Apr 13, 2011

Teach to Learn

Assalamualaikum! :D

     Morning people! You know, I think having a six-month holiday isn't bad after all. I figured out that I actually kinda need that time before I'm going for my Degree, insyaAllah. I figured out that I actually do have lotsa things to settle down with first. But anyway, yesterday was my first time teaching. Yep, I am kinda a tuition teacher but I only take one class per week for Standard 4. And you know what? It is actually not easy to be a good teacher. This reminds me of an assignment that I have once done for TED072- Basic Principles in Education. 

     One of the challenges that most teachers face is when you have a group of students with different potentials. I mean, you will have a tough time deciding on what to teach and how to teach it because some of them already good in that and some don't. And it gets me thinking, am I a good teacher? Like, do they get what I'm teaching or are they just simply being there for being there. You get me? And I noticed that some kids get bored. I just knew because when I said, "Okay, dah nak habis dah. Kalau awak buat cepat boleh balik" and there's this new energy of them suddenly appeared out of nowhere rushing to get that work done. Haha, that kinda reminds me of myself. Sometimes, in certain classes, I would be like, "Ahhh, please tell me it's over" Haha. But hey, I covered up back :P

     I am still not sure if teaching is what I wanted to do with my future. I mean, I know that I wanna go for TESL for degree and I know exactly what I want to do with my life, well let's just say that I do with God's willing but I am not really sure if I have what it takes to be an educator. Man, it will be tough. And you know how some students nowadays just don't have that respect for their teachers and the cases of punching and fighting them and do bad things with their car or mess around with them kinda scares me. Well yeah, maybe some of you would say the blood of being educators run in my vein since most of my family members are teachers but still, that doesn't mean that I can be as good as them. If I am about to be an educator, I don't just wanna be one, I wanna be a good one. Because, hey, it's the leaders of the future generation that we're dealing with here. Sounds kinda like a big deal for me. 

     I'm thinking a lot about my future now. Well not really but kinda. When you have nothing much to do, you started thinking bout lotsa things, even petty things till they suffocate you, well, literally. Is this what it feels like to be an adult? I mean, I'm gonna turn 19 this year. And then 20. You know 20 already sounds like an adult. And then you would have to think of finding your other half, ughh. And completing Degree and whether you should proceed or just get a job and start a family *ughhh. As much as I think it's kinda creepy to think that I will have to think about it later, I mean the family part, let's face it, we all have to think of it someday. I mean, it's like a part of your future. Ah, stop right there. Right now, my only focus should only be for Degree. MeDSI and the interview *shudder. I sure hope things will work out just fine, ameen :)

     Last night the results for the interviews to proceed study to IPGMs were announced. Congratulations for those who have made it! Good Luck for your interview people! And for those who don't, don't be disappointed. Somehow, when HE didn't give you what you want, HE's just waiting the right time to give you a better one. I know it's a cliche advice but hey, it's true. It really is. So cheer up :)

Okay, that's all. Have a nice day :)


  1. Hey ain..you're not alone in this matter. I kept thinking about the future and the teacher part. It annoys me sometimes because I dunno what actually my ambition is. And being a teacher is way out of it. Sigh..Why do I even take TESL for instance, but then I know that what we pursue in Master we can take other courses that have absolutely nothing to do with TESL or teaching profession. Like Human Resource or business or anything you want. And yeah, I think we are going overboard for thinking to much ahead. Well, we have lots of time to worry about these kinda things right..anyway..lets just do our best in MeDSi and insyaAllah the interview :)

  2. good morning teacher :D

    "saya ada panas baran, tapi saya taknak bawak masuk dalam kelas. kenape? sebab saya bukan sekadar ingin menjadi seorang guru, tetapi seorang MURABBI" (Ustaz Aiza, 2011)

    teaching is a tough job. camne la ustaz boleh tahan baran die. kan kan?

  3. Rye Skema: Well, TESL is my choice just that the teaching part kinda still a question to figure out. And hey Rye, if u don't wanna teach, how bout working at ambassador? It would be awesome to travel :D And yes, we could proceed to another course if we want to for Degree. Madam Laily told us once. Pe2 pon, let us focus in getting there first! Good Luck Rye :D

  4. Imran Yazid: Wow, that is one inspiring quote :')
    Yep2, ustaz nampak cool giler kot time kelas.

  5. "When you have nothing much to do, you started thinking bout lotsa things, even petty things till they suffocate you, well, literally."

    Yeah, same goes to me :-)
    whatever it is, just keep on walking, and don't ever look back. Just follow the flow, and choose the best for us =)
    btw, as the time goes on, i'm getting more and more interested in ur writing. u've a good style and thought. keep it up, ain! love u <3

    p/s: sorry if there's any grammatical error. I'm not as gud as u (^_^)

  6. HrhZ: Thank you. It feels kinda cool to know that there're people who're with me here, haha. Thank you Dibah, will try to keep it up and I love you more! And hey, I don't write with the right grammar either. Let's just keep on writing! Waiting for your next chapter of blog-novel! ;)


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