Mar 21, 2011

Farewell Kuantan


     Alhamdulillah, safely home and yes happier then I could ever be, to be with the people who have always been there for my every up and down. But, you know what, I'm already missing Kuantan. I remembered last night, when we just got there at the bus terminal, Tinul called and yeah, there's the speech of goodbye. And when we boarded the bus, we were like - not gonna sleep till we leave Kuantan though we were very tired from walking all day and rushing packing things - and miss Miss Gaga and I were like, "bye EC, bye this bye that." We were, literally saying goodbye to every single thing in Kuantan, haha. It really is hard to say goodbye, knowing that this is all over, knowing that all those moments will not gonna repeat themselves and yeah, it was kinda a lil bit touchy. Isk :'(

     But hey, I was lucky to be a part of the beautiful memories. To be a part of those great people which I might not be meeting in the future. So the people in Kuantan, to make it more specific - Sem 1: The adorable people of Adorable A, dear dorm mates during the stay in LKPIM - Sem 2: Crazily Charming Cool C, the amazing roommates and 'orang bawahan', and coolest house mates. And generally - the debaters, all of the supportive lecturers, the guards, the bus drivers, the gorgeous aunties and sisters and handsome uncles and abangs of Arked and Sekilau's food stalls, and everyone, I am sorry for every single mistake that I might have done consciously or subconsciously and thank you for everything. Thanks for the memories. No goodbyes because I hope we will meet again. Good luck. My prayer is for you loving people.

*applause - wuuuhuuu!
and totally have nothing to do
and completely broke
and totally missing everyone

     Actually, I thought of including some pictures but I have lost my thumb drive, couldn't find it. Will do in the next post maybe :) Looks like I'm gonna have to start collecting the pictures all over again. Isk. Okay, done with the grumbles and tears. Hey, holiday is here! What's your plan for this 6 month holiday? Hopefully not just being a couch potato. Well, I need money, and I need a job. Haha. Lets help our nation expanding the economy by being a part of the working community! :D  Enjoy your holiday people! Do gimme a call when you get here in Terengganu okay?

     Oh btw, the internet connection now is hardly available so I guess you won't be seeing me much on FB, Skype and YM. If you need to contact me, reach me through my phone okay? By this I mean, if any of you 'orang atasan' are planning to go out or anything, do contact me on my pone, not fb. hihi. May Allah forgive you who stole our home line, grrrr. So long, fare thee well. Farewell Kuantan.

Lotsa love,
AiN Romeli :)

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