Dec 30, 2011

Farewell 2011

Assalamualaikum :)

"The past is gone. It went by like dusk to dawn. Isn't that the way?"
(Dream On - Aerosmith)

     So it's already 30th December 2011 eay? One more day and, farewell 2011. So I should probably write something for 2011. 

      2011 has been awesome in a whole. This year, I completed my TESL Foundation. And this year, I started my life as a Degree student. I must say that Asasi was awesome. And as we moved on to Degree we still keep comparing Degree with Asasi. In a bad way and also in a good way, but most of it is in a good way. I presume that it's because we kinda have hard times adjusting to our new life. I mean, way back in Asasi, things were so easy. It's a good thing that Kuantan's campus was not as big as other campus. To find good food, it's just right in front of the campus. Cheap and good food. And the malls are not so far. I mean, if we wanted to watch a movie, we could easily walk either to EC Mall or Mega Mall after class. Had fun, and go home. But in Shah Alam, to even watch a movie is a hassle. I mean, in term of commodity. And you have to be good with public transport. And in Kuantan, it felt safer. Well, I'm sure it's all just the same, just that we are still in the process of assimilation.

     But you know, that doesn't mean that it is a bad thing. I mean this whole comparing thing. I remember Dibah said something which I would summarize as, "Kuantan gave me lotsa awesome moments, but Shah Alam taught me lotsa awesome things." Well, yeah, I kinda add that 'awesome' word. Just to, well, uhm. Yeah. Bak to the topic, I do admit that every now and then, I still miss Kuantan. Petty terrible. But I have this to say, Asasi was great but I'm sure Degree would be just as awesome. Or probably more. Well actually in term of awesomeness, every level has it's own level of awesomeness and I can't put them in comparison because every level of our life is awesome by it's own definition.

     But this is it. Past is a good place to visit, but definitely not a good place to stay. And hey, Degree is fun after all. I got another 29 awesome classmates of B.ed TESL 1C. Cool and amazing people they are. And yes, the course mates. I am in the course that I like. Trying. Things are pretty tough at first but I am coping up well. I have amazing supportive system of friends. Things are so far so good (hope that it will always be) and I am grateful for everything Allah has given me. Put things into summarization, I would say that Kuantan is like the last stage of awesome years of being a teenager. Shah Alam on the other hand is the first stage of being an awesome adult. And I am learning lotsa things with the matters of being an adult. Eh wait, aren't we suppose to story mory on 2011? So let's see.


IV Debate - Final Drama - KL Pac Trip - Graduated Asasi - MeDSI - Interview - Missed Redang Trip - 6 months holiday - Memorable Terengganu Trip upon Kimah and Rye's visit - English camp in Mengkuang, Mempaga and Selancar - Two days experience working in Kasut You with Athirah - Few weeks experience being an English tuition teacher - Months being an official worker of pengangguran profesionalisme - Attended Nuyu's graduation - Registered as a Degree student - Met the awesome classmates of B.ed TESL 1C - Living a life as a Degree student - Alif is safely home  - (and currently) Preparing for Final =.=" The First Final Exam as a degree student (man, suddenly it sounds intense, haha) -

At least that's how I remember how 2011 was like. Briefly.
     And there's also another thing 2011 taught me. A very valuable lesson. A lesson of heart and feelings. And I thank you both for that. I really do. So thank you 2011, for being awesome and amazing. Yes, there were also the not so awesome moments, but ah well, I prefer to just let it pass. Bad things happen. We cried, we mourned and we move on. Lessons learned, grudges forgotten, forgiveness budded, regrets dismissed, pain healed. There. We shall not reminisce it over and over again. Na'ah. Too much negativity. Life is too short for that. We shall flourish our lives with happy moments so that when we look back, we could tell our grandchildren, "Yep, Grandma had an awesome life and so should you!" And let's thank Allah for everything.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. :)

   Farewell 2011. You have been awesome! :D

Welcome 2012, you have a challenge.
Be as awesome as (or more than) 2011 or you lose.

Have a great year ahead people! :D

Dec 20, 2011

We C Things Differently

Assalamualaikum :)

     It's Tuesday, to be exact 20th December 2011. Today, we had our last Linguistic test. And today, was the last day of Counselling class. Tomorrow, we're gonna have our last Literature test. Well yeah, everything on this week will be the 'last' for semester one. It is the last week for sem 1 anyway. Hihi. But I hope that there will be no 'last' word for this friendship, except for the word long-LASTing :)

B.ed TESL 1C 2011

     Feels like it was only yesterday when we first met, and now it's already the end of the first semester. Alhamdulillah. Good luck for the final guys, and I'll see you awesome people next sem! InsyaAllah :)

Dec 9, 2011

Weird Dream

Just now I had a dream. A very weird dream. I dream of him.

I dreamed that I found this beautiful place. And I was walking round of it, looking at the beautiful gardens and such, not realizing that it's actually a house. 

And I saw him.

Taylor Lautner. LOL :P

The details are sketchy though. 

Oh this random post, I'm actually trying to get my counselling done. 

Fisrt thing to submit next morning. Jyeahhh.

Typical Ain Romeli, up awake for assignment. Last minute =.="

Let's fight against PROCRASTINATION!

Dec 5, 2011

Done Undone

Sometimes I wish, you never said anything.

But what's done is done and cannot be undone.

You walk away so fine 


It makes things look so wrong if I don't do the same.

Ah well, cheer up!

Essay-few more pagesszzzz >.<

Dec 3, 2011

Dear Debaters

Assalamualaikum :)

     The other day, Arif, Marea and Yan datang Shah Alam. They actually came to see the debate events. Surprisingly, that VC Cup debate event is held in INTEC and I have no idea at all about that. As a matter of fact, IV was also held there so yeah, call me oblivious. Tak kisahlah. Hahaha. So to be precise, on last Tuesday they came. And since class end quite early that day, at about twelve something I got some time spared. They were already at INTEC that time so from there we went to main campus, to see the Debat juniors debating for the event of Debat Bahasa Melayu 211 Jam Tanpa Henti. And then when Yan came, we went back to INTEC to see quarter final for debate. One team of the junior made it to quarter. 

     When we got there, it was already the second speaker from the opening gov. We were there for the rest of the debate. Can't remember what was the motion but they were debating bout Syria. I think. I recognize two guys from IV. They were on the closing gov. Debated once with them. Anyway, after that, we went for dinner together at Subway (after you-nak-makan-mana-I-tak-kisah-but apparently we were choosing, rejecting and keep on you-nak-makan-mana-I-tak-kisah) haha, we end up at Subway. Dinner tastes better because Arif belanja! Oh thanks! :D  Dah lama tak jumpa, there were stories and gossips of course. So yeah, I had a pretty good time last Tuesday. Thanks guys :)

     And you know, I kinda miss debate. Though before getting into degree I kinda have decided that maybe it was time to say goodbye for debate. Well yeah, there are reasons of course which if people ask for justifications, I may lack of them to tell but still... I know, I am not a good debater. I've seen lotsa lotsa lotsa better debaters. And I may only been to two tournaments but those are rare experience that I will treasure forever. And you know, when we were driving around in UiTM we were like, "Ingat tak dulu kita duduk kat kolej ni and makan KFC dalam gelap sebab blackout" and "Eh, do you remember last time masa pergi VC ada satu...etc " quite a lot, reminiscing those moments of VC and IV. And because last IV was held at the main campus, whenever we came across anything that had to do with our memories, we were like, "Eh, ingat tak itu and ini etc." When I see the juniors debating last time, and also when Wana and me went to see Ima, Yana G and Dibah on their debate slot last time, I just realized that I miss this. 

Because this is cute.

     I kinda miss the adrenaline rush as you got the motion and then brainstorming for ideas like in less than ten minutes. I miss the butterflies in my tummy as it was my turn (still got them even for presentations, haha) and I miss discussing over the debates that we have, doing the post mortem of our techniques and all. I miss those POI's. The clap of the hand (time's indicator), tepu-tepuk meja and yell, "Hear hear!". Well, kinda. Yeah, I'm being sentimental I know. And I don't think this is odd because as I told a friend of mine, she understood. Guess she felt the same way too sometimes. But you know, as much as I love it, it also sometimes gives me a fright. Being a debater, you pretty much need to keep yourself updated and me, I'm not really that kinda person so yeah. Haha.

     But anyway, maybe all those feelings just kinda like, suddenly hit me because we were reminiscing all the good moments and it coincides with all those debate events. It is just not about debate kan. Even when we look back and reminiscing all those other good moments that we could relate to things we find dear to us at present pun we would be all like, "Ahhh, rinduunyaaaa" kan? So yeah, this is just one of mine. I had a great time being a debater even though it was only for two sems. Thank you awesome people. 

p/s: Dear debaters, stay awesome! :D

Nov 20, 2011


And the truth is, I still have A LOT to learn.


Nov 19, 2011

Simply Happy

-Warning: Awful grammar mistakes ahead!


     We had a two hour literature class today, discussing on the poem The Great Lover. The poem was about simple things in life that the poet found meaningful and simply made him happy. So we were asked about what simple things that makes us happy. Well, lotsa answers came up from the crowd. Katie said, feeding the cat. It's quite funny. Haha. But still, cute in a way :P  And Madam mentioned on the feeling that she got after cleaning the house. Wana said that the smell of the road after the rain enlightens her. And someone mentioned about the smell of new books as we flip through the pages. Yes I love that one too! A friend of mine mentioned how she loved the smell of those newly withdrawn green notes. Oh yeah. Haha. And well, lotsa other things too.

     It's quite funny isn't it? Sometimes, in our busy life, and when we kinda get stressed, sometimes, simple things like that could like simply shift our mood. Or if not, will probably improve our bad mood. I have lotsa simple things that could make me happy. Sometimes only the thought of it could get me smiling alone. Haha :D  I remember after MeDSI written test, my friends and I thought of having lunch together. So we went to Pantai Air Tawar but failed to find any restaurant or kedai makan. Lastly we end up buying drinks, keropoks and such at nearby stalls. And I remember we were sitting at one of the huts built there, eating, drinking, talking and feeling the fresh air of the sea. Refreshing it was. For a moment, we were silent. Probably tired picturing ourselves as awesome teachers and wonder what suitable answer to tick during MeDSI (kononnya, haha). So we sat there, looking at the sea, under the hut and do nothing but enjoying the fresh air coming. You know how those beach breeze feels like eay, soooo refreshing! :D  And I said to myself, "I could do this one whole day." Sit there and just enjoying the breeze. We sat there for quite a while. And I love the feeling it gave me. 

     Well there are lotsa other things. I love the scenery in front of my house in the morning. The mists surrounding those hills and the cold refreshing air. And the sounds of the birds singing. During that 6 month of holiday, I would (had to) drive my sisters to school as early as 7, listening to and sang along to my favourite songs. I feel younger, haha :P And oh, I love the smell of the bakery, freshly baked bread smells so good. And you know sometimes when pak cik kat sekolah tebas rumput, there's this grassy smell. The smell of nature. Go into a wood after rain, and smell that fresh smell of nature. The woods, grass and all. Beautiful. If I could find a meadow, I would lie there all day long, looking at the sky and reshaping all the clouds with my thoughts of what I wanted them to be or or trying to guess what shapes are they. Bring along a book and a camera, I'll be happy on my own. With some food of course. Haha :D

This sounds pretty silly still :P

Anyway, because life sometimes only lets the ugly part comes out, lets let all these pretty simple things be simply pretty and make us happy :D

Nov 15, 2011

Let's Do This for Real

If you're gonna let that one little thing wears your motivation down even a bit, what are you gonna do when bigger trials come?

‎- And He found you lost and guided [you], [Surah ad-Dhuhaa:7] -

Buckle up Nia. Buckle up tight. 

We're not even half the journey yet.
Still has a long way to go.

And the road just got a lil bit bumpy.

Damage control activated.

InshaAllah :)

Nov 13, 2011

People and Procrastination

Assalamualaikum :)

     Ho yeahhhh! It has been quite a while since I last posted something. Oh to be precise, rambling bout something. See what's up? Ah hum, got here at about 6 pm. That my dear friends, was one indescribable bus trip. There was not a minute that I didn't feel dizzy @.x but Alhamdulillah, I survived that gruelling -+8 hour journey. Safe and sound here I am :)  Just got back from my mid sem break. Oh why that it is only for a week? And that doesn't even feel like a week. More like just one day =.=" So here I am. With lotsa lotsa lotsa things waiting. And as always, procrastinating. Oh that is one bad habit that is so hard to break. I remember procrastinating during foundation and well, I kinda got lucky. I mean, my marks aren't that good but they are good enough for procrastinated work. Haha :D

     Anyway I remember it was a writing subject assignment. And I remember that I did tried to start on the assignment the minute I got it. And from time to time I did tried to get it done purrrfectlayh but failed every single time. And I end up working on it from 10 pm to 4 am. That was because I had to submit it the very next morning. People asleep and there you are, looking like one good student doing the assignment. With the fear of not having the assignment done and also, the fear of, you know, those kinda supernatutal things. That was Sekilau anyway. The pressure kept the adrenaline coming and I was up all night getting it done. Reluctant but still, what choice did I had? When I was doing it I remembered telling myself who was soo sleepy and very tired and couldn't think of anything except getting it done and go to sleep that I will never ever again procrastinate up to the level that it takes my precious sleep hours and wears me down. But then, here I am, updating my blog instead of doing my assignment. 

     I will no longer procrastinate! So I'll start doing it tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Promise. Gotta check out that tumblr for awhile. And I haven't been on Facebook lately. Gotta keep myself updated eay? And oh, the Twitter too. HEHEHEHE :P  Okay there, blog updated! :D

Seriously, how do we prevent procrastinating? :|

Oct 27, 2011

Rain with Rainbow


-Suddenly that Singing in The Rain Glee cover played in my head :P

     As usual, on Thursdays, 5 to 7 pm we had koko. Kesatria Negara to be precise. Man, I don't think marching and me are made for each other. I seriously think that I need to practice like A LOT for this. Isk. Malu malu malu laaa salah kawad. Silly mistakes over and over again. Nasib la duk tengah-tengah, not so obvious la kan when I make a mistake but still, that was disappointing :(

     Anyway, it has been raining this couple of days. With thunders. Super scary thunders. Like this evening. We were practicing marching and suddenly, thunder! Again and again. I was pretty scared. We were at an open area anyway so yeah. It was raining + thunder so the marching ended early. We waited under the khemahs for the rain to subside and when it did, we ran in the rain. Sometimes got scared by flashes on the sky. Like seriously from Padang Kawad to the hostel. 

     The thunders were scary but I somehow find running in the rain comfy and easy. It's not that heavy rain, kinda like drizzles only maybe a lil heavier but not more than heavy rain. Ugh, what am I saying =,=" Easy said, it was a pleasant kind of rain. Just nice. I love the feeling of how it made me feels free. I love the sloshing sounds my shoes made as I ran through the puddles. I love it when the cold wind caresses my face. It felt so easy. So we ran and walk and sometimes as we found another puddle ahead we were like, okay, ready - run and jump! Haha :D  I haven't done this in a while. Wait, I can't even remember the last time I ran around under the rain and feeling all giddy like this, heheh. Running around in rain sounds silly and immature as you grow up eayh? I miss that.

     Hah, waddeeee~ Excited to update blog just to write about running in the rain. Silly me :P  But still, take care guys, the weather's been unpredictable nowadays. I guess it's one of the seasons. Oh, gtg. Got three classes tomorrow, packed in morning. And I have KI for my weekends. Weeheeee. What's a better way to spend your weekend hah? Heh. Have a nice weekend people :)

ISay: Can't wait to go home next week! :D

Oct 24, 2011

Before I Die

Assalamualaikum! :D

     Tadi, coming back from library and heading to cafe for lunch, Iera suddenly said to me that she wanted to write on before I die. And I was like puzzled, what's that? Rupa-rupanya ini rupanya :D

Click for better view

     Iera ajak tulis. I was blurrrrr at first. Kinda reluctant but still, this looks kinda cool. But I don't know what to write. But I did anyway. Can you find mine? Eheh, macamlah orang nak tau sangat kan Nia Ilemor? :P

     I'm not really sure what this really is but anyone can simply write on it. What do you want to do before you die? Those people who wrote there, some are cool, some are funny and some are touching. It looks kinda cute isn't it?

Anyway, if you're gonna write there, what would it be? :)

Oct 18, 2011

Say Something


     Phew, it's been awhile eay? I've seen my fellow bloggers rarely update and was wondering why. Then I realized that I am no different. I honestly have no idea on what to blog about these days but I'm taking a break from my 'busy' life and decided that this blog needs a new post. So, hello there people! :D

     How's degree? Fine. Everything is fine. So far so good. That's all I can answer every time people asked me. I am coping in with what am I supposed to cope up with. And I am trying to improve myself from time to time. Of course, I have problems too in my study but who would want to hear about endless assignments? Scary tests? Problems with presentations and hectic ride with the bus? We all have been through it or are going through it or had or maybe will. We all have our own problems to deal with, life to manage and headaches to cure right? But luckily I have that one person who'd listen to my craps till 3 in the morning. It's quite sad that we are on different fields now considering the fact that we've been on the same institution since high school but I guess there's the good side of it. So yeah. My degree is so far so good. Hihi ;)

     I honestly have no idea on what to blog about, but still here I am. Insisting myself that I have to update my blog for some reasons which me myself fail to understand why. Hahah :D  So there, blog updated. Oh btw, I went to that big book sale the other day or to be precise last Friday. I'm telling ya, that hectic ride from Shah Alam to Serdang was worth it! :D

I actually wanted all of these!

But oh well, this will do ;P

     Oh yes people, I went to this one book sale. Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! It was in Serdang. Man, long journey, many things happened, funny things, haha :P  Too lazy to tell. Anyway, all I can say is, that grueling journey was worth it! I went out of control seeing all those books! AHHHHHHHHH! And I went out of budget actually. Errrrr. Yeah, beli banyak tapi honestly have no idea when will I be able to read them all. Errr~ >.<

Okay till then, be safe under His protection :)

Oct 16, 2011


at Kolej Mawar, 15th October 2011.
Around 7.30
Beautiful sunrise. SubhanAllah :)

Oct 11, 2011

MUET and Me

Assalamualaikum! ;)


Haha, comel lah :D

     I do realize that when I check on that Feedjit box, lotsa people have been coming to my blog for MUET. So I shall make a few things clear here. First is that, all those Muet tips and everything are not of the latest. I simply put those notes on my blog because it was requested by some of my friends when we were about to take Muet in end-year of 2010. I was taking lessons with three of my friends from an English teacher who was also a Muet teacher and she gave us lotsa useful tips. Since most of my other friends didn't get such classes and everything and basically they know nothing bout all those Muet parts, therefore they requested for my notes to be shared here and so I did :) 

     So people, I would like to kinda warn ya that those notes may not be applicable to the current Muet test. I mean, I don't know if changes are made and even if they did, all of notes the will not be adjusted according the current format simply because I have no idea of how the current Muet test is like. I did thought of removing all of those notes after we had out Muet because I kinda scared that some people who read Muet stuff from my blog will be like,
     "Weh aku refer blog minah sorang ni. Dia cakap camni tapi asal lak jadi camni camni bla bla. Hangin ah hangin ah. Kalau ak jumpa dia taulah etc etc etc"

     Okay wow, that was kinda scary *gulp. So yeah, I would like to make it clear that I am no one when it comes to this whole Muet thing. If a small frog in Harry Potter movie is important, that what am I to Muet is not even close to like what the frog is to HP movie. Gahh, what am I talking about. What I mean to say is, I am just a student who took end-year 2010 Muet. All of those notes are what I understood about Muet. It is not taken from any books or any reliable sources or anything. I dare not to declare that my notes are reliable but yeah, as reference, they are okay I guess.

     So people, the point is, me and MUET it's over. Alhamdulillah, I've passed it. Good enough to proceed to my degree. Am not an expert anyway. I will try to answer questions regarding it as best as I could but I guarantee you no guarantees. Again, hope all those notes help you and I am sorry of there is anything wrong with all those tips. Like I said, it was as it was when I sat for it way back in 2010. Anyway, good luck with your MUET guys! ;)

Oct 8, 2011


I only have one question to ask.


Explain. Clarify. Scrutinize the case, give me all the details. 

Make everything clear for me.

Because I seriously don't get it.


Oct 1, 2011

Butterflies Go Away


     This is so no fun! Tell me how do you get rid of stage fright because mine won't seem to go away. Every now and then I got this funny not cool and unpleasant fright when the word 'presentation' comes into my mind. If five years of debating doesn't do the trick, should I go try become a singer? Haha. Okay lame.

     I am honestly kinda freaking out. Well not really but ah well. Even during discussion, my presentation partner was like, "Ain, you okay? You look nervous." And I was like, am I that obvious? Ngeeeee. I have two presentations by this Monday and my heart beats faster as I think about it. Well, maybe it's because I'm in a new environment and I haven't get to know all of my classmates well yet. Kan? So probably I am kinda afraid. Well probably.

     I'm afraid that when I got nervous, I will lose all of the points and I forgot what to say. And I tend to speak faster when I got nervous. Not good. Will probably miss a few important points there. But hey, what the fuss. Chillexxxxx sudaaa. Close your eyes, breath in, breath out. Okay here we go!

Dear dear butterflies, please please go away :|

Sep 27, 2011

Serious Business

     I'm telling ya, this Degree, it's a serious business.
And they ain't here to mess around.

They're offering you a competition here.

A tough one.

And you better get prepared Nia Ilemor. 

Seriously :|

Buckle up, it's gonna be a looooong ride.

Are you ready? :O


*poyo seriously poyo Nia Ilemor. Haha :D

-Met lotsa great people here. Honestly scared but I'll give my very best :)
Wish me luck people! :D

Sep 23, 2011

Koko Cool


Nothing compares, no worries or cares. Regrets and mistakes, 
they're memories made.
Someone Like You, Adele.

     Yesterday we had our very first practice. Kesatria practice. Have I mentioned that we Degree students need to do koko? Not koko as in chocolate but koko as in kokorikulum. Yeah. And did I mention that we Education Faculty students HAVE TO do Kesatria Negara for our first sem? Kesat for short. Don't laugh. Hey don't laugh, it's my koko you know. Teehee. And did I mention that only UiTM has Kesat. Oh yeah. Don't let me start on the attire :|  Thirah said me look like a budak sekolah. Untunglaaa orang tu dapat pengecualian.

Imagine the attires are like this! Tsugooiii nehh 
(that would be before you step on each other's shinigami outfit and fell, LOL)

     The thing about Kesat is we have to learn marching. And boy, marching is not my forte I'm telling ya. Our koko happened to be on every Thursday, 5-7 p.m. We have to do koko for three sems but we are only obligated to do Kesat for one sem which is first sem which equals to 14 weeks. Awesome. 14 meetings, 11 on padang kawad and other three on other places (yet to be told). We don't pass this we're taking this to the next sem. If you don't complete your koko then you can't grad. Wuuhuu. 

     So there, a lil bit info on Kesat. I bet you are not interested with the rest of the details. So we learned on marching yesterday. When I woke up yesterday, first thing came on my mind was, "Aghhh, hari ni ada koko, NOOOO!" but of course only screaming in my mind. Then I go back to sleep. Heaven takde class on Thursday. Hahahaha :D   Tapi ada koko. Wuwuwuwuwuwu :'(   My first impression on marching was, "Ughh, lame lame lame! Dreadful!" but then, after I went to the practice, I would give it another better thought. It is OKAY laaa. But still not my favourite. 

I still love UiTM despite everything, HAHA :P

     I always like get confused. Like which leg to go, left first or right first? And other petty details like that. I can't help it. They get into my mind. Then I said to myself, "Hey Ain, you might as well just do it without thinking too much" and so I did and the rest of the practice gets better though I still suck in marching and sometimes my mind yells at me on which leg to move first which cause me to be in a complete turmoil and I end up moving the wrong leg first. Luckily I'm on the last line so yeah, I guess the commander didn't really noticed. Or did he? O.o

     I am actually scared. Scared that I will be no good in this and then the commander will yell at me. I don't like people yelling at me. Luruh habih semangakkk wehhh. Hahahahaha. Since this whole marching thing is not really my forte, I had to find more luck. By Allah's grace, I hope I will march just fine, pass all the tests just fine and grad this with an A at least. Yes! A at least! Not interested on going on with Kesat next sem. 

     I'm gonna get into more leisure clubs. Don't have to guess which club or society. It's obvious kan. Where else I'll be going if I don't speak? Hahahaha. My cousin once told me, "Mane dok koho chubby, org len join outdoor, mung indoor je." Huh. Tak kesahhh punnn. Haha. Okay what exactly am I doing? Rambling. I know I made lotsa grammar and etc mistakes but ugh, too lazy to fix everything. This post is boring. I doubt it's me. It must be the tittle. Hahaha. Next time I'll blog on more fun stuff :P

Till then, be safe in Allah's grace :)

-Have activity on faculty tomorrow. 8 am to 5 pm. Where has my weekend all gone to? Ughh =.="

"Koko cool?"

Sep 20, 2011

Someone Like You

Someone like you by Adele.

Check on Billboard the other day and found this song on one of the top. 
Beautiful song.
Beautiful voice.
It's just beautiful :)

Sep 18, 2011

Let's Give it a Try


     So yeah. I have no idea whether my so called 'blogger's instinct' is back or not but heck, here we go. Let's just give it a try. How's Shah Alam? Shah Alam is okay. I'm new here. Still trying to memorize the roads, the sections, the buses schedules (Hey why aren't there any part of memorizing the lecture notes?) Seriously these kinda road things are not my forte. For one thing, I am pretty bad when it comes to memorizing the roads but hey, I guess I'm getting better at it (especially since you have nothing to do during break except go roaming around kan, hahahaha XD)

     Let's see, I started packing my stuff bout a day before the journey. I was still in Raya mood. Tsk. Seriously I'm telling ya, I felt N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Like when I do my packing, some subconscious part in the back of my mind was like asking, 

      "Hey, what are you packing for? Where are you going?"
      "Shah Alam. You know. Degree."
      "So uh, what are you really gonna be doing for the next four years?"

     And it stops there. It's like packing my stuff to leave home but going nowhere. And seriously, along the journey I've been talking to myself about what am I really thinking. You know, all those psychological talking to yourself for motivation. Pfft. My friends were like texting me all those good-luck-in-SA-texts but still I don't feel as excited as when I was on my way to Kuantan for my Foundation a year before. How do I explain this eay? It is like, I wasn't really in me. I wasn't really feeling for Degree. Heck, this is so indecipherable and I'm loss at words trying to explain this. Oh, FB status says it all, LOL.

     Even the next morning, when we were getting ready to go for registration, I was like... I don't know. It's like, the enthusiastic part of me have gone for a vacation and haven't come back yet at that time, leaving the not-so-enthusiastic-part of me with the me now. We went for registration pretty early. Abah and Mama wanted to go back home early. They're worried for my sisters. So after taking the key and put all my stuff in the room, we went for lunch and bid farewell. It was kinda sad watching them leave. Tsk.

     The dreadful part of my first week here would be MDS. Man, I thought I heard them said that if you already had MDS during Foundation, then there's no need for another MDS for Degree. Guess what? It is sooo not true! We still had MDS and it was dreadful I'm telling ya. Degree MDS was not as bad as Foundation's but still it was not my favourite event. I was soo sleepy. Not getting enough sleep two days before coming to Shah Alam is a 'bliss'. Altogether, I had 6 days lack of sleep. Seriously I think I dozed off in every single event. Hahaha. Tiring! By the end of MDS, Mr. Fever dropped by and say hai to me. Not good.

     The thing about fever is it consumes your energy. Thirah helps me to iron my kurung for the induction for next day because I seriously was tired (Thank youu). I felt so cold that I shivers every time my skin comes in contact with the wind and water. I seriously thought that I won't be able to take my shower the next day because it was soooo cold. I slept wearing dua lapis seluar and cardigan plus selimut, and they were kind enough to slow down the fan for me. But then after hours, I started to feel my body's temperature back to normal. Alhamdulillah, waking up the next day feeling much better. And hey, I took my shower before going to induction okay. Haha :P

     So that was my first week. In my first class, I get to know my classmates and the Faculty of Education. Things are so far so good. After roughly two weeks here, I can say feel that my enthusiastic part is on her way home. Not yet but she's on her way. Ah c'mon, cut it some slack. After six months of vacation, I can't be expecting myself to pick up things right away aite? I have this one wish for my Degree, I wanna graduate with salempang pink (Sorry, not sure of the spelling salempang :|) 
With Allah's will, four years coming who knows?

People, wish me luck :)

Sep 17, 2011

Whatever Happens

#nowplaying: My thoughts will echo your name, until I see you again.
Taylor Swift, Enchanted.

Here's what happen.

I log on to my blog account.

I stare at the new dashboard.

I read yesterday's post back.

I decided it was the most boring thing that I'd ever written.

I click new post.

I hesitated.

I thought of some things that I should blog about.

I blog a few lines, thinking the most interesting part of my day and tried to come up with cool words and thoughts.

I read my post back.

I decided it was too boring to post.

I click close.

I click new post.

And here I am.

Picture: Courtesy of Alif Naqiuddin

Man, where have all my blogger's instinct and enthusiasm have all gone to? :|

Today, I declare I'm sad.

Sad that I've lost my blogging instinct enthusiasm.

-We'll meet again blog, when I meet your lost love back somewhere in the back of my mind.

#nowplaying: Please don't be in love with someone else,
please don't have somebody waited on you.
Taylor Swift, Enchanted.


Sep 16, 2011

When I Go Offline


     It has been so long ago since I last posted anything on this blog. I mean, like seriously kan. Every now and then, if anything significant (at least I think it is) happens in my life, I would always like, "This is soooo going on my blog!" but then, not having a proper internet connection back home makes me lose it all. The mood, the idea and the motivation. I've lost like maybe hundreds of them? :P  While I was home, offline, I basically don't have much to do. By that time, my daily routine would be as usual. Waking up, prayer, send sisters to school, back home, help Mak Cik clean up the house, watch TV, read novels (shame, fail to finish reading that one book before I came here), sleep, lunch, pick up sisters from school etc etc etc and basically that's how it goes on and on and on. And oh, I have finally finished watching Bleach till episode hundred-and-nine-something, wuuhuu! We'll keep the Bleach review for next time. 

     Back on track, the point is, I mean, when I don't have internet connection, this came into my mind. "Wow, well whaddaya know Nia Ilemor, you DO have a life to live." It's a fact to admit, maybe, just MAYBE I do get a lil bit more preoccupied when going online. There're always things to do online but then if you ask me in the end of the day, what did I do online, I can't really answer that question which is a shame because it means that I did nothing significant or important enough to be remembered. Way back then, after SPM if people asked me what have I been doing for SPM break, I may have not an answer but now, I have lots for my after Foundation break! Hahaha XD

     When I go offline, I found myself a big space for myself. I think about lotsa things. I mean good things. Because sometimes when you go online, you sometimes stumble upon people you don't wanna meet even on Facebook and that somehow makes you like, UGHHHH. So being offline, my mind is free from those kinda freaks. And somehow it kept me in perspective. I can't really find words to say this but I guess people who have been there would understand. There was this time, when Kimmy and Rye came to Terengganu, and my friends and I were like on a short trip vacation and we seriously have no internet access for three days, a friend of mine who has been constantly online during sem break said to me, "It feels good not to go online". And I get what she said. Exactly.

     When I go offline, I go for conventional ways of communicating. Okay well not so conventional to write a letter. Haha. I text and make phone calls a lot. Well, on one side I lose my phone credit faster but on another side, I find content in communicating. Somehow, communicating through Facebook is sometimes fake but not texts and calls. I don't text much these days. I prefer calling. Facebook message only applies when I attempt to communicate those friends or families abroad. Cheaper. Haha. So there, if you ask me where have I been for months? I've been home. Why haven't I go online? Because some stupid scoundrels (Oh yes I am angry) stole the phone cable TWICE and the repair process is still under construction.  

     Seriously, I have no idea too on why I write about this on blog. Haha. But you know, when I go offline, I actually go deeper to my heart, understanding myself (wow this suddenly sounds deep) I am supposed to blog about my new life in USA kan? Or maybe how raya 2011 was like. Or maybe how did my single parent challenge go. Haha. But then, I'll keep those drafts for next time lah. HEHE.

Okay then, till next time ;)


Sep 11, 2011


Saya baru daftar di UiTM Shah Alam.

Kesihatan saya tidak berapa sihat.

Esok saya ke fakulti.


Wish me luck ;)

Aug 28, 2011

Rambling Before Raya

Assalamuaalaikum :)

     Crazy and hectic. That's what I would use to describe my relationship with the wireless connection for these last couple of months. The phone cable was stolen twice. TWICE. But they are caught now. I've heard rumours that the company is not planning to install a new one in my area because it was always stolen. Screw those thieves. And for the last roughly six months of holiday I've been using broadband but now, the sim is disfunctional (wait, is this a right word to describe it? Ah, lantak) and to apply for a new one requires the owner and the owner is in New Zealand and the owner won't be back till the ened of December and I have no broadband to use in USA. So now, guess where do I online from? Wait, nevermind. Whatever it is, I would like to pause my now already hectic life with the Raya and Uni preparations to update this blog. Oh I miss typing here, rambling on and on like I'm doing now. Hahahaha.

     Anyway, my Mr.K is back. Oh yes, any details of my Mr.K must be updated in this blog. Hahaha. After roughly one month in workshop, he's back (and how do I know it's a male? Beats me :P) but the kangaroo bar is absent and he looks so funnayh without his misai. Haha. Hye, Ramadhan is almost over. Just one mor e day, RAYA! Ramadhan this year was cool. Who knows whn ever I will have the chance to fast one whole month with my family considering the fact that when you further your study and then you would work and yada yada stuff in the future would limit the opportunity. On one side, I'm pretty excited for Raya but on another side, sad that Ramadhan is leaving :(  My baju raya is still in the tailor. So sad. Not only the tailor change the design without asking me first, but she mistaken my sister's kain for mine. Easy said, kain saya dengan adik saya tertukar. And now I have a pair of purple shoes for orange kurung. Wow, that would be so pretty and nor weird. My my, my sister, she was sooo angry you know. Well yeah,  I am too but the damage is done anyway. Sad baju raya story.

     My parents and I will be leaving to USA (UiTM Shah Alam) earlier one day. Preparations? I barely have done them all. Well the shopping part is done but the forms and everything, still on the list. But I haven't done packing yet. Hey, it's raya mood, who would want to pack? It is the jom-buat-kuih-raya-mood and all those things that you do time raya. 6 months took all of my enthusiasm for Degree away. Very very very very far away I assure you. Well, let's leave the working hard part to next week version of Ain.

     Lastly, my humblest apologies to my dear friends, fellow bloggers, dearest readers, classmates, coursemates and whatothermates I have for any mistakes that I've done for I am no one but a normal human, flawed and far from perfection. May we are given more chances of meeting Ramadhans. InsyaAllah. Salam Eid Mubarak, may you all be blessed by Allah :)

Aug 7, 2011


You're love's a permanent distraction
A perfect interaction
A feeling so extreme
I lost my appetite to eat 
And I barely get to sleep
Cause you're even in my dreams

And I thought that I was strong
But I knew that all along
This was out of my control
So I fell into your hands 
And I don't know where we'll land 
I'm just going with the flow 


Love love love - Hope ft Jason Mraz

     It's been awhile since I listen to Jason Mraz. Found a new song of his yesterday and now I'm stuck. Haha :D  Sempoilah, as usual. Dengar lagu dengar juga, tapi jangan sampai melalaikan. Peringatan untuk diri sendiri. Salam Ramadhan :)

Aug 3, 2011


Mesti ku rapuh dalam langkah
Kadang tak setia kepada-Mu
Namun cinta dalam jiwa
Hanyalah pada-Mu

Maafkanlah bila hati
Tak sempurna mencintai-Mu
Dalam dadaku harap hanya
Diri-Mu yang bertakhta


Aug 2, 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

     Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah for the chance of meeting Ramadhan again :)   This time around, with generally nothing to do home, hopefully we could concentrate more on building the inner strength. InshaAllah. Last Friday evening, Mama, Abah and Eti safely leave for and safely arrived there. Jealous I am a bit for they'll spend their first week of Ramadhan there. Huhu. May Allah saves their journey. Can't wait to see them home! ;)

     With them not being around left me as the eldest in the house. So yeah, I am the 'parent' now. I must admit that this whole single parent thing is pretty tough. Hahahaha. I have to do everything. With our helper on leave for two weeks, I literally hold the responsibility of taking a good care of the house. Oh yeah, I run it solo. I had to >.<  So yeah, from the dishes, to the laundry and everything, I do it all yawww. I drive them to school, pick them up, sweep the floor, getting the house clean, cook, wake them up for sahur, take them for terawih and everything. So far I have no trouble of taking care of all those things except for one, the 'C' word, cook. Arghh, last time I fry the fish I got little tiny cute *&^%##@$^%^ scars on my hand =.="   And who says that becoming a full time domestic engineer is easy? Pffffffft.

     Now I know how hard it is to be a parent. All my respect to Mama. I don't know how she does it so well. Especially during Ramadhan. School in the morning and coming home there's the house chores, and then cooking for the iftar. And we have terawih, moreh (because we do terawih home) And then she wakes up as early as 4 again to prepare the sahur. And then school again. Wow. Well yeah we have a helper and beautiful gorgeous daughters (especially me, HAHA) to help but still, it is so tsugoooiiiii of her! :D  

     Yesterday we went to the Bazaar. Ugh, dislike lahh. Orang ramaiii, lauk mahal, kuih pun mahal. And why is everything so mahal these days? Or is it just me who's oblivious? :O  Kuih seri muka tiga ketul pun RM 2. Normalkah fenomena ini? Arghh. Looks like I have to cook to save up. Wouldn't want to run out of money before they got home. We've been having pretty good food, bought food these days. Haha. Save up save up save up! 

     Anyway, it feels good to be in the atmosphere of Ramadhan again, especially this time, with my family :)  <--- Alah, padahal baru sekali je puasa di perantaun, chehh. Ahh, tak kisahlah. Apa-apapun, people, my humblest apologies to you my dearest friends and readers for any mistakes that I have done for I am just a normal human, flawed and far from perfection. May our good deeds are rewarded as we sincerely seeking the blessing from HIM. Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak guys. Who knows whether we'll be given the chance to meet the holy month next time so grab the chance while we have it!

-Rindu nak terima kad raya. Facebook wishes are nothing in common for the feelings you get, receiving all those cards. Technology takes them all away ;'(

Anyway, Selamat Berpuasa! :D