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Reblogged - Iiiiiiiiiii Interview

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This was my very first post that has anything to do with UiTM. How time flies :/


Iiiiiiiiiii Interview

Friday, April 9, 2010

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera n salam 1Malaysia people:D

Eeeeeeee Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Interview!!!!

     The other day, I've checked on the UiTm website... Actually, my friend already checked it for me but I just wanted to make sure so... 920624-**-****....


     Fuh... I don't know what was my feeling. Happy? Thrilled? Hm.. You know, since I was a kid, I was always dreaming of furthering my study abroad. It was quite a disappointment when they didn't do the Twinning Program anymore:(
To make it not cool, I don't even got the chance to attend MARA interview for TESL overseas. But you know what? In the end, I knew that things happened for reasons. Local or international, as long as I work hard, the sky is the limit.
*c'mon Ain, get a grip, you can pull this off!*

     So, I've got an interview on 11th of April, that is this Sunday at Uitm at Kuantan. Aigo... why so soon??? S'okay, as long as I got my self prepared, I know that I can do my best. I don't really know what to prepare so I began searching for people's blogs bout this whole interview thing and owh, don't forget, the list of ministers. Hm... I've got some useful tips there. It's pretty puzzling, among all of my friends who got the interview call, I was the only one who got it on Sunday, the rest is on Saturday which is tomorrow. Hye people, maybe you realized that my English is getting rusty over here right? Got some grammar and tenses mistakes here and there -_-"

     I went to school yesterday, to get all of my certificates, meet the teachers and also, accompanied my friend to fill up her form. After I was done with all of those office matters, I went and met my English teacher. So, I told him that I got the interview, we chat for a while and damn, I was fumbling for the right vocabularies to speak English. okay, that was kinda a signal that my English IS getting rusty. Then we were talking about his former students who were Teslians*did I get this right?*
Then, there was the killer question, 

My teacher: Do you still remember the time frame?
Me: Er.... maybe. But I think I gotta hit the books again;p
My teacher: You know, if you are very good in time frame, you can tell whether someone is using the right tenses or not. For example, some people said, "I don't eat yet"
Me: Ah.. It's supposed to be "I haven't eat yet" *then I was thinking....*
Wait a sec, it's supposed to be "I haven't ate yet right?" 
My teacher: Ah... you got it wrong there, it is "I haven't eaten yet"

     Okay, he got me, haha... Guess I really had to hit the book before I made stupid mistakes of tenses in front of the interviewers;p

Okay, let me share with you some of the tips*also to remind my self about it*

1. Wear something formal like baju kurung, long-sleeved shirt
2. For girls, high heels! Well, not too high.*I don't really like this one;p*
3.For bags, use the not too big nor too small one
4.Perfume *wear it overdose and you'll have them dizzy, so paham2 jela;p*

How To Arrange your documents?

-Put them in a special folder file, you know, the one that is attractive yet formal. Make sure that it is easy to flip over it. Not too colourful. Don't mix them with the unnecessary letters or documents.

1. Put the offer letter/call letter
2. Your documents like the birth certificate or passport. Note this people, keep you IC safe with you for safety reasons and ease you when you are required to show it.
3. Your school certificates (Start it with the highest achievement and followed by the rest)
4. Left school certificates
5. Your achievement/excellent awards certificates
6. Appointments certificates (surat perlantikan etcera)
7. Certificate of appreciation
8. Certificate of participation
9. Call letters for activities arranged by the sponsors

-Okay people, I have told you just now that I'm not so good in English, so if you found out that I've done some mistakes with the names of certificates up there, leave a comment and let me know okey?

So people, to be honest, I AM NERVOUS~
Wish me luck, hope it all goes well, hope that I won't get my self humiliated, hope that I'll pull it off.

Okay, that's all for the update. Thanks for reading. Till then, salam ukhuwwah and peace in Allah's love:D


     It was the post after  got the interview offer, The very first step of my effort to be here, to meet all these amazing people, to have such a beautiful memories in me. I wish I was here again so that I could go through all these beautiful moments with you people one more time :')

It needs no caption :')

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