelated but it was a mark, for me to remember an unfortunate event that will serve as a reminder in the future. A necessary one, for reference. Anyway;


     If you put your ears close to your watch, you could hear the time slowly moving away from your dimension.

     I raised my left hand and brought my wrist close to my left ear. “Tick, tick, tick.” I listened to amazement of three seconds that I have just wasted listening to the tick of the clock and looked back at the screen of my laptop. On the desktop, a row of coloured sticky notes decorated the blank black screen. I stared at it, clueless on where to start. Literature for Children and Young Adult movie assignment, Literature and Media Test 2, Educational Psychology Report, Phonetics and Phonology Project and on the last green coloured note was written, “CHOP THAT TIME GURLLL!” I smiled at the message. Or probably, I smiled remembering the one that has written that message without me realizing it until now. She must have done it when I was away at the library the other day. I lay myself on the bed. The thin mattress outlined the squares of bed frame. I could feel the steel of the bed frame through the mattress on my back. It was not comfortable, but that was all I could afford. I brought me left hand close to my left ear again. “Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.” Five seconds. Another five seconds wasted listening to the sound of the clock. I closed my eyes and let the darkness settled in. I no longer care how many ticks am I wasting. “Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.”