Mar 15, 2011

Barely Confident

Assalamualaikum :) 


I just think this is cute. Doesn't has anything to do with the post anyway :P

     I have just finished my writing paper. As always, half an hour for nothing, and the rest of the time rushing :P  I don't really have anything to post today but there's a particular phenomenon that has triggered me to write it down.

    You know, I always get this kinda feeling after an exam. I mean, after I have done with a paper. Have you ever been there when you thought that you already gave you very best out of the best in examination, and then when the result came out, it doesn't appear to be as you expected. I mean, you knew that you did your very best, and of course you'll be expecting better result. And sometimes, it appears to be that the work that you did not really put your effort in it is the one that you score better. It happens to me all the time. Okay not all the time but maybe for most of the time. Do we have scientific explanation on this? I always get puzzled. Does it has to do with the overconfidence thing? But I don't think it's even overconfidence. It is more like, kinda or barely confident. Huhm :/

     For that particular reason, that is why after a paper I would always find excuses and scare myself so that I won't put much hope on the exam. I guess it's better that you don't expect much eay? Because when you do, if the result came out bad you would be feeling all misery. But then, if the result came out just so-so, then you won't be so disappointed. I mean, you knew that you were not doing your best right? But what if you knew that you did your best and you felt awesome and the only reason you're denying the fact is because of this theory? What would you feel eay? I guess the feeling will be just as same as you're not expecting much? *cricket sounds  Gahh, now I'm in a complete turmoil :O

     Whatever the reason is, it actually doesn't matter. Just don't get all overconfident because it kills more than you realize. Not only people woul be sosek-sosek bad things on you, you would be embarrassed if things don't turn out to be as well as you have said it will. Abah used to tell me that it doesn't matter how the result turns out to be, what matters is that you have tried your best and you shall leave the rest to HIM. Wow, now talk about the power of a positive mind. So yeah, what's the point of having all the pressure on you? Buat rilex sudaaaa :)

     Oh, and there's another things puzzling me. You know, when sometimes you advice people not to do something which appears to be inappropriate, next time in your life, you would be in a situation finding yourself doing the thing that you have once told your friend not to. Okay, confused? Aem, for example, you would say to your friend, "Hey, don't eat cupcakes, you'll get cute". And then, the next day, you find yourself suddenly intrigued to buy cupcakes. And you eat it when actually it was only a day before you told your friend not to eat cupcakes. And then you get cute, I mean I get cute. Okay that's just an example. -Booo! Lame Nia Ilemor lameeee!- =.="  Well my point is, yeah, that's my point. Well, I guess, since I have advised people not to get overconfident in the last paragraph, I will then get overconfident? :O  Do pinch and punch me please.

Btw, ever been there? :/

-I guess there's just too much of life that will put me in a complete turmoil. There was, is and always will, be one.

Okay 3 papers to go. 
You know, actually I'm scared. Scared of the fact that I didn't try hard enough :(
Hah, what the fuss? Buat rilex sudaaaa :P

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