Oct 27, 2011

Rain with Rainbow


-Suddenly that Singing in The Rain Glee cover played in my head :P

     As usual, on Thursdays, 5 to 7 pm we had koko. Kesatria Negara to be precise. Man, I don't think marching and me are made for each other. I seriously think that I need to practice like A LOT for this. Isk. Malu malu malu laaa salah kawad. Silly mistakes over and over again. Nasib la duk tengah-tengah, not so obvious la kan when I make a mistake but still, that was disappointing :(

     Anyway, it has been raining this couple of days. With thunders. Super scary thunders. Like this evening. We were practicing marching and suddenly, thunder! Again and again. I was pretty scared. We were at an open area anyway so yeah. It was raining + thunder so the marching ended early. We waited under the khemahs for the rain to subside and when it did, we ran in the rain. Sometimes got scared by flashes on the sky. Like seriously from Padang Kawad to the hostel. 

     The thunders were scary but I somehow find running in the rain comfy and easy. It's not that heavy rain, kinda like drizzles only maybe a lil heavier but not more than heavy rain. Ugh, what am I saying =,=" Easy said, it was a pleasant kind of rain. Just nice. I love the feeling of how it made me feels free. I love the sloshing sounds my shoes made as I ran through the puddles. I love it when the cold wind caresses my face. It felt so easy. So we ran and walk and sometimes as we found another puddle ahead we were like, okay, ready - run and jump! Haha :D  I haven't done this in a while. Wait, I can't even remember the last time I ran around under the rain and feeling all giddy like this, heheh. Running around in rain sounds silly and immature as you grow up eayh? I miss that.

     Hah, waddeeee~ Excited to update blog just to write about running in the rain. Silly me :P  But still, take care guys, the weather's been unpredictable nowadays. I guess it's one of the seasons. Oh, gtg. Got three classes tomorrow, packed in morning. And I have KI for my weekends. Weeheeee. What's a better way to spend your weekend hah? Heh. Have a nice weekend people :)

ISay: Can't wait to go home next week! :D

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