Dec 3, 2011

Dear Debaters

Assalamualaikum :)

     The other day, Arif, Marea and Yan datang Shah Alam. They actually came to see the debate events. Surprisingly, that VC Cup debate event is held in INTEC and I have no idea at all about that. As a matter of fact, IV was also held there so yeah, call me oblivious. Tak kisahlah. Hahaha. So to be precise, on last Tuesday they came. And since class end quite early that day, at about twelve something I got some time spared. They were already at INTEC that time so from there we went to main campus, to see the Debat juniors debating for the event of Debat Bahasa Melayu 211 Jam Tanpa Henti. And then when Yan came, we went back to INTEC to see quarter final for debate. One team of the junior made it to quarter. 

     When we got there, it was already the second speaker from the opening gov. We were there for the rest of the debate. Can't remember what was the motion but they were debating bout Syria. I think. I recognize two guys from IV. They were on the closing gov. Debated once with them. Anyway, after that, we went for dinner together at Subway (after you-nak-makan-mana-I-tak-kisah-but apparently we were choosing, rejecting and keep on you-nak-makan-mana-I-tak-kisah) haha, we end up at Subway. Dinner tastes better because Arif belanja! Oh thanks! :D  Dah lama tak jumpa, there were stories and gossips of course. So yeah, I had a pretty good time last Tuesday. Thanks guys :)

     And you know, I kinda miss debate. Though before getting into degree I kinda have decided that maybe it was time to say goodbye for debate. Well yeah, there are reasons of course which if people ask for justifications, I may lack of them to tell but still... I know, I am not a good debater. I've seen lotsa lotsa lotsa better debaters. And I may only been to two tournaments but those are rare experience that I will treasure forever. And you know, when we were driving around in UiTM we were like, "Ingat tak dulu kita duduk kat kolej ni and makan KFC dalam gelap sebab blackout" and "Eh, do you remember last time masa pergi VC ada satu...etc " quite a lot, reminiscing those moments of VC and IV. And because last IV was held at the main campus, whenever we came across anything that had to do with our memories, we were like, "Eh, ingat tak itu and ini etc." When I see the juniors debating last time, and also when Wana and me went to see Ima, Yana G and Dibah on their debate slot last time, I just realized that I miss this. 

Because this is cute.

     I kinda miss the adrenaline rush as you got the motion and then brainstorming for ideas like in less than ten minutes. I miss the butterflies in my tummy as it was my turn (still got them even for presentations, haha) and I miss discussing over the debates that we have, doing the post mortem of our techniques and all. I miss those POI's. The clap of the hand (time's indicator), tepu-tepuk meja and yell, "Hear hear!". Well, kinda. Yeah, I'm being sentimental I know. And I don't think this is odd because as I told a friend of mine, she understood. Guess she felt the same way too sometimes. But you know, as much as I love it, it also sometimes gives me a fright. Being a debater, you pretty much need to keep yourself updated and me, I'm not really that kinda person so yeah. Haha.

     But anyway, maybe all those feelings just kinda like, suddenly hit me because we were reminiscing all the good moments and it coincides with all those debate events. It is just not about debate kan. Even when we look back and reminiscing all those other good moments that we could relate to things we find dear to us at present pun we would be all like, "Ahhh, rinduunyaaaa" kan? So yeah, this is just one of mine. I had a great time being a debater even though it was only for two sems. Thank you awesome people. 

p/s: Dear debaters, stay awesome! :D

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