Nov 13, 2011

People and Procrastination

Assalamualaikum :)

     Ho yeahhhh! It has been quite a while since I last posted something. Oh to be precise, rambling bout something. See what's up? Ah hum, got here at about 6 pm. That my dear friends, was one indescribable bus trip. There was not a minute that I didn't feel dizzy @.x but Alhamdulillah, I survived that gruelling -+8 hour journey. Safe and sound here I am :)  Just got back from my mid sem break. Oh why that it is only for a week? And that doesn't even feel like a week. More like just one day =.=" So here I am. With lotsa lotsa lotsa things waiting. And as always, procrastinating. Oh that is one bad habit that is so hard to break. I remember procrastinating during foundation and well, I kinda got lucky. I mean, my marks aren't that good but they are good enough for procrastinated work. Haha :D

     Anyway I remember it was a writing subject assignment. And I remember that I did tried to start on the assignment the minute I got it. And from time to time I did tried to get it done purrrfectlayh but failed every single time. And I end up working on it from 10 pm to 4 am. That was because I had to submit it the very next morning. People asleep and there you are, looking like one good student doing the assignment. With the fear of not having the assignment done and also, the fear of, you know, those kinda supernatutal things. That was Sekilau anyway. The pressure kept the adrenaline coming and I was up all night getting it done. Reluctant but still, what choice did I had? When I was doing it I remembered telling myself who was soo sleepy and very tired and couldn't think of anything except getting it done and go to sleep that I will never ever again procrastinate up to the level that it takes my precious sleep hours and wears me down. But then, here I am, updating my blog instead of doing my assignment. 

     I will no longer procrastinate! So I'll start doing it tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Promise. Gotta check out that tumblr for awhile. And I haven't been on Facebook lately. Gotta keep myself updated eay? And oh, the Twitter too. HEHEHEHE :P  Okay there, blog updated! :D

Seriously, how do we prevent procrastinating? :|


  1. well, what can we do actually? procrastination is our best friend hihi :p

  2. Yeahh! Always there through thick and thin. Guess can't leave 'em :P


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