Oct 6, 2015


I'm back on blog because I have more time to spare. And also because, well, I'm bored. 

     It's a bit funny, I remember when I was in my final semester, I was dying to have some break. Typing random mental lexicons to fit in a few pages of assignments, I occasionally took a stretch and rolled my eyes only to find a stack of books at the corner, looking at me, longing for some touch. And as I was looking for supporting articles scattered in the documents folder, random movie folder calling me. At that time, how I wish I can have more time, to read those books I have recklessly (but never a waste) purchased at the BBW.

     And now, when I actually have time to spare for movies, books, Korean dramas that only emboldens the damsel in distress narrative, I didn't actually, productively use the time to do things that I occasionally say "Omg if only i have more time I can do this and that". Na. My reading was not that progressive. The movies are still there, half of them were actually from Asasi, aaand after four years they are actually, still there. In my hard disk. Very few I have actually watched which explains my inability to catch up with most pop culture reference included in conversations. My sewing lessons, well let's not go there haha krey. 

     I think my flaming desire to read books or watch movies when I was swamped with loads of work was an attempt for escapism. Yas that must be it.

No excuse, I have to stick to my reading schedule.