Nov 19, 2011

Simply Happy

-Warning: Awful grammar mistakes ahead!


     We had a two hour literature class today, discussing on the poem The Great Lover. The poem was about simple things in life that the poet found meaningful and simply made him happy. So we were asked about what simple things that makes us happy. Well, lotsa answers came up from the crowd. Katie said, feeding the cat. It's quite funny. Haha. But still, cute in a way :P  And Madam mentioned on the feeling that she got after cleaning the house. Wana said that the smell of the road after the rain enlightens her. And someone mentioned about the smell of new books as we flip through the pages. Yes I love that one too! A friend of mine mentioned how she loved the smell of those newly withdrawn green notes. Oh yeah. Haha. And well, lotsa other things too.

     It's quite funny isn't it? Sometimes, in our busy life, and when we kinda get stressed, sometimes, simple things like that could like simply shift our mood. Or if not, will probably improve our bad mood. I have lotsa simple things that could make me happy. Sometimes only the thought of it could get me smiling alone. Haha :D  I remember after MeDSI written test, my friends and I thought of having lunch together. So we went to Pantai Air Tawar but failed to find any restaurant or kedai makan. Lastly we end up buying drinks, keropoks and such at nearby stalls. And I remember we were sitting at one of the huts built there, eating, drinking, talking and feeling the fresh air of the sea. Refreshing it was. For a moment, we were silent. Probably tired picturing ourselves as awesome teachers and wonder what suitable answer to tick during MeDSI (kononnya, haha). So we sat there, looking at the sea, under the hut and do nothing but enjoying the fresh air coming. You know how those beach breeze feels like eay, soooo refreshing! :D  And I said to myself, "I could do this one whole day." Sit there and just enjoying the breeze. We sat there for quite a while. And I love the feeling it gave me. 

     Well there are lotsa other things. I love the scenery in front of my house in the morning. The mists surrounding those hills and the cold refreshing air. And the sounds of the birds singing. During that 6 month of holiday, I would (had to) drive my sisters to school as early as 7, listening to and sang along to my favourite songs. I feel younger, haha :P And oh, I love the smell of the bakery, freshly baked bread smells so good. And you know sometimes when pak cik kat sekolah tebas rumput, there's this grassy smell. The smell of nature. Go into a wood after rain, and smell that fresh smell of nature. The woods, grass and all. Beautiful. If I could find a meadow, I would lie there all day long, looking at the sky and reshaping all the clouds with my thoughts of what I wanted them to be or or trying to guess what shapes are they. Bring along a book and a camera, I'll be happy on my own. With some food of course. Haha :D

This sounds pretty silly still :P

Anyway, because life sometimes only lets the ugly part comes out, lets let all these pretty simple things be simply pretty and make us happy :D

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