Oct 18, 2011

Say Something


     Phew, it's been awhile eay? I've seen my fellow bloggers rarely update and was wondering why. Then I realized that I am no different. I honestly have no idea on what to blog about these days but I'm taking a break from my 'busy' life and decided that this blog needs a new post. So, hello there people! :D

     How's degree? Fine. Everything is fine. So far so good. That's all I can answer every time people asked me. I am coping in with what am I supposed to cope up with. And I am trying to improve myself from time to time. Of course, I have problems too in my study but who would want to hear about endless assignments? Scary tests? Problems with presentations and hectic ride with the bus? We all have been through it or are going through it or had or maybe will. We all have our own problems to deal with, life to manage and headaches to cure right? But luckily I have that one person who'd listen to my craps till 3 in the morning. It's quite sad that we are on different fields now considering the fact that we've been on the same institution since high school but I guess there's the good side of it. So yeah. My degree is so far so good. Hihi ;)

     I honestly have no idea on what to blog about, but still here I am. Insisting myself that I have to update my blog for some reasons which me myself fail to understand why. Hahah :D  So there, blog updated. Oh btw, I went to that big book sale the other day or to be precise last Friday. I'm telling ya, that hectic ride from Shah Alam to Serdang was worth it! :D

I actually wanted all of these!

But oh well, this will do ;P

     Oh yes people, I went to this one book sale. Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! It was in Serdang. Man, long journey, many things happened, funny things, haha :P  Too lazy to tell. Anyway, all I can say is, that grueling journey was worth it! I went out of control seeing all those books! AHHHHHHHHH! And I went out of budget actually. Errrrr. Yeah, beli banyak tapi honestly have no idea when will I be able to read them all. Errr~ >.<

Okay till then, be safe under His protection :)


  1. wah wah wah. banyak gila buku. -.-

    untunglaaa dapat pegi book fair... T__T

  2. Ohsem sangat book fair tuuu. Takpe Minn, nanti pergi yg bulan 3 ni! :D


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