Dec 30, 2011

Farewell 2011

Assalamualaikum :)

"The past is gone. It went by like dusk to dawn. Isn't that the way?"
(Dream On - Aerosmith)

     So it's already 30th December 2011 eay? One more day and, farewell 2011. So I should probably write something for 2011. 

      2011 has been awesome in a whole. This year, I completed my TESL Foundation. And this year, I started my life as a Degree student. I must say that Asasi was awesome. And as we moved on to Degree we still keep comparing Degree with Asasi. In a bad way and also in a good way, but most of it is in a good way. I presume that it's because we kinda have hard times adjusting to our new life. I mean, way back in Asasi, things were so easy. It's a good thing that Kuantan's campus was not as big as other campus. To find good food, it's just right in front of the campus. Cheap and good food. And the malls are not so far. I mean, if we wanted to watch a movie, we could easily walk either to EC Mall or Mega Mall after class. Had fun, and go home. But in Shah Alam, to even watch a movie is a hassle. I mean, in term of commodity. And you have to be good with public transport. And in Kuantan, it felt safer. Well, I'm sure it's all just the same, just that we are still in the process of assimilation.

     But you know, that doesn't mean that it is a bad thing. I mean this whole comparing thing. I remember Dibah said something which I would summarize as, "Kuantan gave me lotsa awesome moments, but Shah Alam taught me lotsa awesome things." Well, yeah, I kinda add that 'awesome' word. Just to, well, uhm. Yeah. Bak to the topic, I do admit that every now and then, I still miss Kuantan. Petty terrible. But I have this to say, Asasi was great but I'm sure Degree would be just as awesome. Or probably more. Well actually in term of awesomeness, every level has it's own level of awesomeness and I can't put them in comparison because every level of our life is awesome by it's own definition.

     But this is it. Past is a good place to visit, but definitely not a good place to stay. And hey, Degree is fun after all. I got another 29 awesome classmates of B.ed TESL 1C. Cool and amazing people they are. And yes, the course mates. I am in the course that I like. Trying. Things are pretty tough at first but I am coping up well. I have amazing supportive system of friends. Things are so far so good (hope that it will always be) and I am grateful for everything Allah has given me. Put things into summarization, I would say that Kuantan is like the last stage of awesome years of being a teenager. Shah Alam on the other hand is the first stage of being an awesome adult. And I am learning lotsa things with the matters of being an adult. Eh wait, aren't we suppose to story mory on 2011? So let's see.


IV Debate - Final Drama - KL Pac Trip - Graduated Asasi - MeDSI - Interview - Missed Redang Trip - 6 months holiday - Memorable Terengganu Trip upon Kimah and Rye's visit - English camp in Mengkuang, Mempaga and Selancar - Two days experience working in Kasut You with Athirah - Few weeks experience being an English tuition teacher - Months being an official worker of pengangguran profesionalisme - Attended Nuyu's graduation - Registered as a Degree student - Met the awesome classmates of B.ed TESL 1C - Living a life as a Degree student - Alif is safely home  - (and currently) Preparing for Final =.=" The First Final Exam as a degree student (man, suddenly it sounds intense, haha) -

At least that's how I remember how 2011 was like. Briefly.
     And there's also another thing 2011 taught me. A very valuable lesson. A lesson of heart and feelings. And I thank you both for that. I really do. So thank you 2011, for being awesome and amazing. Yes, there were also the not so awesome moments, but ah well, I prefer to just let it pass. Bad things happen. We cried, we mourned and we move on. Lessons learned, grudges forgotten, forgiveness budded, regrets dismissed, pain healed. There. We shall not reminisce it over and over again. Na'ah. Too much negativity. Life is too short for that. We shall flourish our lives with happy moments so that when we look back, we could tell our grandchildren, "Yep, Grandma had an awesome life and so should you!" And let's thank Allah for everything.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. :)

   Farewell 2011. You have been awesome! :D

Welcome 2012, you have a challenge.
Be as awesome as (or more than) 2011 or you lose.

Have a great year ahead people! :D


  1. Wah you said it all gurl. Yeah I sure miss Kuantan life a LOT. And I mean we have to move on aite. Let the past be a memory. Ganbatte ne!!

  2. Yeah. Hye, we'll make this degree as awesome as (or more than!) Foundation :)
    Ganbatte kudasai!


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