May 30, 2013

The Irony of Thirst is the Thirst Itself

There is this one feel,
Like a never ending thirst,
In the middle of the desert, 
Burning in your throat,
Demanding to be aid.
Under the glaring sun,
Where all you could see was nothing but sand.

You'd walk, and when you see a glimpse of what it appears to be like aqua,
 you'd run towards it, 
striving to get there but you could never actually find it. 
Mirage they call it.

Like the process of learning,
It's a type of thirst you could never quench.
But sometimes, 
You are convinced by nafs,
You've known enough,
You've seen the water,
But how come you never find it?

And by the end of the day, 
you figured that this is a type of thirst you could never quench,
And you'd be dying asking for extra time everyday,
Lamenting on the past you've wasted,
Promising God knows who,
That you'd use it wisely next time.
Wishing you'd learn more when you were younger,
So that you've already known more by now,

But yet, you are wasting the time you are given now,

And when a second passed,

You cursed yourself for a second you wasted.

But yet, you keep on doing whatever you are doing,

Unworthy of 'ilm and nuur.

How ironic could a human be would you mind telling me?

May 18, 2013

Decoding the Secret

Assalamualaikum :)

     Have you ever, gone a certain situation and you had some questions going on in your mind, asking, wondering about it and you hope to find an answer for that. And when you go on online, there's always, someone's status/tweet, or even events we see in our everyday life, chunks of conversations of/with other people, knocking the sense into your head, answering your questions indirectly. For all we know, all those kinda status updates are always there, like days already. And those conversations, are only the rituals of everyday life. That telephone call or those text messages.But how come that upon the first reading/hearing we are not so attracted to the gist of it? Only when we had something in mind which from one's status update/conversation chunk, text/ phone call/events in everyday life we found one of our answers for our questions we tend to react to it in a more, reflective way.

     The same things. Things we usually see as mundane and of no importance. But once we have something in mind, once we begin to think differently, we would start seeing things differently.

     I'm not promoting you to go on Facebook/Twitter etc not am I promoting everyone to go spend most your time scrolling down your timeline endlessly, guaranteeing that you would find your answers of life from someone's status update. Nah. (Finding things significant and worthy of reading, that depends on who your FB friends are too, and who you follow of course. Can't find the answer to baking a good cake in a dancing class can't you?) But, back to my point, just, when we are so focused in looking for an answer for something, our eyes and brain are actually inclined to see things in a view where we want to find that certain answer. Scrolling the timeline reading everything wouldn't be much of help, but reflecting on some good ones will.

*Hey look, it's the cloud with the shape of thunder!

     I guess the key here is that, you must know where to look for the right answer, and be critical in things you hear and see.

And you will see that He's answering all of your questions beautifully.

One by one. 

     Until you could finally understand, though it takes some time and consume a lot of your inner part but you would find your patience to be worthy of it.

     Sometimes we found that all these events in our life, don't make sense. We ask ourselves, how did they event get into my life, where all of this is coming from? Indecipherable events. Where all of this is taking me? Indecipherable, encoded with secrecy of all secrecy where only the inventor will know the secret and how to decode it. 

So look for Him, He will help you decode it and you will find your answer.



*and He just answered some of mine last night. Subhanallah.

May 2, 2013

Lost, Quite.

"We keep handing out our gifts,
a gilded age keeps our hearts stiff and apart."
Crosseyed, The Morning Benders.

"You lost me."


"No. Long time ago."