Sep 16, 2011

When I Go Offline


     It has been so long ago since I last posted anything on this blog. I mean, like seriously kan. Every now and then, if anything significant (at least I think it is) happens in my life, I would always like, "This is soooo going on my blog!" but then, not having a proper internet connection back home makes me lose it all. The mood, the idea and the motivation. I've lost like maybe hundreds of them? :P  While I was home, offline, I basically don't have much to do. By that time, my daily routine would be as usual. Waking up, prayer, send sisters to school, back home, help Mak Cik clean up the house, watch TV, read novels (shame, fail to finish reading that one book before I came here), sleep, lunch, pick up sisters from school etc etc etc and basically that's how it goes on and on and on. And oh, I have finally finished watching Bleach till episode hundred-and-nine-something, wuuhuu! We'll keep the Bleach review for next time. 

     Back on track, the point is, I mean, when I don't have internet connection, this came into my mind. "Wow, well whaddaya know Nia Ilemor, you DO have a life to live." It's a fact to admit, maybe, just MAYBE I do get a lil bit more preoccupied when going online. There're always things to do online but then if you ask me in the end of the day, what did I do online, I can't really answer that question which is a shame because it means that I did nothing significant or important enough to be remembered. Way back then, after SPM if people asked me what have I been doing for SPM break, I may have not an answer but now, I have lots for my after Foundation break! Hahaha XD

     When I go offline, I found myself a big space for myself. I think about lotsa things. I mean good things. Because sometimes when you go online, you sometimes stumble upon people you don't wanna meet even on Facebook and that somehow makes you like, UGHHHH. So being offline, my mind is free from those kinda freaks. And somehow it kept me in perspective. I can't really find words to say this but I guess people who have been there would understand. There was this time, when Kimmy and Rye came to Terengganu, and my friends and I were like on a short trip vacation and we seriously have no internet access for three days, a friend of mine who has been constantly online during sem break said to me, "It feels good not to go online". And I get what she said. Exactly.

     When I go offline, I go for conventional ways of communicating. Okay well not so conventional to write a letter. Haha. I text and make phone calls a lot. Well, on one side I lose my phone credit faster but on another side, I find content in communicating. Somehow, communicating through Facebook is sometimes fake but not texts and calls. I don't text much these days. I prefer calling. Facebook message only applies when I attempt to communicate those friends or families abroad. Cheaper. Haha. So there, if you ask me where have I been for months? I've been home. Why haven't I go online? Because some stupid scoundrels (Oh yes I am angry) stole the phone cable TWICE and the repair process is still under construction.  

     Seriously, I have no idea too on why I write about this on blog. Haha. But you know, when I go offline, I actually go deeper to my heart, understanding myself (wow this suddenly sounds deep) I am supposed to blog about my new life in USA kan? Or maybe how raya 2011 was like. Or maybe how did my single parent challenge go. Haha. But then, I'll keep those drafts for next time lah. HEHE.

Okay then, till next time ;)


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