Apr 24, 2011

Phone Problem


     Hallo lovely people! Wassup? Haha. I know I know, some of my posts sounds kinda emo these few days. Pretty embarrassing you know because I'm not really the type who talks about her feelings but then, sometimes, you just have to write although it is only a bit. You know, just to get things off my mind. But ahh, I can't really imagine other people reading it :P  Ah well, I'll be more cautious on what to post next. Haha. Thank you for my dear friends who have been supportive ;)  Anyway, it is always easier to blame on the raging hormones of teenagers, unstable emotions, haha. Okay stop right there. Ahem. Well anyway, I have been kinda busy these few days. 

     I don't really know what to blog today. Ah well, I guess I should just write what's on my mind. Uhm, lets see, I think it's quiet necessary to tell you, especially my dear friends that my mobile is not available right now. Apparently, it kinda get stuck. I can't use it. Well, before this, it happened. I mean, there's this one day when I can't turn it on and it kinda got stuck for like two days, haha. But then, it was okay again. So last time when that happened again, I thought that sooner or later it will work again. Well guess what, I was wrong. That sooner or later apparently happened to be like, uhm, 6 days? Yep. It got stuck since last Monday, 18th April it was. Then my sister was kind enough to let me borrow hers for two days. And then, ah well she needed to use it too. I haven't been using the mobile officially since 21st. It has been 4 days. Wuuhuu!

Omeynyoo, omeynyoo :P

     I am seriously kinda negligent about that phone but then, when my friends had difficulties to reach me, I guess need to get it fixed too sooner or later. I told them to reach me through FB, but then, back to the last post, FB hasn't been kind to me lately so yeah. Man, seems like Mark got issues :P Anyway, some of them have been having problems to even send me message or even post on my wall through FB. So yesterday, I went to the shop to ask about the phone. Ah well, my phone is kinda having problems with the software thingy and they said that to get it fixed, they need to format it back and that means everything will gone. Oh yeah, all of my texts and contacts, puff! Gone. The problem with me is, I saved my contacts in my phone memory and bad news, I didn't copy my recent contacts, especially those in UiTM Kuantan, into the my sim so, yeah. I guess I'll be sending message to people on Facebook again, asking for their numbers. Haha.

     And the other problem with me is, I kinda save important stuff in my mobile. Like, my upu pin number and you know, that kinda stuff. Birthdays and everything. Well luckily I still have those important stuff kept somewhere. And my texts, ah well, there are texts which I really really like to keep but then, the damage is beyond my control. Maybe it's a sign anyway. Zzzzzz. Haha. But anyway, I already had my mobile to be repaired. I even ordered new casing. I don't know it is that expensive. Well, it is for people who doesn't work and broke like me, haha. Whoaw, might as well buy a new one eay? Well, abah did offered but then, I think I'll just use the old one while I still can. No need for a new one, yet. Haha :P  

     I don't need a new one, yet. That is my first phone. It kinda holds lotsa sentimental value ya know, cheewahhh, haha. Though it is such a lousy mobile and the camera sucks and the casing is now ugly, and it is kinda heavy and thick which makes it kinda hard to carry around but it's my mobile. My very first one and it was a present from my beloved. Ah well, I chose that one anyway so the blame of all those bad qualities of that phone goes to me ;P  It was a PMR present. And I think I have a very strong connection with my phone. It was once stolen. Skip the story part, I got it back. And when we went for the DC in Jengka, I left it there. Yes, I know I was sooo careless. I accidentally left it. Pfffft. I remembered it, it was our last day there. And on our way back to Kuantan, I was kinda grieving and blaming myself for being careless. But then, skip the story part again, I got it back. Thanks to mysterious guy who found it but I never knew who he was. Haha. That reminds me of what someone had said in her blog.

-Dalam kes macam ni ada 2 kemungkinan:
1) Kita tahu siapa ambil tapi takkan dapat balik
2) Kita tak tahu siapa ambil tapi dapat balik

     That is kinda true. That guy sure is nice. May Allah bless him. Back again, see how strong 'our' connection is? We had separated twice. TWICE. And we're together again. No matter where it has gone to, it will make it's way back to me again. My mobile and I, we are destined for each other, like Romeo and Juliet or maybe Bonie and Clyde or maybe Asou-kun and Aya-chan or maybe even Bella and Edward. Wait a sec, I don't like Bella and Edward. And didn't Asou-kun and Aya-chan separated in the end? And Romeo and Juliet commit suicide dude. Don't get me started on Bonie and Clyde... Gahhh :O Ah well, back again, I am a cute and kind owner anyway, so of course my phone loves me. HAHA. You know, if my mobile is a boy, this would make a romantic love story eay?  Awwww *barf. Haha. Okay, I'm done rambling. Till then, have a nice day people :)

My new casing is pink in colour. Please don't laugh, Thank you :P

Ah well, this is not so bad after all ;)


  1. pink? I love pink i love pink! I won't laugh at u, ain! Hehe :)

  2. PINK!!!!!
    lame ain lame~hahahaha~
    comel x??? ce post gambo skali

  3. e'ka zulaikha: Haha, ah well at least someone likes my phone. Thank you, haha ;P

  4. hidayah: Gahhh, I know I know. Tapi masa nak order semalam, takde colour lain. They only have pink, silver, cream and black. Saya nak hijau benornye, haha. But anyway, tak siap baiki lagi, nanti saya post okay? Haha :P


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