Mar 27, 2011

10 People (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum :)

So don't you worry about
People hanging around,
They ain't bringing us down.

I know you and you know me
And that's all that counts.
PCD_Stick With You

Because this is the only one that has us all in :'(

-And that's all that counts :)

     I can't believe that it's already a week since we last see each other. A week since we last being together. A week since we last laugh together, talk lively to each other, complain about petty things to one another, go for dinner together, walk to the malls, go to the bank and basically, do everything TOGETHER. I miss that you know. It only felt like yesterday when we first met, but never will I forget. You people meant so much to me. Always there through thick and thin. Thank you so much! I never was perfect as a human, of a friend. I am sorry :(  But you people sure completes me :)

     This is about ten people. Ten people that I love. Okay we're actually ten so minus me, they're nine of them. Well, we could say that they're the nine people that I can't live without here in Kuantan. And yeah, maybe this is uhm, a lil bit too exaggerating but hey, I love these nine people so much. In case you nine people don't know, please know that I really appreciate and love you people. Maybe I never said it or show it (I'm shy lorh, hihihi :P) but I really do. I really do :)  So I want you guys to stay, not only in my heart, but in this shabby blog of mine. Well let's start with five first okay?

Meet Athirah.

     Where do I start eay? Oh, she's a Korean addict. Let's start with the bad one, don't expect me to write everything all good. HAHAHAHA *reddevillaugh. Nahh. HAHA. We have been friends since like, secondary school. To be precise since Form 3 and hopefully we will still be. We live in the same district, went to the same high school, share the same room and dorm in Sem 1, and still are in Sem 2, went to the same UiTM, we are both TESLians, we joined debate together, go driving wandering in the town together, talk about our problems to each other, went to MUET classes together, our families knew each other and uhm, generally we share many things and moments together except that we didn't do our license together because she was in PLKN. I remember calling her every week and every time I called, she would always like "I wanna go homeee!" Haha. Okay I know that camp was not so cool.

     We had literally, grown up together. Kinda. And I hope, we'll be going for Degree together too, maybe we'll be staying in the same house and maybe riding the same car to campus (I hope we'll get a car :P). Pray that the 'maybe's will happen soon, ameen :) I must admit that when I first knew her, it's pretty complicated to understand her compared to other people but once you know her, she's so cool and of course, one of a kind. Though sometimes, conflicts happen but hey, I love her (gahhh, agak geli nak ngaku, so not us kan? teehee :P) I am sorry that I haven't been such a good friend for you like you do to me :(  Thank you for listening to my lame stories, support me when I'm down, be my temporary bank when I'm broke, be my fashion advisor, I know I can always trust you to find the right thing for my closet. The most important thing is, thank you for willing to bear with my stupid attitudes and nonsense. I don't think other people can handle me like you do. And thank you for simply for being there for me. If I were about to list everything down, then I'll be needing another blog. Exaggerate much eay? Nahh. Seriously. Thank you! :)  And I still wanna be you bridesmaid and choose the name for your first child! Okay jk :P

She is G-A-G-A! YANA!

     Sometimes it's weird how once a complete stranger is now more that your friend aite? I met Yana first at the hospital way back in Besut before we were in Kuantan for registration. I still remembered that at that time Thirah and I were waiting for our turns for medical check-up and suddenly a girl came approaching us. I still remember that you were wearing pink shirt at that time. How friendly you were till that we went and had drinks together. Haha. And at Padang Lalang's hostel, you were actually in the room next to me. Well, I guess this is what they call fate. Teehee. You know, Yana kept on pushing me to write all the good things bout her in my blog. She would go all like, "Ain, tulislah pasal kebaikan saya dalam blog awak" but the problem is Yanaya, I have been spending 7 days and 7 nights thinking of one but to no avail. HAHA. Okay just kidding. 

     Yana is famous for being all GAGA here. Haha. "Don't mess with me!" I dare not to. Kan Gaga? :P Personally, I think you are one in a million. Seriously, never met someone like you before. During bad times, you would go all supportive and keep on motivating me, even in petty things like finding a matching shawl for dinner dress. Haha. You know, sometimes you talk like a politician. Hey, maybe you got a spot for that, who knows? Well, I know you're a good debater. 'Debat'errr! That's how we say it aite? The best part about you is that, you're naturally a joker. Haha. Never fail to get me laughing all the time. I guess that's how people get to like you eay? And I never see you get angry. I am sometimes afraid that if I did something wrong, you are angry with me but you didn't say it. If I ever did anything wrong to you, I am sooo sorry! Keep on being strong and positive. Seriously, you are one in a million! I hope we will meet again during Degree! 

Adah Redha :)

     When I first met her, I was impressed. She was not a religious school student but she carries the image of one. I mean, it's not easy to carry such image aite? And I'm always awed by those who are. Unlike me, isk :/  Adah has a deep interest in photography and she snap nice photos especially when I'm in one, haha. Okay jk. I learn a lil bit of photography from her and she learned from tuuuuuuut but of course, I'm nowhere as good as her or her tuuuuuuut. Eh, gurau-gurau saja, jgn marah ya? :) Adah really likes to take my pictures, I don't know why, haha. No photos please! :P Though people always judged her wrong, but I know her better. She always put others first and try to help others till sometimes people got her wrong for her intention. Heck, who cares what people say, they're gonna keep on talking and that's human. The most important thing is that you stay where you stand and never let those words of thorns bleed you :)  Adah got me joining all sorts of programmes this sem. Well, almost. Haha. 

     Though she looks all sweet and demure, but she actually very sensitive to surprising things and could easily be surprised simply by anything. In other word, she kinda melatah but I see that less now, maybe it's because her beautiful roommates, HAHA. And, and, and, she got a scandal with tuuuuut. Haha. It's amusing to see her getting all clumsy when she got teased by us. Heeeeeeeeeee. Adah, I realized that sometimes, I may have been too straightforward to you. I am truly sorry :(  I will never forget you. You're the one who always keep me company when I get all paranoid, haha. Thank you for keeping me company when I need one. Isk, now it sounds like saya ni macam anak Adah pulak. Maybe among the things that I will remember about you is your laugh. Rihanna may love the way Eminem lies, but I sure love the way you laugh! It sounds so, so alive. Haha. Hey our unofficial photographer, stay strong, keep being strong and walk on strong! I love you!

My man, my Iman. 

     Okay, this girl is seriously obsessed with Aidil Zafuan. Tak habis-habis dengan my man, my man. Well, dulu la. Now I think her obsession dah dapat dikawal, thank you to her gorgeous roommates, HAHA. Thanks to her, now I know the exact names of the twins - Aidil Zafuan and Zaquan Adha! :D *proud of myself! and maybe I can differentiate them too! Well I know that the one she like is the brother, errr, it's the brother kan? Ima and I, always had the 'curahat' talk. Err, the phrase is 'curahat' kan? :P  It is more like a pillow talk. You know, 'curahat', 'curahan hati'. Biasalahhh, girls. I bet that's what you would say eay? It is pretty surprising that how sometimes we have a common when it comes to fashion which is pretty odd because most of the time we can be completely different. But, I guess that's normal. Ima and I used to stalk people, BWAHAHAHA. Ever since sem 1, Ima has taught me to be a stalker. Isk, isk, bad influence :P  But hey, we stalk people in a good way okay? HAHA. Her actual name is Iman but she doesn't really like being called as Iman because that would sounds like a guy's name. You know, Iman, Man, Iman, Man. Alah, panggil Ima je :P

     We first met because she was my front neighbour back in Padang Lalang. Then we get into the same dorm and in Sem 2, we're roommates. When I first met her, she's not really the talking type. But she gets friendly with people easily :)  And she sure has lotsa 'pantang-larang' when it comes to food. Haha. I found that interesting. Never met someone who can't eat so many things. Hihi. And you know, Ima really like listening to the oldies, Malay oldies. I know. And she also like to hear lagu geee wannggg, hihi. Sampaikan saya pun dah terikut-ikut tau! "Aku, inginkan dirimu, datang dan temani akuuu" though the fact that I hate that song. Okay exaggerate. Jiwangg youuu! Tak suka je, bukan hate pun, heee :P Semek ini juga suka bergambar, haha. The prove? Check adah's phone. Gotcha! Okay fine, mine pun banyak and saya pun suka bergambar, fine, fine, fffiiinneeee! Haha. Erm, we had once had conflict, but it is hard to stay mad at you for a long time. I hope that's the first and last. Biasalah, the tough times gets us strongah! Please do know that I do love you!

     I know, I have another five. Not that I forgot, not that I don't remember, I'm saving my precious moments, teehee. 

To be continued... :)

Mar 25, 2011




Mar 24, 2011


Assalamualaikum! :D

     So here's the thing about holiday. It's a -+5 month holiday. To be precise, err, well do the math on your own. So you see, 5 months is a loooooooong time. And even before my Foundation Programme ended, I have thought of having a part-time job. I need money yo. I mean, when I am in a holiday, I get no allowance and I'm broke means that I have no money and having no money means that the possibility to have fun or to be precise doing fun things such as shopping, hanging out and etc are quite impossible simply because, you don't have any money. Well yeah, money can't buy happiness but it brings you happiness. Agree? Disagree? Okay never mind. So I told abah, 

"Abah, ain raso ain nok khijo lahhh" 
"Nok khijo mano gak ain..."
"Doh tok kea ain nok duk sajo jah dumoh ne bulea nih"
"Duduk jela dumohhh"


     So you see, my parents haven't been very supportive about the idea of me having a part-time job. I mean, they didn't say it straight but I know. Well, I just know. And mama, well, mama has been delivering a subtle message that before I consider of looking for a part time job, I should first, learn on how to handle the house chores, especially cooking. Hey, I do and can cook. It's just that I rarely do. Haha. Okay lame excuse it is. I'm not so good in cooking. Fine. So yeah, instead of going for a job, I should do things that my parents want me to do first aite? But I need moneyyyy! And there comes my sister.

"You know, abah's policy is selagi mung dok abih blaja, abah akea bui pitih ko mung. Jadi mung mitok lah banyok. Dea mung grad gakk, tokleh doh laa. Nyesal aku dulu dok mitok pitih banyok"

and she said.

"Doh bakpo nyo nok khijo. Kalu aku gak, aku suko duk dumohh jahh. Pagi-pagi bulih kelih HIMYM etc etc ... Dakyoh gi skoloh ngaja. Ni gak gati cikgu ngaja budok joh satu. Haishhhh"


And there're my younger sisters.

"Alohh ain, wak gapo gak khijo. Duk dumoh pade ahh"

     Fact. My sisters are the early birds. I mean, they always wanted to go to school early. I don't know what's wrong with them but most of the times, they'll get the driver to get going before 7. Before 7 okay! And yes, we don't have drivers so every time I got home for break, they would be happy for one of the reasons is that, they get a driver that can drive them to school, to their friends' houses and to the town, and that makes me a driver at home. Well, not that I hate it. I actually enjoy it. At least I got something to do. If there's no one to drive them around, then they would be sent by my parents who maybe the earliest would be at 7.15. And they would be having hard time to ask my parents to send them anywhere because they're busy. Well, the point is, they don't really want me to work because they need a driver. Haishhh.

     Everybody seems like they're kinda opposing the idea. Well, to think about it back, maybe they're right. Maybe now, it's not the time yet. I mean, I should enjoy my holiday first. But still, I'll try get one, maybe next month? And since abah didn't really support the idea of me working, I guess he don't mind then, ka ching ka ching $$$$. Dream on ain, there's no way that will happen. No money means no money. Ugh, I'm broke and uglayhh! >.<  Ahh, what the fuss? I should enjoy my holiday first. Got lotsa books to cath up with, and movies, and animes, and and, and lotsa other things. Kan?

Okay bye.


Mar 22, 2011

Under Construction

-And if you have to leave, I wish you would just leave... 
(my immortal_evanescence)

Have you seen the blogger? She has been losing herself for the last one year.


     Currently is having a deluge of indecipherable emotions.
 Emotionally and physically under construction.

Mar 21, 2011

Farewell Kuantan


     Alhamdulillah, safely home and yes happier then I could ever be, to be with the people who have always been there for my every up and down. But, you know what, I'm already missing Kuantan. I remembered last night, when we just got there at the bus terminal, Tinul called and yeah, there's the speech of goodbye. And when we boarded the bus, we were like - not gonna sleep till we leave Kuantan though we were very tired from walking all day and rushing packing things - and miss Miss Gaga and I were like, "bye EC, bye this bye that." We were, literally saying goodbye to every single thing in Kuantan, haha. It really is hard to say goodbye, knowing that this is all over, knowing that all those moments will not gonna repeat themselves and yeah, it was kinda a lil bit touchy. Isk :'(

     But hey, I was lucky to be a part of the beautiful memories. To be a part of those great people which I might not be meeting in the future. So the people in Kuantan, to make it more specific - Sem 1: The adorable people of Adorable A, dear dorm mates during the stay in LKPIM - Sem 2: Crazily Charming Cool C, the amazing roommates and 'orang bawahan', and coolest house mates. And generally - the debaters, all of the supportive lecturers, the guards, the bus drivers, the gorgeous aunties and sisters and handsome uncles and abangs of Arked and Sekilau's food stalls, and everyone, I am sorry for every single mistake that I might have done consciously or subconsciously and thank you for everything. Thanks for the memories. No goodbyes because I hope we will meet again. Good luck. My prayer is for you loving people.

*applause - wuuuhuuu!
and totally have nothing to do
and completely broke
and totally missing everyone

     Actually, I thought of including some pictures but I have lost my thumb drive, couldn't find it. Will do in the next post maybe :) Looks like I'm gonna have to start collecting the pictures all over again. Isk. Okay, done with the grumbles and tears. Hey, holiday is here! What's your plan for this 6 month holiday? Hopefully not just being a couch potato. Well, I need money, and I need a job. Haha. Lets help our nation expanding the economy by being a part of the working community! :D  Enjoy your holiday people! Do gimme a call when you get here in Terengganu okay?

     Oh btw, the internet connection now is hardly available so I guess you won't be seeing me much on FB, Skype and YM. If you need to contact me, reach me through my phone okay? By this I mean, if any of you 'orang atasan' are planning to go out or anything, do contact me on my pone, not fb. hihi. May Allah forgive you who stole our home line, grrrr. So long, fare thee well. Farewell Kuantan.

Lotsa love,
AiN Romeli :)

Mar 17, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

You know,
it may be only for two semesters,
But it meant a whole lot more than that.

     Okay, I think I'm being too diligent in updating my blog when as a matter of fact I should be hitting the books. Well, I guess I just want to keep all these things stay, at least written in this shabby blog of mine. Today, we had grammar paper. I don't know what was wrong with me but the moment I start reading the questions, I got soooooo sleepy. It was a three-hour paper so I thought that taking a nap for about 5 minutes won't harm. So I did, but I was till sleepy. HAHA. Well, I didn't really sleep. I mean, yeah whatever. Let's just say that I didn't answer all those questions with full level of concentration and dang, those questions were like a death sentence, figuratively. Exaggerate much eay? Haha. But seriously, grammar, be nice to me eah? Okay done with grammar, hope that I'll pass at least :P Besides, no use of crying over spilt milk eay?

     Tomorrow would be Islamic Edu paper. The last paper for this Final Exam. The last day of exam. Well, to get things lil bit dramatic, you could say that the last day here. Free after that paper! :D  I hope, we'll have great moments together for the KLpac trip this Sat, before this foundation programme is over. People, when you come to Terengganu, do gimme a call. Isk. Haha. Gahh, I'm starting to miss everything here!The 'gedegangangang' machine, the front gate of Sekilau, the guard post,  the bus though we don't have such good memories together, though you always leave me forcing me to get a cab, but I'm still gonna miss you, haha. The cats, the yellow wall, the tv, the cooler machine, the library *never really been there but seems like a cool place :/ , hihi. Okay and of course, the people here. Thank you people, for being there. Thank you people, for all of the sweet memories. Thank you people, for the laughter, for the tears*never really had one eay?, for the lessons of life. I love you more than you know. No further inquiries :)

-Abah's coming tomorrow, teehee :) 


Mar 16, 2011

Better This Way


     It is not the right time I guess and I once believed and still do, that the right one will come on the right place and time. The right time would be the time when he walks in at the right place. And yeah, I don't think it is the right time, yet. :/

Euww, geli doe buat post ni. Gahh *sapu habuk kegatalan kat baju. 

Fact: 2 papers left, you should study grammar!
Reality: ZzzZzzZzz

Okay bye.

Mar 15, 2011

Barely Confident

Assalamualaikum :) 


I just think this is cute. Doesn't has anything to do with the post anyway :P

     I have just finished my writing paper. As always, half an hour for nothing, and the rest of the time rushing :P  I don't really have anything to post today but there's a particular phenomenon that has triggered me to write it down.

    You know, I always get this kinda feeling after an exam. I mean, after I have done with a paper. Have you ever been there when you thought that you already gave you very best out of the best in examination, and then when the result came out, it doesn't appear to be as you expected. I mean, you knew that you did your very best, and of course you'll be expecting better result. And sometimes, it appears to be that the work that you did not really put your effort in it is the one that you score better. It happens to me all the time. Okay not all the time but maybe for most of the time. Do we have scientific explanation on this? I always get puzzled. Does it has to do with the overconfidence thing? But I don't think it's even overconfidence. It is more like, kinda or barely confident. Huhm :/

     For that particular reason, that is why after a paper I would always find excuses and scare myself so that I won't put much hope on the exam. I guess it's better that you don't expect much eay? Because when you do, if the result came out bad you would be feeling all misery. But then, if the result came out just so-so, then you won't be so disappointed. I mean, you knew that you were not doing your best right? But what if you knew that you did your best and you felt awesome and the only reason you're denying the fact is because of this theory? What would you feel eay? I guess the feeling will be just as same as you're not expecting much? *cricket sounds  Gahh, now I'm in a complete turmoil :O

     Whatever the reason is, it actually doesn't matter. Just don't get all overconfident because it kills more than you realize. Not only people woul be sosek-sosek bad things on you, you would be embarrassed if things don't turn out to be as well as you have said it will. Abah used to tell me that it doesn't matter how the result turns out to be, what matters is that you have tried your best and you shall leave the rest to HIM. Wow, now talk about the power of a positive mind. So yeah, what's the point of having all the pressure on you? Buat rilex sudaaaa :)

     Oh, and there's another things puzzling me. You know, when sometimes you advice people not to do something which appears to be inappropriate, next time in your life, you would be in a situation finding yourself doing the thing that you have once told your friend not to. Okay, confused? Aem, for example, you would say to your friend, "Hey, don't eat cupcakes, you'll get cute". And then, the next day, you find yourself suddenly intrigued to buy cupcakes. And you eat it when actually it was only a day before you told your friend not to eat cupcakes. And then you get cute, I mean I get cute. Okay that's just an example. -Booo! Lame Nia Ilemor lameeee!- =.="  Well my point is, yeah, that's my point. Well, I guess, since I have advised people not to get overconfident in the last paragraph, I will then get overconfident? :O  Do pinch and punch me please.

Btw, ever been there? :/

-I guess there's just too much of life that will put me in a complete turmoil. There was, is and always will, be one.

Okay 3 papers to go. 
You know, actually I'm scared. Scared of the fact that I didn't try hard enough :(
Hah, what the fuss? Buat rilex sudaaaa :P

Mar 14, 2011

Lousy Lit


Allow me to start my current post with a complaint.


Yes people, reading is cool but you know what is not cool? When the things that you read doesn't even there in the final paper :/

Hey now what a minute Nia Ilemor, did you even read?

*cricket sounds


     As we TESL students aware, literature, TSL 082 is one of the subject included in sem 2's syllabus. You know, it feels so relieved to pass that very (&*&^*7 paper. I mean, I 'love' literature (literally) but seriously, why? why? whyyyyyy? WHy did you do this to me? Is this how you repay me for my eternal love? For the three hours, I kept on trying to get my hands moving in that icy room. And seriously, I don't know whether I still have hope for this paper :(  Hah, serves you right Nia Ilemor, now who's the loser? Hah? Hahhhh? Who's the one that didn't do her revision?


Okay fine.
Off for the books.
4 more papers to go.
*gritted teeth

p/s: I'm excited to go home but it hurts to say goodbye, knowing that it's the last one :'(

Mar 13, 2011


I was kinda studying last sems' literature papers when I came across a poem.

You're the balloons that I never want to let go


Through the passage of time,
Footprints fall.
From the beginning of time
We creatures have done so.
Even the winds of the past cannot
At their most fiery blast, erase or
Remove our prints.
Even if we feel it is lost to us,
It is not so.
Just as a rainbow suddenly appears
After a spring rain, it is so with our
Nothing is ever lost to any of us,
All it takes in a moment, a second
And once again we can place our
Feet into the footprints of the past
That we left behind.
Memories lost? I think not!
Only forgotten for a brief time.
R.E. Mike Patterson

Nothing is ever lost to any of us,

Never did, never is and never will the memories gone. It will stay, at least written, in this shabby blog of mine. Because you people are too precious to be forgotten :')

Remember to be Reminded

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

Don't live a life to please people.

That's lame and not cool.

Screw what people say.

Haters just don't disappear. 

And you just gotta keep on moving.

     Sometimes, we got caught up by petty things. All the time, we need our own version of painkillers. I guess you just have to keep on reminding yourself. We always have to be reminded to stay positive. Always have to be reminded to keep on smiling. Always have to be reminded to grasp the nettle without sighs. The thing is, no one is gonna keep on reminding you on what to do. The thing is, sometimes even they don't know that you needed to be reminded. Well, what do you expect? No one else knows you better except you ay? So sometimes, when life is giving you a quandary, you just have to remind yourself.

Hey Nia Ilemor,

     It is okay to waste your time sometimes over things that you love doing. Things that other people don't find worth doing. Heck, who cares what people say? And it is okay not to feel okay about things that you don't feel okay. Remember, only knowledge can help you to survive. Because life is already hard, so get some books stuffed in your brain, and get going already. Let no people underestimate you and don't underestimate people, that's when you start to fall. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by deluge of hubris. 

     Try to take things from the bright side, though shadows of nothing is all you can see, though zephyrs of gripes is all you can hear, though words of no mavericks is all you can utter,  though odour of hullabaloo is all you can smell, keep yourself as low as the sand scattering all around the earth but keep your spirit higher then the stars in the sky. Though forgiveness is the last thing that you would thought of giving to people who break you down, but try to be nice, try to have good thoughts, try to learn to let it go, try to learn throwing everything in the dustbin of history. It's a history that doesn't need to be remembered anyway aite?

(Wise Saying Of Luqman)

My own version - 
You're the painkillers that that never run out of stock, 
killing all of my pain without having my body intoxicated.
Thank you people.
For the smile.
You people always get me all hunky-dory.

Mar 10, 2011


It's the feeling that you get when you know you're supposed to say something right but you didn't because you're afraid that you're gonna say something wrong and worsen the situation. 

It's the feeling that you get when you know you are wrong but you don't know how to say how sorry you were.

It's the feeling that you get when you know you're supposed to fix things right but whatever you do, it just doesn't work.

It's the feeling that you get when you see a total catastrophe and you realized that you were a part of it.


Screw you Nia Ilemor :/

Where is your voice?

-Reblogged -

Reblog - MUET Speaking Sample Questions

Assalamualaikum peeps!
     I know that people is feeling scared of this MUET thing. So, it is always a good idea to practice. The fact is, actually, the questions paper of MUET Speaking is just being recycled. So, there might be a chance that you are going to answer the same questions as the last years. I got some. Here's sample of questions.

Booklet 1
A person's character is often influenced by other people around him/her. Who has the greatest influence on a person's character?
-Discuss which of the following has the greatest influence on a person's character
(i) Parents
(iv)Famous Personalities

Booklet 2
If you were given the opportunity to serve as the Prime Minister of Malaysia for one term, what would be a great achievement to leave behind?
(i)Economic prosperity
(ii)Excellence in sports
(iii)World class education
(iv)Excellent health facilities

Booklet 4
You and your friends are deciding on the choice of universities and programs of study available. You would like to seek the opinion of others before you make your final decision.
-Whose opinion is most important in deciding where and what to study for your university degree?
(i)Opinion of parents
(ii)Opinion of friends
(iii)Opinion of teachers
(iv)Opinion of career guidance counsellors

Booklet 7
Electronic media like mobile phone, computer and electronic games has an impact on young people of today. What aspects of their lives are affected?
-Discuss what aspects of a young person's life is most affected by electronic media
(i)Study habits
(ii)Daily habits
(iii)Social relationship
(iv)World view

Booklet 9
What are the costs cutting measures that can be taken by a family to reduce expenditure? Give some suggestions.
-Best way for a family to reduce expenditure.
(i)Use public transport
(ii)Spend only on what is needed
(iii)Carry out their own repair and maintenance work
(iv)Recycle and reuse household items

Booklet 10
Who do you regard as a successful person?
-You regard as the most successful person
(i)Someone who is very rich
(ii)Someone who is very intelligent
(iii)Someone who is very powerful
(iv)Someone who is very famous

Booklet 11
What factors can influence a student's academic perfrmance
-Greatest impact on a student's performance
(i)Study habits
(ii)Sleeping haboits
(iii)Leisure activities
(iv)Network of friends

Booklet 12
It is important to be a good neighbour. What are some of the guidelines needed?
-Discuss which of the following are the most important qualities needed to be a good neighbour
(i)Polite and respectful
(ii)Friendly and caring
(iii)Helpful and responsible
(iv)Tolerant and understanding

Hope it helps :)  Practice makes perfect! Good luck :D

Reblog - MUET Speaking

Warning: This post is pretty lengthy so take a deep breath and go!

      Assalamualaikum. Hye people :D  For this latest post, I'm gonna talk on education again. Whoa, I sounds like a lecturer (Ameen) Okay, so I'm pretty lucky to have a teacher to guide me on this upcoming MUET.*shudders*  If I'm not mistaken, she's the chief examiner. So, she said that getting band 5 is not so hard but you need to know the techniques. For me, getting band 4 is enough to pursue for Degree but just like she said, better aim for the moon, so that even if we fall, we'll fall on the stars. So people, let's work as if we need the band 5 desperately, CHAIYOK ^.^v

Haha, this one is pretty funny XD

      Okay, let's get to the crux. Basically, speaking part is the part where most students find it hard. One of the obstacle to get Band 6. But don't worry, as long as you have the points in your speech and you talk with style and confidence, Allah's willing, no problemo :D Okay, where should I start? How about the rules and regulations? People, take note. In the test, you are not allowed to bring any electronic stuff or regular stuff. Easy, you CAN'T BRING ANYTHING into the room. Not even a pen or a pencil or whatsoever let alone mobile phones. No, no, no. Okay, actually you can, but of course you have to leave them outside. There's gonna be a place to keep all of your stuff before you get into the speaking room. They are going to provide you with the pen and paper so chill. And of course, wear something proper. Most importantly, don't forget your IC and xm slip. It wouldn't be much problem if you are school candidate since you have the 'surat akuan' paper from the Principal but if you are a private candidate, then it IS a big deal. Always remember to bring your IC, okay?

     In speaking, we have two parts. Part A and Part B. Let's get to Part A first. Okay, in part A, you are on your own. When you first got the question, you will be given 1 minute to read it, 2 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to present. It is always a good idea to have a watch so that you can estimate your time. You need to have at least 3 points. Here's a tip, if you don't have much points, give examples, as many as you could to show that you are understand what the topic is all about. If i'm not mistaken, they got papers on economic aspect, social and...uhm, lupe ah, hehe :P  

Here's a sample question on social aspect.

A person's character is often influenced by other people around him/her. Who has the greatest influence on a person's character?
Discuss which of the following has the greatest influence on a person's character.
 (i)   Parents
 (ii)  Teachers
 (iii)  Friends
 (iv)  Famous personalities

     This is the first page. Basically, Candidate A will talk about theParents, Candidate B on Teachers, Candidate C on Friends andCandidate D on Famous Personalities. It actually have another page, specific for each candidate. I'll get the picture maybe next time, so that you can get a brief idea. But I guess you can just google it.When you get the question paper, remember, DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING on it because they're gonna use it for the next groups. Simply write your ideas on the papers provided. Owh, and don't worry much on your accent, Madam said that, as long as people understand what you are saying, it's good. Don't have to bother to speak AmE (American English) or BrE (British English) accent but I guess if you can, it's a bonus ;)  Don't assume that your group mates are all students at your age. There might be old folks or adults. You see, people who take MUET is someone who wants to do Degree so it can be anyone.

This is how it is-usually many ppl mistakenly take examiner 2 as the time keeper
Both are the examiners and you should do equal contact with 'em
     Here's the thing, in Task A, you wouldn't have much problem if you are a talker. You will be having problem in Task B, where you HAVE TO communicate with your group. Remember this, their marks is your marks to. Generally, the other's performance will affect yours too. They're gonna take the average marks. So, if you got a pretty inactive group, why don't you try to lead them to a discussion? Simply by asking, "what is your opinion candidate C?" or you can agree with their points and so on. If I'm not mistaken, this group discussion would be done in 10 minutes so one minute before it ends, the examiner will remind you that you only have one minute left. At that point, it is crucial to have an agreement, on which of the four factors you agree the most. Only one. 

     I think TESL students get the idea right? It's more or less like the oral test of TSL 031. In task B, since you don't know who's your members, to get yourself not feeling so awkward with your team, how about go and greet them during preparation time before the test? The teacher said, the first thing you do is ask them whether have they taken MUET before or do they know how this thing works? If they don't, explain it a little bit especially on Task B but of course, don't sound dominating or autocratic, nobody likes that. Naah. It is pretty important because, if they don't know anything about it, they will simply go and the bad thing is that it affects your marks. In Task B, if no one seems interested to start, why don't you take the lead? Be communicative but beware, don't be dominating :D

     Most people think that I can work this one simply because I can speak and I am a TESL student. You know what? That assumption actually scares me even more >.<   I am scared for this MUET thing because if I don't get band 4, there goes my TESL Degree (NOOOOO!!!) I've made a promise on this and I will stick to it no matter what. So people, let's all work hard okay? GOOD LUCK :D  Hope you guys get something from this post. If there's any mistake with the facts up there, let me now okay? :D

Good Luck :)